30th April 2010

Mal and I went to Bellapais in the morning to see the art exhibition. I just love Kate Fensom’s work and she has some lovely paintings on show. Her husband Max is alo showing there along with four other artists. It is worth going to and the exhibition is on until 16th May. Information about Kate can be found at www.katefensom.com. Below is one of her paintings as a taster.

There was no one in the Bellapais car park on arriving or when we left so no one collected our 3tl charge.

On the way back we went into Lemar to do some shopping. They are selling trays of eggs and they are large ones for 5.75tl and they have a very long date on them. I guess we will be having a lot of omelettes!

We had a storm in the evening and water once again poured through the chimney wall. It was a good thing that we had taken our large Persian rug up. The good news is that Steve Dickinson has agreed that it is an insurance job. Thank you Steve for all your help. The workmen are coming on Tuesday. So, Mal spent the evening with the mop and bucket which was fine until the lights went out….another power cut. It wasn’t really surprising with the intensity of the storm.

One of Kate’s beautiful paintings, entitled ‘Black Sheep’……….

29th April 2010

Well, what a change in Rosie. We took her to the beach and she chased after the ball. When we arrived home I put her food down and it was gone instantly. She then had Mal and I in hysterics as for the first time ever she grabbed her food bowl and went running round the pool with it. I think she was rebelling because we starved her! She has now demolished her food bowl!


28th April 2010

Mal and I had planned to go to the art exhibition at Bellapais but as Rosie woke us up wanting to go outside and was promptly sick, we decided to stay home and keep an eye on her. Thankfully as the day progressed, so did she.

One of the items in the news in Midweek Cyprus Today was about CTA. It said “several investors are believed to be considering putting money into debt-riddled Cyprus Turkish Airlines”. In March the debt had risen to $105 million. Lets’ hope someone invests as we have a lot of outstanding tickets with CTA!

We spoke to Ollie on the webcam in the morning. Before the picture comes up he always says ‘Nanny where are you?’. He is so funny.

We had a contractor round to look at the mess our living room wall is in and to solve the problem outside as well when the water came pouring in during all the rains. He has given us a good quote and is coming to start the work next week. We will see how it works out as we have a list of more work needing to be done but had given up with every previous contractor we have had! We believe this one will do a good job at a good price. Will keep you updated!

By the evening Rosie was back to normal and sitting waiting at the fridge for her nightly carrot! That was a relief.

I went out to girlie Pizza night. It was hot inside Pizza King and so from next week it looks as though we wil be outside.

Ollie on the webcam

27th April 2010

Rosie was still not well and we thought if she still wasn’t eating by the evening then we would have to take her to the vets. Thankfully by the evening she perked up and ate the small amount of dinner that I gave her. She still wasn’t back to her normal slf though and just lay under the terrace most of the day.

Mal and I were gardening again.


26th April 2010

Another lovely walk in the mountains first thing. We found even more new wild flowers! I will be sorry when they all shrivel up when the heat hits us.

In the afternoon the line dancers came up to learm how to run their website, during which time I started painting garden chairs.

Rosie was not well and wouldn’t eat. Usually the sound of the fridge door opening and she is there, so we knew there was something very wrong. I tried to tempt her with some scrambled egg, just not interested. She was very subdued.


25th April 2010

Mal decided that as main fuses have been taken from some people’s electricity boxes that he ought to take preventative action. So, he has now fitted a lock and a window so that the meter can be read. It sounds a very simple job but Mal is not practical at all but I have to say he completed the task successfully!

Torin called and put Scarlet and Jack on the webcam. Scarlet performed and showed us how she can walk. Jack was much more interested in turning the webcam off!

In the evening we spoke to River, Sol and Tariq. They were full of Manchester United’s win over Spurs but I reminded them that Chelsea won 7-0!!

Jack trying to turn the webcam off, Scarlet looking on