Monday 31st December 2012

Bargains – Booster seat £19.99 & Handheld Steam cleaner £24.99 & Evening Thames Cruise for 2 £29 & Baby sounds doll £14.50

Wishing Each and Every one of you

A Happy and Healthy 2013

Mal and Maggie

We were up at 5.00am! It was so windy. Later we went to De Bradlei Wharf in Dover and the sea was so rough. We spoke to Lou in the afternoon from their “sick house”, she now has a chest infection and has been to the doctors. Oh dear.

In the evening Scarlet and Jack came on the web cam to wish us Happy New Year.


Thought for the Day – “ Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”  ~ Oprah Winfrey

Sunday 30th December 2012

Bargains – QHotels 40% off in 2013 & Travelodge £15 rooms & Wickes 25% off tiles and flooring & Girls 12″ bike £29.99

I went into Marks and Spencer first  thing and couldn’t believe it, they have Easter Eggs in already!  I also went to Asda to get some shopping. At the moment they are selling huge joints of Topside Beef for £5 per kilo and they are delicious, we cooked one at Torin’s, so I bought another one.  Of course a lot of the shops are overflowing with half price Christmas cakes, puddings etc! And masses of half price Christmas gift sets.

We then went for a walk along Minnis Bay. It was really windy which was good for all the people in the sea. The bay always reminds me of when we used to take our Retriever and English Setter down there and in the summer our setter would run to the nearest BBQ tempted by the smells!  He was always hungry. It seemed everyone down there had dogs except us.

I had to laugh at all the terns sitting on the sea wall and they didn’t move an inch when the sea crashed over them.

In the evening we watched a film “What happened in Vegas”, quite amusing and light hearted!



Thought for the Day – “Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day.”  ~ Michael Josephson

Saturday 29th December 2012

Bargains – North Cyprus Holiday 5* all inclusive £345 & Leather Sofa £199.99 & Vax vacuum Cleaner £49.99

We woke up and went for breakfast and then had to make the decision whether to continue to Cardiff. We had booked two nights in a hotel in Cardiff (non refundable) and then New Years Eve staying with Lou and Rhys. To make things worse, today is Josie’s third birthday. Thankfully we had dropped her birthday present off with their Christmas presents.

I hate being sensible but sensible we had to be after speaking to Lou  who sounded awful. I am generally a positive person but lately, I really have had enough the way things keep going. We had to make the decision not to continue on to Cardiff and instead headed back to Margate. Torrential rain, a lot of floods and a lot of the afternoon sat on the M25 behind an accident, we just had to be thankful we weren’t in it. What can I say? Things just don’t seem to be turning out  as planned. I am so disappointed.

It’s in the news that over a million people in the UK are contracting norovirus.


Thought for the Day – “ Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”  ~ Winston Churchill

Friday 28th December 2012

Bargains – Half Price Russell Hobbs Steamer & Half Price Mamas and Papas Pushchair  & Blacks Winter Sale

We left Torin’s and drove to Gloucester to see Mal’s brother in hospital. He is improving but it is slow.

We then drove on to Ross on Wye to stay the night in a hotel there, on our way to Cardiff. BUT Rhys called and they are all ill, seems as though they are taking it in turns, Norovirus? It seems to be spreading around the country.

We went into Ross in the evening to have dinner and try and decide if we are going to continue to Cardiff.

The view is from our room, shame about the rain and soggy ground everywhere!

Soggy Fields!

Thought for the Day – “Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” ~ Anthony J. D’Angelo

Thursday 27th December

Bargains – Many to be had online. Reebok Treadmill £399.99

We had a really nice afternoon with Scarlet and Jack and we all went for a walk. Torin was at work.  Scarlet and Jack had umbrellas for Christmas and so we had to take those with us which was just as well as it did rain. We walked to what used to be the play area, which is now a lake!

We then went home and watched Toy Story 3. Mal and I loved it!




Thought for the Day – “ The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.” ~ C.C. Scott

Boxing Day – Wednesday 26th December 2012

Bargains – A lot of bargains to be had online if you don’t want to go out to the sales

Torin had to work and so Mal and I had a very quiet day in front of the TV catching up on programmes we had missed. But a nice evening with Torin and he even brought home some of Mal’s favourite beers even though there was a lot of drink (and food!) in the house.


Thought for the Day – “ Learn to smile at every situation.  See it as an opportunity to prove your strength and ability.”  ~ Joe Brown

Christmas Day ~ Tuesday 25th December 2012

Bargains – Lots of sales are online today if you have nothing better to do!  BHS up to 50% off, M&S up to 50% off. Many more here.

Happy Christmas to all of you

What a surprise we had when we all got up in the morning, Father Christmas had left snowy footprints all around the house! Yes, he had been and it was all excitement. Lots of present opening and later family phone calls and a delicious lunch even if I say so myself (yes, I cooked).

It was all too much for Dad and Grandad who had a snooze.

Torin, Scarlet, Jack and Karen


Thought for the Day -” The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:  the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.”  ~Burton Hillis