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Aug 31 2009

31st August 2009

In the evening we went to Robin and Christa’s as Robin had 2 kilos of king prawns and asked us to help him eat them! We then found out Christa didn’t like them, so they were shared amongst three of us……delicious. We had a really good evening. Thank you Christa and Robin.

Aug 30 2009

30th August 2009

It was another lovely day but as the morning went on, the wind got up, a warm wind but it was strong. We had to start bringing things in before they landed in the pool or over at Willy and Lena’s or even down in Incesu. I received more pictures of my niece’s twins, Layla …

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Aug 29 2009

29th August 2009

I went shopping in the morning and also bought Cyprus Today. There didn’t seem to be too much interesting in it, only quotes of things people have ‘supposedly said’! We watched the Chelsea game in the afternoon and later Man U, who were extremely lucky to win 2-1, one a penalty and the other an …

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Aug 28 2009

28th August 2009

We ordered another tanker of water. For some reason today he gave us 5 tons for 40tl when it is usually 4 tons for 50tl. Mal gave him the 50tl note and he gave him 10tl change. Perhaps we now have a ‘regular’s rate’. Christa and Robin came round for a meal in the evening. …

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Aug 27 2009

27th August 2009

Mal launched his second edition of North Cyprus Free Press (, with an interesting letter from Robin about his builder, goodness the money he has had to spend. The continuing saga of our ticket overcharge from CTA. Whilst Barclaycard added £10 to our account, the ticket amounts remain the same! We tried ringing CTA London …

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Aug 26 2009

26th August 2009

Mal went on to Cyprus 44 and it was back there minus all his threads about North Cyprus Free Press and also Dutch’s thread had been removed. No explanation, nothing. It appears they had to be taken off because they were receiving thousands of hits in what is called a DDoS attack. So much for …

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Aug 25 2009

25th August 2009

Hot off the press a picture of Layla and Jude.

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