Wednesday 30th September 2020

We took Ellie to Minnis Bay, stopping at my favourite butchers on the way. He does such good deals and has such lovely fresh meat.

Minnis Bay is not quite as smelly as the last time we went but so many shellfish have been washed up onto the beach, so a heavy fishy smell and of course Ellie had to roll in it all. I have never seen so many shellfish on that beach.

We booked , as you have to now, to go for lunch at the carvery as we had a half price voucher. It is no fun any more. They take you to your table, you keep your mask on until the food arrives but it is only table service, so you have to tick the boxes of what you would like from the carvery eg, peas, pork etc! You write the drinks you want on the back of the paper and everything is table service including paying the bill! Not a great experience apart from the fact it was half price.

Thought for the Day – “You can not get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” ~ Jane Goodall

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Tuesday 29th September 2020

Time to paint the conservatory. I started painting the edges as Mal was rolling the walls but then my back was aching so he finished it. It dried quickly as the sun was shining through.

Football in the evening, a draw for Spurs with Chelsea.

Thought for the Day – “Choose your thoughts carefully. Keep what brings you peace, release what brings you suffering. And know that happiness is just a thought away.” ~Nahan Panwar

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Monday 28th September 2020

We walked Ellie and then I went to the shops for birthday and the possibility of inspiration for Christmas presents. I did manage to get some interesting things before I had enough of mask wearing and went home!

A nice afternoon in the garden.

We have started Ellie on her Green Lipped Mussel tablets. I hope they will help her.

Thought for the Day – “There is no greater wealth in this world than peace of mind.”

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Sunday 27th September 2020

A bit of a dismal day again. Lou and the kids came round and they all went to the allotment while I cooked Sunday roast. Roast Beef and Ollie made and brought along a delicious apple pie. His first attempt at pastry and very good it was too.

We then watched the Spurs game. What a farce. VAR is ruining football. At least the Hammers game was a good result. Later we watched Britain’s Biggest Dig. I am certain in the name of HS2 a lot of graves were just destroyed!

Thought for the Day – “A positive attitude may not solve all your problems but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”

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Saturday 26th September 2020

What a change in the weather. It was so windy when we took Ellie out. We stopped in the cemetery and put fresh flowers on Torin’s grave. Surprisingly the last ones I put there were still in fairly good condition considering how hot it was last week.

We caught up with things around the house in the afternoon and then watched Bake Off, the first one of the new series.

Thought for the Day – “Maybe some day we will find, that is wasn’t really Wasted Time.” ~ The Eagles

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Friday 25th September 2020

Well, now I am confused! I had to go shopping¬† for fresh food. I went to Tesco and none of the staff had masks on, I thought new rulings said they had to! Perhaps I just don’t listen to it carefully enough. If possible I ignore the news. Then one supermarket had sold out of toilet rolls and another were starting on the rations again and one supermarket I went to, was back to QUEUING!! What is the matter with people, trollies piled high and all in panic mode again?¬† Well, if we run out of something, we run out! I guess we also have to get used to shortages following Brexit……..oh joy!

I don’t enjoy shopping at the best of times any more anyway.

Mal went to the allotment in the afternoon and brought back loads of vegetables. I have missed our home grown.

We were so lucky with the weather while we were away. Autumn is now here, very windy which means I have managed to get most of the holiday washing dry.

Thought for the Day – “Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace.” ~ Robert J Sawyer

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Thursday 24th September 2020

We packed all our things up and headed for the ferry. They let us on the earlier one again. They pack the cars so close it was a job to get Ellie out of the car. She isn’t too impressed with the ferry anyway. Goodbye for now to the Isle of Wight. We do love it there and still a lot more to see.

The weather was fine until we had a stop in Surrey and hail stones came down!! That was a surprise.

By the time we arrived home, the rain was pouring down.

Thought for the Day – “Learning to ignore things is one of the greatest things to inner peace.”

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