Saturday 31st December 2016

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A much warmer morning but quite damp and miserable. We walked through the woods and the orchards at the end of our road. Ellie tried to dig up moles in the orchard! The heron was down on the lake along with the two swans.

In the afternoon we went to De Bradlei Wharf. That place has really gone downhill, we later read that they had gone bankrupt and had just re opened! We didn’t find anything worth buying! Also a lot of the road around Dover harbour was dug up. Not a sucessful afternoon, we should have gone to Canterbury!

We decided not to go out for NYE, where ever we go I have to drive and so it seemed pointless when we were quite happy staying at home. A bottle of pink bubbly at midnight and wishes for everyone we know that 2017 will be a very Happy Healthy year. I have lost 4 friends this year which has made me realise even more to be thankful every morning I wake up.

A wonderful 2017 to you all.

Thought for the Day – “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” ~  Brad Paisley

Friday 30th December 2016

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Another cold and foggy morning but my car wasn’t frozen so it must have been warmer than the previous day. We went for a walk but Violet got a little left behind….

Later we took Violet and Tris to his mothers where they are spending New Year. We stopped for a top up of shopping on the way back.

Ellie is still not really back to normal but I am watching her and checking everything is as it should be. She walks away from her food but does eat it eventually, that confirms she is not quite right when she doesn’t eat it straight away.

In the evening we caught up with a couple of TV programmes that we missed over Christmas.

Thought for the Day – “Most obstacles melt away when we make up our minds to walk boldly through them.” ~ Orison Swett Marden

Thursday 29th December 2016

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It was a very cold morning again but we were all out early walking Ellie. She hasn’t been very well since we have been back from Torins. I think she misses the other two dogs. She even walked away from her food which is certainly a sign for Ellie that something isn’t right. Goldies can be very sensitive. She did cheer up a little when she saw her friends, Lily and Daisy with their Christmas ruffles on!

It was Josie’s seventh birthday so we all met up at the bowling alley, had a very long game there with all of us and also had our lunch there. I wished we hadn’t bothered with the food, not good. The bowling was really good fun though apart from the fact I broke my thumb nail very low down and made it bleed!

Although we have watched very little TV over Christmas, we have seen a lot of Gordon Buchanan and his programmes are amazing, excellent photography.

Thought for the Day – “Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday 28th December 2016

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I had to go shopping as we had visitors coming. I scraped the ice off the car and went to Westwood.

Later Violet and Tristan arrived and we had lunch and opening more presents.

In the evening Gemma and Dom came round. A night of catering for the vegetarians!

Thought for the Day – “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity:an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” ~ Winston Churchill

Tuesday 27th December 2016

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Poor Torin had an awful night with Scarlet as she was up half the night with her heart problem. Torin seems to have the knack of slowing it down for her but this meant that he was awake until about 3 in the morning with her. Two tired people. The consultant has said she needs to change her medication but she will have to be admitted to the Royal Brompton while they monitor it and she is  still waiting for that.

It was a frosty morning but the sun was out and we kept warm pacing it out through the woods again! Torin goes very fast and we all try and keep up.

We dropped the dogs off at Torins and then drove into Stevenage, not such a good idea as there were masses of shoppers and the town centre was packed. We found somewhere to park and then went to Taste of the Orient a buffet Chinese which the kids love because along with the really good desserts. they have no end of sweets! The waitress in there is also very nice as Scarlet was looking for baby sweet corn and they went and fetched her a whole plate!!

We drove back to Torin’s and then time to pack up and come home. It was so lovely seeing them and we always have fun with the twins.

The traffic back was not good, a car fire on the A1 and as usual queues at Dartfrod but then there always is. Not the best day to travel.

Thought for the Day – “Your eyes show the strength of your soul.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Monday 26th December 2016

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Another very long strenuous walk in the morning with the three dogs and Scarlet and Jack.

Poor Mal had to sort out all the technical devices everyone had for Christmas, even some Karen sent round as she hadn’t a clue how to set them up! We watched a couple of films in the afternoon. The dogs were very happy playing together.

A nice quiet day.
Thought for the Day – “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Sunday 25th December 2016 – Christmas Day

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Wishing all my readers a very Happy Christmas

I am not in the slightest bit surprised that Rhys text me to wish me Happy Christmas at 5.00am! He then sent me photos of fireworks he let off shortly afterwards to wake everyone up. He is the biggest kid of them all! A good thing he lives in a detached house! By 7.30 we had spoken to them all! We thanked them for our presents even though we hadn’t opened them!

After breakfast we went to Rowney Warren with the three dogs. Torin is trying to exercise his back and so we walked up and down some very steep inclines….yes, I’m sure it is very good for us all!

Back home, we got changed and walked to Biggles Lounge where we had booked lunch for the three of us. We decided to go out for a change and as we all said, we can eat turkey any day of the week,Christmas pudding is too stodgy and anyway we wanted to try something different so we went for an Indian Christmas lunch!  Wow did we have a surprise. There was a Christmas Day set menu and we thought we had to choose. We then discovered, we had it ALL!! The food was excellent,the staff were so lovely and the price was beyond belief! Also as soon as one dish was empty they were asking if they could refill it as “they wanted to make sure everyone had a wonderful meal”!! We did.

It was such a good idea of Torins. At the end of the meal they brought us all a present out!! We reckoned that must be worth about £10 alone and the cost for this brilliant experience?? £25!! The gifts contained a box of All Gold chocs, a bottle of wine, wine glass,a miniature tool kit, a pen a bauble and an air freshener for the car! As Torin said far better than a cracker!

As we left we asked if we could book for next year! We then opened our presents and Scarlet and Jack arrived and we had all their present opening and playing with games.

We had a perfect Christmas day, different from what we usually do but far less stress! Happy Christmas everyone.

Thought for the Day –  “May all the sweet magic of Christmas conspire to gladden your hearts and fill every desire.”