Monthly Archive: October 2010

Oct 31 2010

31st Oct 2010

I hope everyone remembered to put their clocks back last night! It was the first day of the hunting season but unusually we were out before the guns started but to be on the safe side it was a trip to the beach. The fishermen were down there and also a couple of brave souls …

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Oct 30 2010

30th Oct 2010

It was still spitting with rain when Mal and I got up, so decided to take Rosie straight out.  A bad move, as we were walking the rain became heavier and heavier until the three of us were soaked. Then after about half an hour being home the rain stopped and the sun came out …

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Oct 29 2010

29th Oct 2010

We took Rosie out and were joined by another village dog. I have been downloading a UK programme “How to take stunning pictures”. Who knows my pictures may improve. The one on pets suggested you photograph parts of their body, showing texture, which may make them more interesting. Ah well, I gave it a try! …

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Oct 28 2010

28th Oct 2010

Whatever bug it is we have, seems to be a bit of an “up and down” one. We thought we were feeling better so Mal decided it was time to clean out the under swimming pool cupboard. A job we have been putting off probably since we moved in! Oh, the junk we had under …

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Oct 27 2010

27th Oct 2010

Neither of us felt 100% so Mal took Rosie and I went to buy Cyprus Today see link There was an excellent article in it by Bertil Wedin. Mustafa, our neighbour, called out to us and asked if we could trim our lantana hedge as it was growing into his olive tree. Mal said of …

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Oct 26 2010

26th Oct 2010

It was our wedding anniversary. Our trip to Istanbul was our celebration really but we planned to go out for a meal in the evening. Well, we are on the ‘edge’of some sort of bug, not surprising when everywhere we went in the UK people had sore throats, coughs and colds and the same on …

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Oct 25 2010

25th Oct 2010

We took Rosie and then went inot Girne to find the new Cyprus Nature Library. We understood it to be behind the Colony Hotel. We walked all round and couldn’t find it and we were just about to give up and then discovered it is down a small roadway, to the right hand side of …

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