31st May 2010

For some unknown reason, having gone to bed past midnight, I woke up at 4.30am.  So, I got up and as soon as it was light Rosie and I headed for the mountains.

On the way to the mountains I discovered that our mains water pipe, which goes through the tarmac in the road, was leaking. It was obvious why as all the sides of the roads had been cleared with a digger whilst I was away. I spoke to Ingrid and she kindly said she would call the Beledeysi as they were the ones who cleared the roadsides. Well, there was a considerable amount of water there and aren’t we all supposed to conserve water?

I had to laugh when Rosie and I went for our evening walk……..repair shown below, of course with the spare plastic just thrown by the road.

I managed to clean a very filthy pool following two days of Sahara dust and other debris. I cleaned it once and then the hose on the pool cleaner broke in two. Fine I thought, just cut that bit off and rejoin it…..no, the end is sealed, so looks as though I have to buy a new one.


30th May 2010

All packed and ready to go I headed off for Stansted for my CTA flight (yes, they are still flying!) A good flight until I went to duty free on landing at Ercan. Three kiosks and I chose the middle one who wanted me to pay £3 more a pack of cigarettes, than the price I paid when I left. I paid the money and then went to Kaner who gave me the correct price, so I returned to the first kiosk and asked for my money back and also asked him why he thought he could get away with charging me more than he should have done and what a welcome for tourists, yes, they rip you off the  minute you step foot on North Cyprus soil. I gave him the change he had given me and he handed over ONE £20 note, no I had given him two. Well tried again! I just got the Cyprus shrug and gave him the cigarettes back. BEWARE of being overcharged on entering Ercan airport.

I arrived home and later collected Rosie from the kennels, as usual she went mad.

29th May 2010

Mal carried on working while I went shopping for him to fill up the fridge, freezer and cupboards before my departure.  Me and thousands of others who obviously decided they were all going to need twice as much as usual just because it was a Bank Holiday weekend. The supermarkets were packed and queues to get out of anywhere.

In the evening I found it difficult to find somewhere to pack my case, exam papers and portfolios were taking over!


More photos from Kew Gardens:

28th May 2010

Mal took the day off from marking and I had the last of my birthday ‘treats’…….a day out at Kew Gardens. Thankfully the weather was really good. We decided to go by train as we would be walking round all day and I didn’t fancy doing all the driving as well. Yes, I now have a Senior Railcard!!

If you print out a voucher from the Internet, there are numerous places you can visit in London, show your rail ticket and voucher and you get 2 for one entrance, which of course we did and had concessions anyway because of our age. Oooh, I like this being 60!

It is years since either of us had visited Kew and it was a great day. I took so many pictures that I think I will have to spread them over a few days. I don’t like heights but decided I had to face my fear and so joined Mal up the steps of the Tree Top walk. I went up and up and started the walk and then it started to sway, that was it, Mal continued and I went back down…coward.

We stayed until it closed and then caught the train to Alexandra Palace to visit Tristan, Amanda and our new baby grand daughter Violet. She is gorgeous, yes, I know I am biaised about all my 10 grandchildren.  It was a long day and we didn’t get home until after midnight….exhausted.


27th May 2010

Mal heard from the opticians and having returned for a second test concerning the pressure behind his eyes, they are now refering him to the GP, who I guess will then refer him to a consultant.
I went shopping and Mal marked all day. Pretty boring stuff…for Mal I mean. All the shops seem to have deals on for the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekend.

25th May 2010

The weather started to change, no suprise. Mal went off to his meeting while I entertained myself round the shops. When Mal had finished we drove back, stopping at Bluewater in the quest to find a wedding outfit. More oranges and lime green…yuk! We then drove on to Herne Bay and stopped there for our dinner along the sea front. Yes, the weather had changed. The sea was rough and we nearly got blown away walking to the restaurant, the short distance along the sea front and it was a cold wind.  When we arrived back at the caravan, piles and piles of more parcels. The caravan is getting too small!