Monday 29th February 2016

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The sun was out very early and so we went to the beach at Minnis Bay. Thankfully the tide was right out.

2016-02-29 08-52-07 - 0001

A beautiful day but it was a bitter wind. Mal did a bit of pottering around in the greenhouse. Keeps him amused!

Thought for the Day – “Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly and most underrated agent of human change.” ~ Bob Kerrey

Sunday 28th February 2016

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We took Ellie to Dereson wood. We haven’t been there for quite a while as all the ground has been so wet and muddy but it’s improving now. Just imagine this will all be bluebells before we know it.

2016-02-28 08-23-14 - 0012

Lou and Rhys invited us over for Mother’s Day but we won’t be here then, so they suggested that we go and have lunch today instead, so we had a lovely lunch and I was also given my presents and card. It seems ages since we have seen them, they all have such busy lives and as it was, neither River or Sol were there as they were working. Ellie liked it over there as she had their dog Roddy to play with.

Of course Rhys had to pull a funny face when I took a photo!
2016-02-28 15-45-30 - 0009

Thought for the Day – “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” ~ John Bunyan

Saturday 27th February 2016

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We were out across the fields early with Ellie.

2016-02-27 08-44-34 - 0003

I then went to Westwood as I had to get more birthday presents which I hadn’t finished. In the afternoon we watched the West Ham game. They won!

When you have been away, there always seems so much to do.

Thought for the Day – “We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” ~ Frederick Keonig

Friday 26th February 2016

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Marion was off to the V&A Museum for the day with a couple of her friends. I was asked if I wanted to go but I didn’t want to leave Ellie all day and all evening. So we went for an early morning walk and then I collected my things and drove home. This time I went the opposite way around the M25. It is so slow going the Heathrow way. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, it is always chaos. The way I went was only about 5 miles further and you have to pay for Dartford but it was a much better drive.

I seem to be coming back with a lot more than I went with. My sister had organised both Mal’s and my birthday presents. My birthday is a couple of months yet! I also had the things from the garden centre and the antique place. Marion works in a Rennie Mackintosh charity shop one day a week. It is just around the corner from her house and so of course we had been in there too. I have a very heavy fluffy blanket for Ellie, a leather handbag with the tag still on it and a pair of purple shoes with all the labels still on them. £10 for the lot!! I have to say their charity shop is very upmarket. It’s a wealthy area and they get heaps of brand new things with the price tickets and labels still on them. They obviously can’t be bothered to take them back to the shops if they change their mind! Of course the purple shoes are for Red Hatters!

Back home, unpacked the car, had some lunch and then it was time to collect Mal.

It was nice to be back home together. I had a lot to tell him about, he didn’t as Steve doesn’t seem to be going out or anything, so he hadn’t been anywhere.


Thursday 25th February 2016

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We had a very long walk with Ellie but this time avoided the field of mud that we sank into the previous day.

2016-02-25 11-05-27 - 0001

We then went to Wendover Garden centre, an enormous place and so spent a long time walking around there. I have a pot at home that is waiting for a sage plant so bought one. I have two huge sage bushes in Cyprus and miss having fresh sage.  We ended up having our lunch there and very good it was too. They had two courses and a either tea or coffee for £8, of course only for us old folk!

We arrived home to discover that Marion had left her walking socks at the bottom of the stairs and Ellie had taken one and chewed the top of it. I guess she was fed up being left alone but that is something she never does! At home she will move shoes and socks and collect them on her bed but never chew them! Ellie’s in disgrace.

We then had to take one of my other niece’s children to ballet lessons. Luca has decided he wants to do ballet and Wendy was at work and Mark is not well, awaiting an operation. Marion said to take Ellie with us and we could walk her while Luca was in the lesson. We had to drive across Wycombe in the rush hour which was a nightmare and then it was freezing as we were walking. It was a lovely sunset though.
2016-02-25 18-07-07 - 0005I can’t say we have watched much TV in the evenings too busy chatting and there really isn’t much on!!

Thought for the Day“One smile can start a friendship. One word can end a fight. One example can inspire a community. One person can change a life. One kindness can make a difference. You hold the power.”

Wednesday 24th February 2016

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We were up quite early and took Ellie for a very long walk. We got lost, well, I thought Marion knew where we were going. She didn’t and so we ended up knee deep in a very muddy field and had to get changed once we did find our way home! That was a bit of excitement.

2016-02-24 11-13-35 - 0005
In the afternoon Marion suggested that we take a drive out to the pub that we were brought up in. The Swan at Boxmoor. It is no longer a pub, it is now sale rooms full of antiques.

2016-02-24 14-39-37 - 0006
I hadn’t stepped foot in the place I don’t think since mum and dad left and moved to another pub. The entire building is now sale rooms so we were able to go and see what used to be our bedrooms , our living room, kitchen etc. There are also sale rooms in the cellar and Marion and I both felt a really weird feeling down there, it was as if our dad was there. Very strange that we both felt it. Back upstairs to what used to be the saloon bar and I had a flashback of Torin’s christening party which was held in the bar in 1972! It always was a strange place which I knew was haunted.  I am sure ot was the Highwayman Snooks who came to the pub for his last drink before he was hanged on the moor opposite. We did actually buy some things when we were there too ad told the two assistants that we used to live there. They were fascinated hearing how the building used to be.

2016-02-24 15-53-48 - 0018
On the way back to Marion’s we called into my niece’s Julie. They have a springer and I hadn’t seen it. Max is huge and as mental as most springers. He kept running around the garden and then sticking his head through the cat flap to come back in.

It was nice to see the whole family.

Thought for the Day – “Life may not be the party we hoped for. But while we are here we may as well dance.” ~ Jeanne C Stein

Tuesday 23rd February 2016

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Ellie and I went to my sister Marion’s in High Wycombe.  I haven’t seen her for quite some time and so time for a girly catch up.

We had lunch and then went for a very long walk in the afternoon, of course I had taken wellies.

The Village Pond
The Village Pond

We walked around the village and through woods. Ellie loved it, It was so sunny we sat in the conservatory when we were home again.
2016-02-23 15-28-25 - 0003