Monday 28th February 2022

A couple of weeks ago, we had tickets for Fairport Convention, booked a long time ago. Unfortunately the gig was cancelled as two of Fairport tested positive. The date was moved to tonight.  BUT we keep receiving emails saying we should be wearing masks or should we. So indecisive and quite frankly Mal and I are fed up with being told what to do but then they are not sure. The latest message was received yesterday.

The continual indecision has led Mal and I to agree we no longer want to attend. A fan of Fairport for 50plus years, we won’t be going to any more of their concerts. Perhaps they could try treating us as adults.

Our reply last night………………………..

“We are not happy with all the indecision surrounding tomorrow nights concert. Having been to three pantomimes, one at the London Palladium not wearing masks, my husband lecturing at the local College with no mask, we feel that forcing us to wear masks is unnecessary. Originally we went along with this as it was to prevent the band having to isolate if they tested positive, from Thursday this is no longer true. Having complied to every rule for two years, at our age, we will not be told to wear masks. We now wish we had asked for our money back, too late I fear but rest assured we will no longer be attending any FiB concerts. It has brought back the horrible memories of the last two years. Maybe it is time to stop making concerts that used to be fun feel like a visit to an old peoples home.”
It really is time to try and return to normal life.
The sun was just coming out as Ellie and I walked in the park.
Thought for the Day – “Always trust your instincts. They are messages from your soul.”

Monday 21st – Sunday 27th February


Next door have the builders in, building a conservatory. How they need to be drilling with so much noise outside is beyond me. The noise was horrendous.
A visit to Dover at the beginning of the week, to get away from the noise, to my now favourite shop to collect a dress Angela put by for me. I told her about Hatters and she found two purple tops so I had to buy those as well! That avoided the noise for a while.

Thursday was eventful, I dropped Mal off and traffic jams everywhere. I avoided the beach as it was so cold and then gridlock towards the park so I ended up coming a very long way home. Then I thought I would take Ellie over the fields. It was freezing and torrential hail stones and so I cut that walk short and we both came home totally drenched to listen to more of the noise next door. It was too cold to go out again and get away from the noise. I collected Mal from College only to discover it had SNOWED in Broadstairs!
In the evening I saw Chloe and evidently they hit a hidden concrete path in the garden, hence all the noise! The brickwork has gone above our fence and Ellie keeps barking at it!

Friday was much better, although cold, very cold, the sun was shining. I dropped Mal off and Ellie and I had a long walk along the sea front to Dumpton Gap beach. There was a dead sea lion on the beach. As Sam has now opened his cafe, I asked him if anyone had reported it and he replied “It’s been there a week and no one seems bothered.” Not nice as it was covered in blood and looked as if it was frozen but it was next to the steps as you walk on to the beach. Nobody seemed to know what to do about it or who to report it to.

I wonder how many people are noticing prices in the shops escalating. Whilst I was shopping Saturday morning, 10p here, 20p there on food and of course that is without petrol which two of the garages on the bypass are adding a penny on the price daily. Things can only get worse with the ongoing troubles between Ukraine and Russia.

I sent the twins birthday presents, we just hope we will hear from them again!

A very good game from Spurs!

A lovely walk over the fields on Sunday.

This was followed by our lunch which we booked at  Marco Pierre White’s English Chop House in Dover. They gave us a nice table overlooking the sea and we sat and watched the ferries to and fro. The food was delicious and I had smoked salmon to start and I had half a lemon with it, I thought that only happened abroad, in the UK it is usually a tiny piece. The staff were lovely too.

Huge portions and I am sure we will go again. From there we went to de Bradlei Wharf and Mal bought a jacket.

Thought for the Day – “Always help someone , You might be the only one who does.”

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Sunday 20th February 2022

It was still very windy but we decided to go to the allotment. One of the shed windows has smashed and we have decided to wait to put down poly tunnels!

The rhubarb is coming along, lots of daffodils and purple sprouting broccoli, far better than I bought from the farm shop last week.

Thought for the Day – “Always trust your instincts, They are messages from your soul.”

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Saturday 19th February 2022

I went shopping and Mal went to do some picking at the allotment before the rain started. We then watched the Hammers game, oh dear only a draw.

But I am p[pleased to say Spurs had a really good game and beat Man City!! Yeah!

Thought for the Day – “Sometimes bad things in life open up your eyes to the good things you weren’t paying attention to before.” ~ Paulo Coelho

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Friday 18th February 2022

Warnings of severe wind and gales, with a red weather warning, so we took Ellie for a short walk early and spent the rest of the day indoors catching up with things.

Mal had a zoom meeting in the evening about the reopening of the community centre. Thankfully things are happening quickly. Mal has completed a rough outline of the business plan and he has also started on a new website for it. Things are certainly moving in a very favourable way now that the Independents have been voted in. There are a lot of people supporting the positive changes in Sandwich.

Thought for the Day – “When life gives you lemons, freeze them & throw them as hard as possible at the people making your life difficult.”

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Thursday 17th February 2022

Police Panto day! We, the Red Hatters always support this. Every February the Police stage a panto to raise money for charity. This has been happening for over 20 years. It’s always very silly, a lot of laughs and they always acknowledge us! This year was Jack and the Beanstalk which included Daisy the cow (seen with Jackie in the pictures).

It was as good as always. Pam had an injection in her shoulder which the doctor told her may not be too good for the following 4 hours. She said she laughed so much she forgot all about it!

Thought for the Day – “The journey of life is sweeter when travelled with a dog.” ~ Bridget Willoughby

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Wednesday 16th February 2022

In an attempt to buy things to wear at the wedding, Mal and I went to Dover to De Bradelei Wharf. Success I found a dress for the wedding and there was also another I liked and so I bought that too and some summer trousers, unusual for me to find anything let alone three things in one day. Mal bought some shoes but couldn’t find a suit.

We also learned something else about Dover District Council, the new £250 million marina is unable to be used    “ still doesn’t have any boats because tidal flows mean it is too dangerous for them to be moored there.” How do these councils waste so much money? No wonder our council tax is high!! There are calls for a public enquiry!

Thought for the Day – “A wise person knows that there is something to be learned from everyone.”

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