Saturday 30th April 2016

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Ellie and I went to Mal’s allotment to see what he has done. His patch is enormous. People seem to be taking them over and then giving up on them. I think rabbits may be the root of the problem. Mal has to barricade his vegetables until they get going. He does have broad beans , garlic, onions and potatoes doing well. He still has a lot in the green house at home. I know Mal won’t give up even though the rabbits have eaten a lot. The parish council said they were going to do all the fencing……I wonder when that will be!

From there we left Mal to it and Ellie and I went a long way around the orchards. They are looking so pretty now the apple trees have started to flower. There were also loads of rabbits sunning themselves.

We seem to have been so busy catching up after our time in the Isle of Wight, that in the afternoon, the sun was out so chairs out and we sat in the garden doing nothing but enjoying the weather!

In the evening Torin, Scarlet and Jack came on the web cam.

Video call snapshot 5

Thought for the Day – “You have permission to rest. You are not responsible for fixing everything that is broken. You do not have to try and make everyone happy.  For now, take time for you. It’s time to replenish.”

Friday 29th April 2016

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We decided to take Ellie to Minnis Bay because we know from 1st May – 1st September dogs aren’t allowed at the beginning of the beach. We noticed they have put up new signs. Very nice BUT it says dogs aren’t allowed at all on the beach. We do wonder if any other dog walkers will take any notice as this is a new rule this year. It’s a very popular place for dog walkers so it is not going to go down well, that is if anyone even bothers to read the notice!

It was freezing down there with such a bitter wind. On the way home we stopped at the opticians as the nose clip had broken off of Mals glasses. No they can’t repair them!! Yes, could have guessed that reply. Looks as though he will have to buy a new pair. That won’t be cheap as they are vari focals.

Off to Margate Winter Gardens in the evening to watch Jools Holland Rhythm and Blues Band. We went to see them in Canterbury quite a while back and it was a good show but what a different atmosphere in “Margit”, we were all up and dancing, not quite the done thing in Canterbury, Marlowe theatre I guess! It certainly is in Margate.  What a night. If you have never seen Jools Holland live, make an effort to go an see him, so many talented musicians and singers in one show. I believe this is the start of their tour which goes right through to December. I can’t say I was ever too impressed watching him on TV but live, a whole different ball game!

Thought for the Day – “Don’t allow society to transform you into someone you are not. If you are not following your dream. Stop.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Thursday 28th April 2016

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Another lovely walk in the sun. Back to the bluebell woods because they look so pretty.

2016-04-28 07-04-49 - 0007

A serious message for those in the TRNC from KAR………….


“KAR want to warn ALL pet owners to be very aware of snakes now. 
We have had several reports of pets being bitten by snakes over the last few days, in many areas, and there have been sightings up at our Rescue Centre. The most dangerous for your pets (and you) is the Blunt Nose Viper.
IF your pet gets bitten ..please immobilise the pet, to reduce blood flow taking the poison around the body,  and get it to a vet as soon as possible for treatment.
Preventative measures may help to deter snakes from your garden — these include putting water bowls/containers around your perimeter as the snakes often enter properties looking for water (pool owners be extra cautious) – if the water is at the perimeter they may not venture into the garden. Also lime powder can be used as a barrier along perimeters boundaries (however you need to be sure that you have no snakes already in the garden or you will effectively be trapping them in !!). Common places for them to hide include under wood piles, in stone walls with cementing missing, under/in storage areas, under water tanks.
Just please please be careful and try to stop your pets mooching and investigating in places that could hide a snake !!
​ The KAR Rescue Centre is currently on high alert for snakes and measures have been taken to reduce the risk HOWEVER whilst dog walking is still possible – all dogs can now only be walked if they are kept on a lead . If the situation changes we will let you know.”
Not only pets, please take care yourselves when out walking! Our Rosie was bitten in the face but thankfully survived because of fast action from the vets.  She was bitten by a Montpelier and we think only one fang went in. It was not at all pleasant. BE AWARE!
I went shopping again, in the search for a new case and it has to be lightweight. At least today I was successful in Canterbury. After lunch Mal went to the allotment and I tidied up the back garden, or at least started to.

Thought for the Day – “Laugh with your eyes, hug with your soul and smile with your heart.”

Wednesday 27th April 2016

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It was cold when we took Ellie out but the sun was shining. Beans have started coming up in the field behind us.

2016-04-27 07-42-02 - 0002The wood at the end of our road is just a mass of bluebells which have all appeared since we have been away. I love them.

