Jul 05 2017

Wednesday 5th July 2017

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We were up at 4.30 to run Torin to the airport for his flight back home. After dropping him off we went to Girne so that we could pay our electricity bill as soon as Kibtek opened (7.45). Of course we were there far too early so had  a wander around and then looked for somewhere to have a bit of breakfast. Most of the places around the harbour were still closed. There was a place open at the bottom of the high street but breakfast was 50tl for one!! We walked along to Beyti and I have to say that was so much better.  We chose the Menemen  which was really delicious. I gave Mal the chips which were on the top!

We then went to Kibtek and put credit on our electricity account and then on to Alsancak Beledeysi to put some more money on our new water meter card! We also paid this months land tax.
Mal did some of the pointing (Torin doesn’t like doing the fiddly bits!) and then we went over to see David and Kenny. Poor Kenny he has the most enormous plaster on his arm which is really weighing him down. His knee is still swollen too and of course stitches in his head. David can’t sing the state hospital’s praises enough. Kenny had two X rays, 3 blood transfusions, a CT scan, his arm plastered, stitches and all his food when he was in there and the total bill was 600tl (£129). It makes me wonder why people here are paying £150 a month for health insurance!! Our experience of private hospitals here is not good but we never considered the state hospital. Now let’s look at the queues for QEQM in Margate now they have transferred much of Kent and Canterbury over there and people are waiting hours just to be seen. It does make you wonder. Kenny has even seen the Orthopaedic Specialist who does all the private ops anyway!

More painting and then in the evening we went to Tervetuloa. It’s always a huge meal there which we had forgotten as the meze, main course, dessert coffee and brandy are all included in the price. Mal managed it! I had the molohiya which was delicious. Surprisingly there was only one other couple in there. They strategically placed a very large fan by our table which was lovely apart from the fact every time it moved round it blew my hair near my mouth just as I was about to eat! It was nice to feel cool though.

Thought for the Day – “You can destroy your now by worrying about tomorrow.” ~ Janis Joplin

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