Wednesday 31st August 2016

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We were out with Ellie early and took her for a very long walk as we knew we would be out for quite a long day. We took Ollie, Oscar and Josie to Howletts. They love it there as much as we do!

Arina was right out of sight the first time we went past her cage but on the way back, she was out for all to see. I can’t believe she is already four and we saw her when she was so tiny on her first public appearance. She really is my favourite there. Sadly because she has brittle bone, she won’t ever be put in with another tiger. Her mother rejected her and her brother at birth. Her brother sadly died when he was about 4 months.

2016-08-31 15-07-45 - 0052

We had a picnic lunch at the zoo and of course had to have ice creams because they are so good there. It’s the only place I will have ice cream because it is worth the indulgence!
It was a hot day walking all the way round and afterwards we brought the kids back to our house for tea. Lou and Rhys were chilling in the garden when we took them home so we stayed for a drink and then took Ellie along the coast at Reculver, which was really nice as the sun had gone down.

Thought for the Day – “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” ~ Einstein

Tuesday 30th August 2016

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We went to the orchards again, the apples really are delicious. Mal got annoyed because I picked one off a tree, usually we just have windfalls.

2016-08-30 09-07-21 - 0004

Mal and I went to Westwood shopping as my new glasses (distance) have been ready for over a week. They were only an extra pair in case I lost the others. At least I got the heavy shopping so Mal could carry it but I made the mistake of getting a scanner in Tesco and so Mal was pretending it was a gun and hiding between the aisles……..never a dull moment with him but it is all contrived so I won’t ask him to go shopping with me again! Men!

He was back down the allotment in the afternoon while I weeded the gardens here.

Thought for the Day – “I don’t understand why when we destroy something created by man we call it vandalism but when we destroy something created by nature we call it progress.” ~ Ed Begley Jr

Monday 29th August 2016

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We took Ellie around the orchards. Apples for breakfast now as they are starting to fall off the trees. Certainly time for picking and they are delicious!

For any turtle watchers out there in north Cyprus…..


???????????????? HATCHLING RELEASE TONIGHT????????????????
We will be releasing a number of hatchlings tonight so if you’d like to come along and watch them start their journey into the sea, come and join us. Please meet at The Turtle Shack, Guzelyali Beach, Karsiyaka at 7:30pm.
No need to book, everyone welcome. ????”

Mal went to do more weeding at the allotment and then we sat in the garden in the afternoon, playing cards, until it was time for Fat Club. Hardly anyone was there as it was Bank Holiday so I didn’t stay. I am thinking of stopping going as I have evidently “used up my holiday allowance” and I have 5 weeks very soon when I will be away. Having used my allowance up, this means that I have to pay even though I am not attending. That seems a bit of a waste of money so maybe I will just continue on my own and then rejoin when I am around more.
Thought for the Day – “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” ~ Steven Covey

Sunday 28th August 2016

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Out with Ellie and we went through the church yard just before the masses arrived and on to the woods and across the fields. Ellie saw another of her favourite horses.They blow down their noses into her mouth.

Then of course we had the aftermath of a week of the kids, cleaning up, washing etc etc. Mal’s allotment has been neglected so he went down there for an hour.

We did watch the Hammers game in the afternoon.

Thought for the Day – “When you really pay attention, everything is your teacher.” ~ Ezra Bayda

Saturday 27th August 2016

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Poor Torin left home at 5 am as they had an urgent London bank job to work on over the Bank holiday weekend. Mal and I got up at that time as it was so hot in the bedroom and so we went and sat in the garden with the dogs. Late morning we took the twins back to their mum, did a bit of shopping and then took the three dogs for a very long walk. At least then Torin’s two dogs would be worn out as he wasn’t expecting getting home until late. Of course Ellie had to see just how muddy she could get!

After lunch we started the drive home which was horrendous as there was an accident just before the Dartford Crossing. It always amazes me when they close off lanes, people just ignore it until right at the very end . Then the M20 was closed because of the accident with the bridge. There seem to be such crazy drivers around, perhaps they are people who only drive bank holidays!

While the twins were here I forgot to say, everything Scarlet ate, what a mess she made, we were always laughing at the mess on her face!

2016-08-25 18-25-30 - 0004

We did miss them in the evening, no story for Grandad to invent! So, we have booked a day at the zoo with Ollie, Oscar and Josie next week. Mind you, especially after that horrendous journey, we were both feeling quite exhausted! We were also lucky that Scarlet had no episodes with her heart but they have upped her medication quite a lot. I carried a piece of paper with me everywhere we went (with her medical details) just in case we had to call an ambulance.
Thought for the Day – “An hour with your grandchildren can make you feel young again. Anything longer than that and you start to age quickly.” ~ Gene Perret

Friday 26th August 2016

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Time for the twins to go back home. Jack really didn’t want to leave. It took us quite a long while to pack everything of theirs up, things scattered all around the house. To be honest they brought a lot of toys with them which hadn’t even been taken out of the bags because we had been so busy going out! We were so lucky with the weather.

Not a very good journey back as we were stuck in traffic jams in the heat for quite a while but the kids were good and played “spotting” games with grandad.

When we arrived at Torin’s we sat out in the garden. Grandad pretending to be a garden gnome! Scarlet makes me laugh she frequently says “How do you live with him?” They don’t call him “silly” grandad for nothing!

We noticed how the evenings are getting a little bit darker earlier! I don’t like that much.

Torin was up to bed early as he had to be in London for work at 6 the following morning.

Thursday 25th August 2016

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We took Ellie out for an early walk before it was too hot and then prepared a picnic for only 11 this time! I’ll have to get bigger freezer bags! We then headed off to Stone Bay to meet Lou, Rhys and all the kids, except River who had gone to Reading Festival. We stopped on the way to get some flea shampoo for Ellie as she is scratching in spite of having been treated with flea medication. The vets are saying this is the worst year they have known for fleas. I guess that is because of the heat now and the mild winter.The only stuff that seems to be working is Advantage.

We had a really good day at the beach, the cousins love being together,.

We discuss this each time we carry everything back to the cars, that we really should get a beach hut between us! I must be getting forgetful, we stopped at my car first which was parked high above the cliffs on the road and I had left my driver’s window completely open! Nothing had been touched luckily, child seats still in the back etc etc. That was so lucky. I guess it was all the excitement along with the kids. Will have to act my age in future!! (Some hopes!)
Thought for the day – “The best kind of therapy is beach therapy.”