Monday 30th November 2015

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We woke up to thunder rolling around the mountains. Oh my goodness did we have some rain. The weather forecast did warn us for the second day we are here. Mal managed to clean the pool in between downpours but it didn’t need any more water to top it up, the rain had done that. We were surrounded by cloud.

2015-11-30 11-10-17 - 0001

Things have changed with electricity here. Kibtek have changed everyone’s meters and now they no longer leave you a bill, they send the amount due either to your phone or email. If the bill isn’t paid within 30 days then they cut you off!!! So, in order to change our meter, they have broken into our locked meter cupboard and also our water bill is missing because that is where our water bill goes. That has obviously blown away.

We went to the Beledeysi to pay outstanding money for the water and they have moved the cashiers office. We have only been away a matter of weeks and everything has changed. So, that is now up to date but they won’t let us pay any money in advance, so David and Kenny pay that for us. Next we went to Siba to buy more chlorine for the pool. 25kg is 262.84tl (about £60) and also a new hose for pool cleaning.  A few bits of shopping on the way home, including lovely Cyprus potatoes which are 1.99tl (45p) a kilo. Milk is about 3.50tl (80p) a litre .

In the evening we went to The Lodge in Lapta. If people in TRNC haven’t been it is well worth a visit. Mary, the waitress is lovely but she doesn’t know how to make a brandy sour and no one else was there this evening. Mal was going to show her but they didn’t have any Cyprus Bitters.

One of the other customers little girl kept us amused while we waited for our meals to be cooked.

Mal had chicken fajitas, which were sizzling hot!

2015-11-30 18-31-11 - 0014

I had a chicken Diane. To drink, in the absence of a brandy sour, I had a sprite and Mal an Efes. These were followed by a Turkish coffee each, Mal had a brandy and I had a Baileys. Coffees, brandy and Baileys were on the house. Our total bill for a lovely evening 54tl (£12.30)!!

Thought for the Day – When asked what surprised him most about humanity the Dalai Lama answered “Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

Sunday 29th November 2015

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It rained overnight but the sun was out as soon as we woke up. I love the view from our bed drinking a cup of tea!

2015-11-29 07-04-26 - 0003
Considering that we didn’t go to bed until 1am, we were up fairly early and went to Atakara for some fresh bread and other bits. We also had to put fuel in the hire car as they kindly left it on red!! We also bought Cyprus Today.
Looking around the villa there doesn’t appear too much work to do, that’s a bonus. The lantana hedge is full of flowers and looks lovely but it will need cutting back before we leave.

We thought we would go out for Sunday lunch and chose Açmenya, which meant we could pay for the car at the same time. The whole restaurant has had a make over and looks very posh. We had only been seated for about 5 minutes when David and Kenny came in, so they joined us. It’s so nice to see them and they both keep a careful eye on our house, in fact David caught some “prospective buyers” climbing over the gate. He soon saw them off. Poor Kenny has been very ill and spent some time in hospital but he is on the mend now.

About half way through our meals Jennifer and David came in and so we spent the rest of the afternoon chatting to them. This was a very quick, sneaky photo as David hates having his photo taken!!

2016-11-29 14-33-41 - 0001

Before we left, I asked if Ali was around so we could pay for our car, the waiter just said no he’s not here, pay tomorrow!

Thought for the Day – “Your best teacher is your last mistake.” ~ Ralph Nader

Saturday 28th November 2015

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We left Torin’s after breakfast and went to Stansted.We flew with Pegasus, easier we feel as you don’t have to change planes and possibly miss the connection which we have done previously.

We were late taking off. They didn’t make up the time. On landing in Istanbul, the usual message to stay on board if you were travelling to Ercan. About 10 minutes later the air hostess walked down the plane telling everyone to get  off. As charming as they always are we asked why and she just replied “Get off”. So, we had to change planes but it was to the plane just next to us. No one was interested in telling us why. Istanbul looked quite pretty as we took off.

