Sunday 30th September 2018

Lou, Rhys , Ollie , Oscar and Josie came round for lunch. I did a roast with all the trimmings, trifle and apple crumble. I told them next time I will do a Mediteranean lunch for a change, Lamb Khoresh, one of our favourites and then cherry clafoutis. I’ll even do a Mediteranean starter, preferably fish. Today’s was smoked salmon and creamed herrings with salad. The last day of September and it was still warm enough to sit outside! We really are all outside people.

Everyone was very full by the time we had eaten everything, so we took the dogs and walked to the beach. We actually walked 6+ miles. That made our dinner go down nicely!

I have to say Mal and I ached a little by the time we were home, just shows we don’t get enough exercise and I thought we had loads! Mind you we did keep up quite a pace.

Thought for the Day – “No matter what people think of you, always keep singing your own song.”

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Saturday 29th September 2018

A washing and shopping day and it was so sunny everything dried whilst I was shopping. I even managed to buy a couple of Christmas presents while I was out.

Thought for the Day – “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” ~ Ronald Reagan

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Friday 28th September 2018

Our last day and the weather changed. It had turned cloudy and a lot cooler.  Again a long walk along the beach and no one else there.

We packed up our things when we arrived back at the caravan. Time to go home.

A slow drive home and lunch on the way.

Thought for the Day – “Problems are like washing machines. They twist, they spin and knock us around. But in the end we come out cleaner, brighter and better than before.”

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Thursday 27th September 2018

More sun. How lucky are we?  Again, we went across the road on to the beach with Ellie. She loves it just digging and waiting for the tide to come in. A walk and then we just sat in the sunshine.

We drove to Dungeness and went to the Snack Shack. This is a small shack that serves freshly caught fish… favourite. They also have a wet fish shop next door. The place was so busy and we shared a table with a young couple, he was a property developer from London and so we chatted about where we all originally came from. I don’t think we have been to the shack  before as they depend on the weather and today it was so busy along with the sunshine. Mal had the local fish and I had lobster flatbread…, so much lobster!

We had a wander around Dungeness. We had wanted to go to the Nuclear Power Station and tried to book 3 months ago and even then we were told the tours were full. You have to be vetted. One day we will get there!

From there we had a drive to Lydd, not much there. Back to Old Romney and stopped in a really nice pub garden for a drink before returning to the caravan.

Thought for the Day – “Do one act of kindness each day of the year and change 365 lives.” ~ Anthony D Williams

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Wednesday 26th September 2018

Another day with the sun out. So far we have been very lucky. We had a very leisurely breakfast and then went to the beach, a 2 minute walk. We spent most of the morning there. Ellie dug an enormous hole and then as the tide came in, she went into the sea. Mal and I just sat and watched her and enjoyed the weather. So few people on the beach and such a lovely day.

We had lunch out at The Warren Inn, again sitting in the garden even though they allow dogs inside.

We went to St Mary’s Bay and then Dymchurch. It was about a 2 minute walk around Dymchurch, the Martello tower is about all that is worth seeing there!

Late afternoon we had a cream tea in Deblyns. Again sitting out in their garden. It’s a very pretty tea shop and as soon as we went in, out came the dog biscuits and a bowl of water for Ellie! She really is being spoilt everywhere we go.

I think Ellie is exhausted by the end of the day!

Thought for the Day – “Understand that you own nothing, everything that surrounds you is temporary, only the love in your heart will last forever.”

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Tuesday 25th September 2018

We woke up in the caravan feeling a bit chilly, the first time this autumn. We soon put the central heating on and warmed up.  Having said that, the sun soon came out. We had a long walk along Greatstone Beach. Ellie loves it.

Back for a quick coffee and then off to Romney Country Park.  There was an exhibition by a guy who had completed his MA on The Book of Syn and Romney Marsh. We watched his video and coincidently Russell Thorndike’s grand daughter arrived to meet the guy who had put the exhibition together!  I have to admit to not reading any of the books.

We had a long walk around the country park.

Later we went  into New Romney where we sat and had lunch in the garden of the Cinque Ports Inn, a really nice pub.

We ended the day with another long beach walk. By this time we all had aching legs!

Thought for the Day – “I am grateful for ……..the people who make me laugh a little harder, smile a little brighter and love a little deeper.”

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Monday 24th September 2018

A photo of Torin, two years ago at Guzelyali Beach in Cyprus. We went to see the baby turtles. Torin fell in love with this stray dog Buddy and wanted to take him home. A home was found for him a few weeks later. He loved dogs and found them far less complicated than people. I have to keep remembering the good times that we shared.

Mal and I booked a break away in Romney. I know it’s not far but it was at a time when I couldn’t really think of holidays, so we just booked it as we love it and so does Ellie. We drove the pretty way and stopped at Hamstreet  garden centre as we had done previously. The staff are just so lovely there, even the Manager spent about half hour chatting to us, telling us that in a couple of weeks they are introducing a “dog area” in the restaurant. It didn’t matter to us today as after shopping we ate outside in the sun.  Four of the staff wanted to take Ellie home!

We have stayed at this caravan site before and it is right opposite Greatstone Beach. So we collected the keys, the receptionist told us it was compulsory for them to pet all the dogs, especially Golden retrievers!

The caravan was spotlessly clean and larger than we booked! So we unpacked and then went over to the beach. It was still very warm but there were only two other people on the beach.

Thought for the Day – “We are the rememberers,  the people left behind, to keep the one who has gone from us alive in heart and mind, the people left to cherish and preserve a legacy. Yes, we are the rememberers………………and we will always be.”