Friday 31st May 2024

I took Ellie for an early morning walk, just before the rain was supposed to start.

Then torrential rain started as I had to drive Mal to William Harvey Hospital in Ashford where he was seeing another consultant. Two hours I waited in the car outside. I had Ellie with me and managed to take her out for about 5 minutes until the rain poured down again.

More downpours all the way back, horrendous weather. The consultant was just filling Mal in on all the questions he had to ask. About time! At least he has some answers now.

Thought for the Day – “All dreams are within reach. All you have to do is keep moving towards them.” ~ Viola Davis

Thursday 30th May 2024

In the afternoon it was Maxillofacial again, this time in Faversham. I parked in the car park and the vehicle next to me, the guy got out and told me my door had hit his vehicle, oh no I hadn’t, so I stood and argued with him and asked him to show me where…….I hadn’t!  There was no mark of course not. I was just getting ready to phone Rhys to come and he gave in when I took a photo of his Nissan Navara number plate and photos of the unmarked doors!!  He was very aggressive.

I then went into Maxillofacial and because of him I forgot to take a pain killer. It was time for her to reassess  by measuring deep down …ugh. It was so painful and I sat in the chair for an hour with tears running down my face she was hurting so much. I then had to make an appointment for an all round X ray at Dover followed by going back to her to decide what needs to be done this time! Never ending.

I was so miserable by the time I came out, I went round to see Lou and Rhys and they made me a cuppa and gave me some pain killers! I told Rhys about the guy in the car park and he said the place is full of gypsies at the moment , trying all sorts of scams and said another “old lady” (thanks) would have handed over money! Erm, not me!

Thought for the Day – “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” ~ William James


Wednesday 29th May 2024

The big Daniel BBQ!!! Lou and Rhys planned this some time ago and all the weather forecasts said it was going to rain…thankfully it didn’t. Milly and Sol came with our new great grand daughter Luna and she spent the entire time being passed around for cuddles but she loved it and kept laughing and smiling. They now live “up North”, so it was the first time we have seen her. Lizzy and little Torin (not so little now!) travelled down from Norfolk. Lizzy is expecting in August! Alex and Tariq travelled from Dorset. Maddie and River, not so far, they live in Kent.

It was so nice to have them all together. Rhys did one of his super BBQ’s (always far too much food!) and the dogs know he often “drops” some their way!

So many photos!!

Of course Nanny’s (or rather GREAT Nanny!) trifle was taken along! I wonder if they all love it because of the amount of cassis I soak swiss roll in!

A really lovely day, shame it isn’t possible more often.

Thought for the Day – “Family – we may not have it all together but together we have it all.”

Monday 27th May 2024

Bank holiday but the shop was open. Jack is always very good and says we don’t have to work if we don’t want to. Alan and I had nothing planned so we went in. It was a short day anyway , didn’t open until 10 and planned to shut at 3.

We have no idea what happened in the morning FIVE Police cars and one police van chasing down the high street with blue lights flashing. Birchington is usually a very quiet village!

Margate Meltdown was also on, so loads of motor bikes up and down.

When I went to lunch Jack took nothing, not a penny on the till. It was looking good to tell HO it was a waste of time opening , then it got a bit busier, probably because we were the only charity shop open. Typical , in the last 10 minutes I took over £100! Looks as though they will make us open the next Bank holiday! Needless to say no one was working at Head Office!

Thought for the Day – “Old age has its pleasures, which, though different, are not less than the pleasures of youth.” ~ W Somerset Maugham

Sunday 26th May 2024

Pam and I went to the Kent Garden show at the Kent Showground. It is so huge so although it was a lovely day, we were both exhausted at the end. We did  buy a lot of things! I bought a few things for Mal too, including this which he was very pleased with.

We had to make a trip back to the car half way as we bought so much stuff.  it wasn’t just gardening things but clothes, jewellery and much more.

We had a great day and decided next year we should bring the Red Hatters and also a picnic!

Loads of hats there but that was the only red one we found!

Thought for the Day – “Simply enjoy life and the great pleasures that come with it.” ~ Karolina Kurkova

Saturday 25th May 2024

I went to Deal very early to buy amongst other things, more asparagus and a fresh crab and some sea bass from the fishmongers.

My first courgette flower (before Mal’s in the allotment!)

I sat out in the garden for a while and lovely hearing so many bees on the flowers. I think they are camera shy, every time I go to take a photo they decide to move to underneath.

Better to stay at home today as Dover and Whitfield are gridlocked as they are EVERY holiday. What a joke.  All because idiots voted to leave the EU.

We watched the Manchester derby, so glad City lost!

Thought for the Day – “When your dreams are bigger than the places you find yourself in, sometimes you need to seek out your own reminders that there is more. And there is always more waiting for you on the other side of fear.” ~ Elaine Welteroth