2016-11-28 19-53-48 - 0006
Açmenya was waiting for us as we came out of the airport. This time they would drive us back to the office to collect the hire car, that seemed preferable to me driving after a long flight. I did have second thoughts watching the speed he drove us back. He took us to the office which is just down the road from our house, gave us the car and told us to sort out the payment and paperwork tomorrow!
We drove up the road only to be faced with an enormous digger digging the road up outside David and Kenny’s house. I presume it was for water pipe work. We managed to get by, I was wondering whether we would have to park there and drag our cases up but we managed to squeeze past. They continued working on until the early hours.
Good news, the pool was nice and clear and everything seemed to be working. David does a good job of looking after the house.
Thought for the Day – “To make a difference in someone’s world, you don’t have to be amazing,rich, talented, beautiful or perfect. You just have to be you and care.” ~ Rebecca Fox

Friday 27th November 2015

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We packed to go to Cyprus. Ellie went to have a holiday with Lou and Rhys, so we dropped her off on the way and then drove to Torin’s for the night. Friday crazy roads and queues everywhere which meant it took us quite a long time to get there. Scarlet and Jack came home from school about the same time as we arrived.

Torin treated us to a Chinese. Jack had loads of duck, he had that at a Chinese when he was staying with us and loved it and so has to have it every time he has a Chinese now!

2016-11-27 17-13-28 - 0001
Thought for the Day – “To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.” ~ Barbara Johnson

Thursday 26th November 2015

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I can’t believe it is a year ago today that we flew Ellie here. We flew to Paris where a taxi took us all the way back to Kent, via the eurotunnel. What an adventure for her (and us!) And this was her on the train….

I went to the hairdressers in the morning. Marcello’s salon was very quiet, I guess the calm before all the Christmas appointments.

In the evening Lou and Rhys invited us round for a Thanksgiving dinner! It was really that they said they were going to cook us a roast before we go away and it just happened to be Thanksgiving! They cooked slow roasted lamb and it was so good. Tariq and Sol were both at work.

Thought for the Day – “Be thankful for what you have. Your life, no matter how bad you think it is, is someone else’s fairy tale.” ~ Wayle Ayeni

Wednesday 25th November 2015

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We were up early and took Ellie out for a walk. Certainly not a place to let her off the lead as it is right on the edge of the cliffs with a long drop down. You can just about see France across the water.


Back to have breakfast and then we drove home.

Lunchtime I went out to lunch in Chestfield with the Redhatters. We had a lovely lunch at Jean’s house. The only thing that marred the occasion was when she said ‘oh you live on my husbands stolen land!’ Her husband is Greek Cypriot. Having said that I met her husband and he was fine.

It seems all go at the moment, we have a lot of things coming up before Christmas. Lou and Rhys have even invited us for a Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow!!

Thought for the Day – “One of the happiest moments ever, is when you find the courage to let go of what you can’t change.”

Tuesday 24th November 2015

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Turkey have shot down a Russian warplane.

We walked Ellie and it wasn’t heavy rain but everywhere was so muddy so it meant a shower for Ellie when we were back home.

We then headed for a night away, as we do every now and again! This time at Capel Le Ferne, only about half an hour away. The Lighthouse Inn which overlooks the Channel. I am sure it would be a lovely view on a good day shame about the rain! It didn’t dampen our spirits and we had a walk along the cliffs. It was a nice cosy Inn and the owners son came out and welcomed us as we arrived. Ellie just settles down so quickly, as long as she is with us she doesn’t bother. A very adaptable dog. On the way to the Lighthouse we called in for lunch at The Valiant Sailor and they welcomed Ellie and even gave her a bowl of water.

Back at the Lighthouse, we had a really nice room with dogs welcome. You actually pay an additional £2.99 for a dog staying, absolute bargain!!

I just take Ellie’s blanket and she always settles on the floor, at the foot of our bed.

We went down to dinner and they asked where Ellie was and told us to bring her down to the bar, so we did. She ended up staying with us while we ate an excellent dinner.  We can’t believe that this was a Groupon deal, £49 for a nights accommodation, dinner and breakfast included!!

They had nice cosy areas to drink your coffee.

2016-11-24 19-30-55 - 0002

Thought for the Day – “Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important,capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, take another shot.”