Tuesday 31st May 2011

Rosie and I were up and out at 5.30. As soon as I was back home I cleaned the pool and backwashed it.

We have a jasmine arch in one of the gardens and the tendrils were going all over the place, so I had to get a ladder and sort all that out and then more gardening.

We had a broken down wheelbarrow which we were going to take to the tip but instead Mal drilled holes in the bottom and I put some very small succulent cuttings in it. They are doing well.



Monday 30th May 2011

A much sunnier day.

I went to the pharmacy in the morning to get some antibiotics (Enfaxia) 38tl for 10. Two to be taken each day. I hope that will get rid of my lingering bugs.

Later I spoke to River who has just returned from France with the school. I then talked to Tariq. Of course they are on half term at the moment.

More gardening. The passion flower has gone berserk as it always does and I end up pulling massive clumps of it out before it takes over. It grows like a weed here.

I then became completely engrossed in the French Open on TV. A poor game from Nadal, a good one from Montfils and then Murray came on. I was horrified when Eurosport left the match to put on Superbikes but I changed to the internet. Then it was stopped at 2 sets each because of bad light. At least I will be able to watch the last set the following day.



Thought for the Day – “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” ~ Dr Seuss

Sunday 29th May 2011

I still have my cold and woke up totally deaf in one ear and feeling a bit groggy. I think I will have to go and get antibiotics to get rid of this.

What has happened to the weather? 22 degrees, cloudy and windy in the morning.

I managed to get 4 buckets of weeds from down the drive, I was determined to do some gardening (!), when the thunder started rumbling around the mountains and then the rain started again. The photos were taken at 12.45pm. I feel so sorry for the holidaymakers who are here in ‘sunny Cyprus’.  How many days of sunshine do the adverts say that we get here? I spoke to Mal earlier on and they had sunshine in Margate. In fact Mal went to his brothers for a BBQ!


Thought for the Day – “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm but to add colour to my sunset sky.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore



Saturday 28th May 2011

Rosie and I were out walking early and then I went out buy Cyprus Today see link. Well, I wrote the report on Kulaksiz 5 word for word as it didn’t sound at all familiar with the report that Pauline gave! It is worth reading the comments following in the NCFP article.

I went to Atakara and couldn’t resist some freshly baked bread.

We had a lot of thunder in the afternoon and rain. The pictures were taken at 3 in the afternoon and shortly afterwards tha rain started. Well, at least the garden is watered.

Not a good result for Man U in the Champions League final, they lost 3-1


Thought for the Day – “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; And because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.” ~ Helen Keller


Friday 27th May 2011

Late afternoon I was invited to a ‘Bratwurst’ barbecue at Christa and Robin’s, a very nice evening too. It did start raining a little but soon stopped. The weather is very odd this month. In fact it was very warm up here in the mountains and cooler down at Robin’s.

Thank you Christa and Robin.


Thought for the Day -“You cannot do a kindness too soon, because you never know how soon it will be too late.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.


Thursday 26th May 2011

I was still not feeling 100% but did a little gardening in the morning and fell asleep again in the afternoon.

There was yet another hearing at court for Kulaksiz 5 see link. The evidence is there, I fail to see why it is taking so long. This really must be taking its toll on the Kulaksiz 5 people.  As far as I can see there is only one decision the judge can make and that is against Akfinans Bank. In my humble opinion of course.

I had a busy evening with phone calls from Mal, Lou and co and Torin. Tariq was chosen to go and see the England v Sri Lanka cricket match as he has done so well in sports at school. Unfortunately, it rained and they sat there until 3.30 when they came out on the pitch and that was the time they had to go home! What a disapointment for them.

Torin was fishing in France and while he was on the mobile to me, his bite alarm went off, so I held on for ages. When he came back, it was the biggest all week and he lost it. So far he has not had a good week of fishing!

Mal is getting stuck into work and hadn’t realised that this coming weekend was Bank Holiday. That will be fun with all the happy caravaners arriving!


Our Jacaranda in bloom

Thought for the Day – “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday 25th May 2011

I took Rosie out and then realised I didn’t have any of her pain killers left. I was at the vets (the Prof) at 9.00 am when she was supposed to open. She was shut and so I went to get some shopping and Cyprus Today see link. I was very sad to hear that Rauf Denktaş is in hospital. He seems the one person here who cares about his country and the expats here. We wish him well.

The shopping, what a difference in prices to the UK for fruit and veg. Potatoes 80 kurus a kilo, cucumber 60 kurus a kilo, aubergines 80 kurus a kilo, tomatoes 1 lira a kilo etc AND they actually taste of something here! I did notice the red wine Mal likes has risen from 6.90 to 10.90. Shopping done and I returned to the vets, still shut! I guess it may have been her day for teaching at the University.

I then went to Garfield vets. I asked if he had Rimadyl, the answer “yok”.  Anyway, I explained about the Prof being shut and he asked me to come back in half an hour at which point he locked up and went off in his car. Half an hour later I returned and he had the tablets for me. Nice man.

Back home and I cleaned the pool for a second time. It is so full of that awful brown dust. I started on the gardening which obviously is way behind.I was so hot after all that I had a swim and gave Rosie a shower. The pool is a very nice 26 and a half degrees. The temperature outside a pleasant mid 30’s.

I took Rosie for her walk in the evening and when we arrived back home she had her nose down sniffing something and then started barking by some flower pots. By now it was dark and so I told her to ‘leave’ and went indoors to get a torch, of course thinking it was a snake. Back outside and discovered it was a baby hedgehog. I decided to leave it where it was as it would find its own way home. Half an hour later it had gone.


Thought for the day – “The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another’s, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises. ” ~ Leo Buscaglia