30th September 2009

It looks as though Ingrid’s hard work with the ‘give us our ambulance back’ petition has had some effect. See the first item as written in today’s Cyprus Today – HERE.  I have to say that one Turkish Cypriot we spoke to didn’t even know there was an ambulance, so I guess that was why it was used as little as it was.

In the evening we went to girlie Pizza night, 12 of us and so a lot of moving of tables. Lena was also there but wouldn’t let me take a picture of her as she said she had to look at herself all the way through September!

Back home and we watched the Man U Champions League game, which they won. We were not impressed to see the “Cyprus is Greek” banners in the South for the Chelsea match. An article about it has been sent to Mal to put in the online paper (www.northcyprusfreepress.com) and Mal has also written to UEFA.

27th September 2009

Just before lunchtime Mal and I went to the Pia Bella for the launch of the Pumas Rugby Clubs “Balls to Cancer” 2010 Calendar. It was very well presented with a fashion show, the Pumas displaying their bodies on stage, folk dancing, side stalls and much more.

One of the Pumas team members was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2008 and Hakan and his wife Naomi Mehmet realised how little awareness there was in North Cyprus. 2009 was the first year of the calendar, inspired by ‘Calendar Girls’, to raise awareness and also to raise funds for ‘Help Those With Cancer” campaign.
During the day Pumas signed copies of the calendars, 15tl each, 2 for 25tl. PLEASE buy a calendar and help raise even more money than last year, after all the Pumas have done their bit, for a very tasteful/tasty calendar, so please support them.