Tuesday 31st May 2016

Villa in north Cyprus for sale

I took Ellie out for a long walk as it was raining and muddy where we go. Violet hadn’t got her wellies with her so everyone else stayed at home.

2016-05-30 07-19-24 - 0008

After lunch we took Tris and Violet back to the train station to get the train back to London.

Mal then had to get back to work. He is way ahead of what he should be.

Sad to hear that Carla Lane has died, she did so much for abandoned animals and animal rights.

Thought for the Day – “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t harm them.” ~ Dalai Lama

Monday 30th May 2016

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Out for a walk with Ellie and the broad beans have really had a growth spurt while I have been away.

2016-05-30 07-09-57 - 0001

After the walk Mal went to his allotment and collected a lot of broad beans. A little later Violet and Tris arrived and we all went off to Wingham Wildlife Park. We bought new season tickets as ours had run out. They now have a dinosaur section which we have viewed when we have been walking in the orchards but not seen it up close.

I wasn’t too impressed with the dinosaurs AND the chimps haven’t arrived from the US yet!

I cooked dinner in the evening and forgot the broad beans, we’ll have to have them tomorrow.

I went to Fat club and somehow managed to lose another 3 pounds. Meanwhile Mal, Tris and Violet went to the Haywain to the beer festival.
Thought for the Day – “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France

Sunday 29th May 2016

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I was up early and left Marion’s house after breakfast as everyone would be flooding to Margate whatever the weather. As well as the seaside, tomorrow is Margate Meltdown and many often come early! I was right and ended up driving around the back villages of Canterbury rather than my usual route.

Ellie was so pleased to see me and even more so when I gave her the tiny cake I bought in Marlow!

I would like to thank Karsiyaka Turtle Watch as they have given me a turtle nest already, now that’s exciting. Loggerhead turtles I believe.

Maggie on the Island
For anyone who has not been able to see Karsiyaka Turtle Watch in action, take a look here.

Mal was still working, so I unpacked and sorted things out.

Thought for the Day – “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” ~ Dalai Lama

Saturday 28th May 2016

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More of Marion’s 70th Birthday celebrations! We met up with my nieces Julie and Wendy and went to London to see the show “Sunny Afternoon“, the story of the Kinks. It was very good.

2016-05-28 17-26-34 - 0002


 This was followed by a drink at the Back Room at the Hard Rock Cafe, we knew it was near by but the sat navs kept moving!
2016-05-28 18-02-14 - 0003

It shows how long it is since I did a London visit, I didn’t know you can use your contactless bank cards the same as an Oyster card! Wendy who often works in London told Julie and I to “keep up with technology”. Julie was the same as me, far better to buy a ticket than not know what is coming out of your bank! So each time our cards were scanned Julie and I were joking “another £50”. And Julie is a lot younger than me at only 44!

Then we went for Marion’s birthday treat meal at Four Seasons Hotel in Park Lane. Very swish. Well, I don’t think we have laughed so much for a long time. We were seated at the table and we all put our handbags on the floor by the side of us. The waiters immediately came with 4 leather “fishing stools” and placed our handbags on them!! We have had hooks for handbags before but not a stool! They brought the menu and took our drinks orders and yes, they gave us tap water too! It’s my thing that where ever I go I ask for tap water (except in Cyprus).  We didn’t have to ask for it in here.

The service was excellent as you would expect and although very professional, I think the waiters liked that we were enjoying ourselves. The other diners were obviously very moneyed and as miserable as sin!  We had 5 courses with tasters as well and of course everything was perfect. They didn’t rush us and they didn’t hover so it was really enjoyable. We were there for three hours.

We started the giggles again when our desserts came in miniature goldfish bowls! So we had a pre dessert and a dessert, well, I had to eat them, would have been rude not to 😉 . Slimming World is Monday evening, will have to go easy until then BUT I won’t stop celebrations that come into my life for SW and I can’t stand picky eaters, I am not.

At the end of the meal they brought out a Happy birthday candle and plate with macaroons  and other sweets for Marion’s birthday. That was very nice.

2016-05-28 20-39-50 - 0023
By this time we were seriously all full. Wendy said it would be nice to take the sweet things back for the kids. I did no more than produced a zip lock bag from my handbag, well, that started the three of them laughing again, why I had them in my bag. Easy, when we eat out, any meat left over goes home to Ellie! I scooped them into the bag and when we left we walked out with them.2016-05-28 21-18-49 - 0027
But before we left, we had to check out the ladies. It reminded me of the Merit Park Hotel in Cyprus but they have real cloth hand towels at the Merit. They were high quality paper ones here with a huge bottle of hand cream. We were talking about taking a photo when an extremely well dressed American lady came in and offered to take a photo of us….she must think “mad Brits”. So here we are posing in the Ladies!!
2016-05-28 21-16-20 - 0026
A good day out, a lot of laughs and hopefully good memories for Marion.
Thought for the Day – “We didn’t know we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.”

Friday 27th May 2016

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Well, Marion and I were both up early and mid morning her friends and my two nieces started arriving and then we all went off for lunch to La Cantina del Vino in Marlow. Very nice it was too, I had mussels to start followed by sea bass. There were ten of us altogether and it was very civilised. A nice 70th celebration for Marion.

2016-05-27 12-42-18 - 0002

Following the meal we walked it off along the River Thames.

2016-05-27 14-45-03 - 0006
Everyone wanted to look at the shops in Marlow town centre and my niece Julie took me into a shop that she said I would love. Barkers – everything you could ever want to buy your dog! Actually everything for people who have so much money they spend it on ridiculous things for their dogs. I couldn’t resist buying Ellie a doggy cake which came packed in a special box!

We all went back to Marion’s house. One by one they left and there was just Val and I left and we stayed at Marion’s for the night.

Thursday 26th May 2016

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Villa for sale in north Cyprus

Sad news. Pauline from K5 who lost her house to Akfinans Bank in north Cyprus, her partner Chris passed away last night. Rest in peace Chris.

After our walk I sorted some things out and then drove to my sisters. Mal is staying home working, well, it’s a girly couple of days. I think he is better off when I am not around he gets far more done!

The motorways were horrendous. The journey took me double the time it usually takes, I guess people are going away early for half term or for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Thought for the Day – “Take care of all your memories for you cannot relive them.” ~ Bob Dylan

Wednesday 25th May 2016

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A very dull day when we were out walking in the orchards. On the way back Mal put some tomatoes in the cage he has made at his second allotment.

2016-05-25 07-36-10 - 0001A short trip to Westwood and then out again delivering leaflets. There really are some huge houses around here, mainly with long drives!! I now empathise with our postman! It keeps me fit.

Thought for the Day – “Remind yourself it is OK not to be perfect.”