31st March 2010

Another lovely day in paradise. Walks in the mountains, meals outside….lovely!

In the evening I went to girlie Pizza night. There were only two of us, Veronica and I but we still had a good evening and lovely cocktails.


29th March 2010

Mal and I went out shopping and managed to get some more membrane at last, no excuse for Mal not to continue now.  We stopped off at Mr Pound. How is it we go in there looking for something they don’t have but always come out having spent well over 50tl?

The sun was back again!

Pictures of Scarlet and Jack on the webcam, including upside down Jack!


27th March 2010

Another long walk in the morning. We then went to  Lambousa market, mainly because in spite of the fact that we have hundreds of books here, we are running out of things to read.  It was really busy down there. As well as books we bought two tile plaques, one olives and the other lemons. They were really good value (15tl each), the stall can be seen in the pictures, the photo with Mal in.  We continued our quest for membrane on the way back but two more places have sold out as well. Perova said they may have some more in, in a few weeks.

We watched the Chelsea game and they beat Villa 7-1 and were the top of the league for an hour or two. Then the Man U game and a win of 4-0, so Man U resume their place at the top. The least said about Hammers the better…Mal’s words not mine!


26th March 2010

An over cast day after the last few days sun. Mal and I took Rosie right up into the mountains and walked for about two hours. It was lovely. There were lots more cones and I didn’t have a bag with me so Mal tied my fleece together and filled that then found a stick and carried it over his shoulder. He looked like a little boy running away from home. We went really high which was fine going up even though it pulled a bit on the leg muscles but then we had a steep incline to come down and foolishly we both had non grip trainers on and not our walking boots! We must have looked a pair of idiots trying to get down. We did comment that we remembered when we were kids and used to run down mountains like that one. Those were the days. Right at the end of the walk we came across an avalanche from the rains and really struggled to get over that without falling off the edge.

This time we found a lot of Ploughshare orchids. The two pictures are not very good as I didn’t have my camera and used my phone.

The afternoon was dull and we even had 5 minutes light rain.

Mal leaving home!
Ploughshare Orchid

25th March 2010

There was a bit of cloud for the first time this week, so we went for a very long walk in the mountains. Malatya waterfall is now flowing again after years of being dry. Mal and I remember when trips were organised to view the waterfall and then it dried up.

It was still nice enough to have breakfast and lunch outside.