Sunday 31st July 2011

Way back, when we decided when we were returning to North Cyprus, we discovered that Pegasus were asking £320 for a single one way ticket back to Ercan, obviously because it was August. No way were we going to pay that price. We found an alternative. Easyjet from Luton to Istanbul and then a flight from Istanbul to Ercan. We worked out with three days in Istanbul(2 nights), the hotel and all our meals, it would still be cheaper than Pegasus!

So, we spent the morning packing again and then drove to Torin’s as we were leaving from Luton at 6 in the morning.

Saturday 30th July 2011

Tariq’s 12th birthday and so we went to their house for  birthday breakfast with him.  It is the first time in a long while that he hasn’t been in Cyprus with us for his birthday. This year their mother is taking the older boys to Turkey for 10 days.

We left and drove back to the caravan.






Friday 29th July 2011

We had breakfast and then back on the road again! This time to Cardiff. Following the previous days lovely weather, you can see from the photo it was 14 degrees, in fact it went down to 13 but Mal couldn’t find the camera when the gauge showed that it was. By 9.50, it had risen a little!

We arrived in Cardiff and had some lunch and then we all went to the park.

In the evening we all went out to the Hungry Horse for dinner and then Mal and I stayed the night in a hotel in Whitchurch.




Tuesday 26th July 2011

The morning we left the ship. Our suitcases were collected during the night (having been left outside the door with security labels on) and considering there were 1700 people on board, it all went very smoothly back to Palma airport. I can recommend Thomson for a very well organised cruise.

We flew back to Luton airport and from there went to stay with Torin for the night.




Monday 25th July 2011

***Apologies for the delay in catching up with my diary but we have had a shortage of internet connections whilst we have been away***


Mal and I decided to have the tour bus experience and so paid 23 Euros for a ticket which covered three different routes. We had intended doing all three but only managed one and then spent the afternoon in La Rambla.

Far too much to see in one day, so we have added this to our list of places to return to and spend more time there. Mal remarked how the city had changed since his last visit about 30 years ago!

In the evening we went to another excellent show, the farewell one, on board and also sat and watched our last sunset from the ship.