31st Dec 2010

Mal and I packed up at the Travelodge and then went to see Lou and Rhys and the kids to say goodbye.  We would like to have stayed for NYE but there was nowhere for us to sleep except an air bed which I couldn’t manage with my back and so we headed off to Marion’s.  Marion and Bryan had arranged to go for an Indian at Julie and Joe’s house so Mal and I tagged along.

They made us very welcome and we had a good evening.

29th Dec 2010

I had a terrible night, coughing and spluttering and in the morning we drove to Rhys’s. It was Josie’s first birthday. She opened all her presents and then they were all going to a play area with the kids. Mal and I stayed behind…Mal to sort out some problems on their computer and me, I just slept!  I did manage to have a game of Monopoly with the boys in the evening before going back to the Travelodge for another very early night!

Lou cooked us a lovely dinner, in fact the joint of pork weighed 5 and a half kilos (as seen in the picture!)

28th Dec 2010

Dosed up with Beechams and Lemsip, Mal and I left for Heathrow where we were collecting the three oldest boys to take them back to Cardiff.  We opened our Christmas presents when we got to Cardiff.  Mal and I were staying in the Travelodge and because I felt so ill, we returned early. I just couldn’t stop coughing and my eyes were just streaming.

27th Dec 2010

We left Torin’s and headed off to High Wycombe to my sisters. By the time we arrived there I realised that I had caught the bug that everyone had at Torin’s.  Marion had cooked a lovely dinner but I just wasn’t hungry and ended up going to bed at 8.00pm feeling like death.

25th Dec 2010 – Christmas Day

Grandad and I were up early (suckers for Christmas!) and we had to wait for the twins to wake up ( about 8.30).

They had a great time opening their presents and arguing over them, they are so funny. Jack is the image of Torin when he was young even down to the cheeky face!

We had our Christmas lunch early evening.

I even managed to get a few photos of Scarlet and Jack together…not easy to do.

We had a lovely day.