Tuesday 28th February 2023

Well, we have been getting quotes for our garden for over 6 months and what a lot of rubbish some of the contractors are! The guy who owned this house, for some unknown reason decided to cut the sloping garden out and so it is lower than everyone else’s. He then used sleepers to hold it all together. Consequently, all the wood is rotting. It was the most ridiculous design as there were not even any steps to the back gate.

We had been intending doing this years ago but what with Covid etc etc but now time to get things done.

We are using Beehive Homes and Landscapers .   They seem the most sensible. We have waited a couple of weeks for them to start and were beginning to lose faith BUT they have started today.  Fingers crossed nothing collapses!

We then had to take Ellie to her “fat club” at the vets. Meghan  is always pleased to see Ellie and it seems we are the only ones who have achieved a proper weight loss for their dog, other people give up. She had a temporary blip when she hurt her foot and had no exercise but is back on the weight loss now even though the amount of food has been upped. She is 28.6 and Meghan would like her at 28, so we have another appointment in 5 weeks.

While we were at the vets Kieran had finished todays work on the garden.

Thought for the Day – “Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” ~ Buddha

Monday 27th February 2023

My day volunteering at the Cancer Research shop. Jack was off for the day as he was sorting out the suits for his wedding. Christina was standing in. It was a quiet day but I managed to sign up another 3 Gift Aiders!

The antibiotics are doing nothing for my stomach, they never do.

Thought for the Day – “Sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody’s watching, and live like it’s heaven on earth.

Sunday 26th February 2023

East Kent Railway is now open after their winter break and so we took Ellie over there and walked the The Knees Woods. We had 5 minutes when it SNOWED!!  After the woods we went into the Colonel’s Cafe for a hot drink. There were a lot of dogs in there.

Later we watched Spurs , yeah we won, followed by Man U!

Thought for the Day – “If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.”  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday 25th February 2023

For a long while Mal and I have been talking about publishing our north Cyprus story. It will take a few volumes. A  lot of this would be forgotten had it not been for my diary and millions of photos! So, I have started to read from the beginning and only being at Chapter 2 has reminded me the many, many problems we had. Looking back I really don’t know how we got through it all, I guess because we were younger! What an adventure we travelled!!

Reading back, the lies we were told trying to get our Kocan. The day we got completely lost in an orange grove, bamboo too high to look above, in August and we had run out of water and a teaspoon of petrol!! A lot of reading and checking to be done!

Mal had to go to the allotment early as a skip was arriving and as he is on the committee, things had to be organised.

We then took Ellie to Minnis Bay, the wind was really cold and of course Ellie loved the freezing cold water!

We watched a good Hammers game in the afternoon.

Thought for the Day – “Flowers always make people better, happier, more hopeful.” ~  Luther Burbank

Friday 24th February 2023

We took Ellie to Kearsney, she loves the woods and having a swim in the stream.

We stopped at the cafe for a coffee. We dropped into a Lidl we drive past, for a couple of bits. I don’t think that will happen in the future as they are building a huge transport hub opposite it, obviously  for the excess lorries waiting for the ferry at Dover. I had experience of them when they kept them at Manston, driving right across roundabouts, pushing cars off the road etc.

I called into Boots and yes, the email had arrived from the dentist and so I collected my antibiotics.

Thought for the Day – “Life teaches you a new lesson every day, if you are attentive enough in the class of life.” ~ Invajy

Thursday 23rd February 2023

No more nose bleeds.

Chloe our next door neighbour banged on the door about 8.30. She had locked herself out and somehow left her keys on the inside of the front door. Her car keys were also attached and she had both kids in the car waiting to go to school. The three of us tried to get the keys but weren’t able and Mickey, her husband is working in Staffordshire! Eventually she had to call a locksmith, who arrived within 5 minutes. £100 later!!

I went shopping and Mal took Ellie.

In the afternoon the continuing saga of my teeth. Teresa phoned me and said she wanted to see me before I left yesterday!  So why did the other dentist say they had finished with me?  And has it taken her a day to realise that I am not still sitting in the chair?! She asked if I had any more nose bleeds….no. Asked if I had told my GP……I must.  She is referring me to a dental surgeon.Also she wants me to collect a prescription for antibiotics. I told her it is a long way from Sandwich to Canterbury so could she email it to Boots in Sandwich. Her reply was that she didn’t know! They are evidently still debating whether I should have the other tooth taken out mid March.

I phoned the GP surgery, they are closed for the afternoon, so I emailed. They replied saying they may not read the email for a few days! Let’s hope eventually they put it on my notes!

Later the dental receptionist called back, can I find out the email for Boots Sandwich? Can’t they? Evidently not, so I found out and then called them back with the email.  Tomorrow I will see if it was successful, why do I have my doubts?!

Thought for the Day – “Don’t despair, everything may not be as it seems.”

Wednesday 22nd February 2023

We walked Ellie and then I went into Canterbury to see the different dentist Teresa. She X rayed where the extraction was, inspected it all and then sent me back to the waiting room when she had all the details.

Eventually I was called back in to see a different  dentist who also works at the hospital. She told me they have checked the X ray and are really not sure so they are going to discuss it and refer me and now they are doubting whether I should have the next tooth out in March! So, I’ll wait and see . They told me to leave the appointment as it is just in case. Well, at least they listened in the end. That was a relief.

Our blown up microwave was collected in the afternoon and a replacement arrived!

There seems a lack of fresh vegetables and salad. I must have been lucky buying piccolo tomatoes (our favourite) and I have planted some of the seeds from the tomatoes ready to go on the window sill. We did well growing tomatoes last year.

Thought for the Day – “Time brings all things to pass.” ~ Aeschylus