I then went shopping. Westwood was surprisingly busy.

Mal went to the allotment in the afternoon, a sunny afternoon and then suddenly the temperature dropped. Torin is working in Leeds and it was snowing!

Thought for the Day – “Each day I am thankful for nights that turned into mornings. Friends that turned into family. Dreams that turned into reality. And likes that turned into love.”

Tuesday 26th April 2016

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We went to have breakfast and they had a huge cold buffet and also a hot buffet. They had fresh fruit salad, so I was pleased with that. I also took a sausage back to the room for Ellie. I have to say the food in this hotel is really top class.

We then went back to Priory Park with Ellie. There was another park but you weren’t allowed to take dogs in the other one. It was a really  nice walk. Ellie went a bit mad and jumped through one of the windows and I don’t think she realised how far she had to drop! She was OK though.

Along with our Groupon deal, there was late check out, which was 12 but we decided to leave before then and go home. I think we are both worn out with all we have been doing!

Home and the washing etc. Of course Mal is now itching to get to his allotment. At least everything is fine in the greenhouse.

Thought for the Day – “Your mind believes what you tell it, so tell it positive things.”

Monday 25th April 2016

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We packed everything up again, took Ellie for a long walk and left the caravan site. Back to Fishbourne for our ferry, Ellie is getting very good at all this travelling!

From Portsmouth we drove to Lewes where we had booked a hotel for the night. It was in the centre of town but had its own car park but it was really hard to park and on a very very steep hill. I think some of the residents actually gave up trying to park in it.

We had some lunch in the Brewers Arms and then went to the castle and the Priory.

Back to the hotel and this was  a Goupon deal. £75 for dinner, bed and breakfast. A 3 course meal here is £25, so that is £50 for our food and only £25 for the bed and breakfast, cheaper than a Travelodge and you don’t get breakfast with them. The restaurant (we sat in the conservatory part of it) and food were extremely good.


Thought for the Day – “Your dream doesn’t have an expirations date. Take a deep breath and try again.” ~ Kt Witten

Sunday 24th April 2016

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No less than we expected concerning the water supply to north Cyprus. Being held to ransom comes to mind.

I am so proud of Rhys who is running in the London Marathon today. He has tried for 10 years to get a place and this year he was successful. A little disappointed that none of his family are going to support him. Mal and I would have been there had we not booked this holiday. Good luck Rhys. Bless him he is running for Children with Cancer Uk. He text and said he was cold but he won’t be once he starts running……..Run Rhys run! My niece is there supporting her friends and took this photo.

This was at 23 miles…looking good!!


I am so very proud, just wish we could have been there.

Meanwhile Mal and I took a trip to the Garlic Farm. We had a tour around the farm, a lot of tastings and bought a few things as we both love garlic. Dogs were allowed here too. We even bought Garlic Beer.

While we were walking on the farm tour a Frisbee, or what we thought was a frisbee landed in front of Mal and he was just about to pick it up and give it to someone behind us when they shouted “leave it”. What we hadn’t realised was that a lot of fellas were playing disc golf. To be honest I had never heard of this before. So, one of the players explained it all to us and you can see from the photos that they are like frisbees and this is serious business, different weighted ones etc. They each carry round about 30 discs as you can see from the bag on the floor!

From here we looked for somewhere for Sunday lunch and remembered that the Laburnam Tea Rooms do a Sunday lunch and the owner loves Ellie! So back to Shanklin. Well, I had to give Mal some of my Beef dinner, far too much for an unbelievable £6.95. Plus she asked if Ellie would like to have “a piece of meat”. I said that I was sure she would. No way was I expecting what she brought out…….a dog bowl full of turkey and beef!!!

Such a lovely lady and she wanted to swap her dog for ours!!

Meanwhile yeah……..Rhys has finished and has his medal to prove it……so well done! Well, I think so but then I am his mum!!


In the evening we went for a long walk along Shanklin beach and felt we had to round off our holiday with an ice cream. I had resisted all week! Yes, Ellie and I shared it! She has been thoroughly spoilt this week.

We heard from Rhys when he arrived home and he said he was not pleased with his time 5 hours 41 minutes and so now wants to do the Bournemouth Marathon. I wonder if he will feel like that tomorrow?!

Thought for the Day – “We can always choose to perceive things differently. !You can focus on what’s wrong in your life or you can focus on what’s right.” ~ Marianne Williamson