June 2008

 Sunday 1st June

Rosie and I went for a lovely long walk at quarter to 6. By the time we got back, it was hot! Rosie just lay down on the cool floor!

I forgot to say in yesterday’s entry, when I was at Gwen’s, her friend Elaine came round. The previous night Elaine and a gang of others went for a meal at Bizim Han. They sat down and looked at the menu and saw that their ‘pot’ dishes that used to be 8ytl, then went up to 12ytl are now 20ytl! A bottle of Cankaya was 30ytl. I was pleased to hear that they all got up and started to leave. The owner asked why they were going and so they told him his prices were a joke. They ate elsewhere. It is not as if you are even paying for the ambience there. Well, it’s the only vote most of us have here….to vote with our feet. Well done Elaine and co. When will they learn?

Rosie is happy to be back home and sleeps a lot of the day because of the heat.

I watched the Motogp in the afternoon….Rossi is back to his old form (or rather his bike is) after a disastrous last season. He is now leading by 12 points…Spain next weekend.

I spoke to Mal on Skype in the evening, it really was like two tin cans and a piece of string, that was when I could hear! We will not be using  eXtend  much longer!