Monday 31st October 2011

Obviously Mal and I are still very confused with the time difference and the change with the clocks… we were both up and wide awake at 5.00am! Torin was the sensible one and got up much later than us! We stayed until lunchtime and then headed down to the caravan.

We didn’t bother with lunch but unpacked and started on the present buying. I had bought Scarlet’s already last time we were back and thought about getting the same in blue for Jack but thought I had better ask Torin first (and he said yes) It was the mini sizzling cooker in Early Learning centre but all this time I have been trying to buy one online but the blue has been out of stock. Success, we went into Mothercare and they had one blue one left. We bought Oscar one for his last birthday and he loved it. Another present done!

We intended doing more shopping but decided we were either too tired or at any rate did not have our head around UK shopping. Mal tried to pay with a one lira coin, thinking it was a £2 coin and in Tesco we did the ‘do it yourself’ checkout and the lady kept telling me I was “removing things from the bagging area.” Oh no I wasn’t, I was trying to get too much in one bag and it split and I had lifted something up. Mal and I left Tesco in hysterics because I was having quite an argument with the recorded voice. Don’t get all that in Atakara!

We gave up and went along to the Toby Carvery for their bargain 2 meals for £10. Yes, I downloaded the vouchers! see link Our Toby carries this offer on until 6.30pm.  The place was nearly empty, not the usual queues, maybe because it was Halloween.


Thought for the Day – “The worst bankrupt in the world is the person who has lost his enthusiasm.” ~ H.W. Arnold

Sunday 30th October 2011

Well what confusion, the clocks going back and us having to catch a flight to the UK and Mal and I not sure whether our phones changed automatically or not! So, two alarm clocks and two phones set for 4.30am! House sitters in situ and we were off to the airport.

We had a good flight, on time and collected our Hertz rental car. I think they are getting to know us really well there. We were quite surprised by the warm weather for the Uk at the end of October!

We drove to Torin’s and called in on Karen and the twins. Karen had decorated the house for Halloween and it was a picture (sadly my camera was packed in my suitcase.)

In the evening Torin and his friends Lisamaria and Ian, Mal and I went to Aroma (the eat all you can Chinese) in Stevenage. The food was really good as always and good company too. Just a pity Mal was falling asleep at the table! Hence the photo he took being a bit wobbly!

Back to Torin’s and we watched a couple of episodes of An Idiot Abroad. Mal didn’t, he went to bed obviously totally confused what time of the day or night it was!

Thought for the Day –“Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after.” ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh



Saturday 29th October 2011

We went for our walk as the sun was rising over the mountain.

More bargains!! The best one (well, I think) is for the tennis at the O2 in November. If only I were in the UK then. see link

For all those in the TRNC the hunting season starts TOMORROW. If you have been showered with shot in the past, as we have,  be aware! Also don’t forget the clocks go back! PLUS there is to be a general strike on Monday.

3tl’s worth of Cyprus Today see link


Sunrise over the mountain


Thought for the Day – “Life is joy. Don’t convince yourself that suffering is a part of it.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Friday 28th October 2011

After our walk Mal carried on with the painting. I went to buy some more paint. It’s always the way, you think you have enough and then end up buying more. Having said that, a lot of it is covering Mal and we hadn’t made allowances for that! He made me laugh yesterday because  he needed to go to the loo in the middle of painting and so managed to get paint on his willy but didn’t notice it until he had a shower and then had to SCRUB it off!

While I was out I paid the electricity bill and also went to Starlings to get more of their bargains. I am quite surprised they have any of the 1tl toothbrushes left, the amount of people that wiewed that post on Bargain Hunters!! see link

The new Bargain hunters website is now up and running and along with it I have bought another Christmas present. 2 nights at a choice of more than 60 high quality hotels in the UK  for a couple for under £80. When I paid I received an evoucher and if the recipient would rather something else on the site, it can be exchanged see link


Mal on our morning walk


Thought for the Day – “It is never too late to have a happy childhood.” ~ Tom Robbins

Thursday 27th October 2011

A nice walk with Rosie again, she seems to be improving and enjoying her walks a lot more.

Back home and Mal started the house painting. In the afternoon Pauline and Chris popped up to see us for a while in between the painting.

Mal has also been creating a ‘new look’ bargain hunters website now people have become interested in it. But you will still be able to get to the old one at the moment until the new one is complete. see link I’ll let you know when the new one is ready.

I spent some of the day putting a lot more deals on, mostly for the UK at the moment as there don’t seem so many deals in North Cyprus.


Rosie watching her ball


Thought for the Day – “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” ~ Jimi Hendrix

Wednesday 26th October 2011

We went to the mountains again with Rosie. She did a lot of running around so maybe her bioflow collar is kicking in now although she is still on pain killers. We collected more pine cones and are now overflowing with them!

I found this excellent bargain for anyone wanting accommodation in the UK see link. Mal and I have used this often, an absolute bargain!

A lot of people are again complaining about the ridiculous price of flight only to North Cyprus. Well, I have found another BARGAIN holiday to North Cyprus 7 nights, half board see link.

We went to Marshalls to buy some more grouting and other things we need to paint the outside of the house. David wanted a bag of grouter too, so we bought the 2 bags and got 10% discount.

We dropped their bag off at their house on the way home and Kenny having had an operation on his eye yesterday was amazed at the imrpovement he has in his sight already. Now do as your told Kenny and no dancing around!

We also stopped by the vets to buy more pain killers for Rosie. Mal went in to get them and was charged 55tl. Last time I bought them they were 60tl. It is probably something to do with the exchange rate but I am going to send him in next time anyway!



Thought for the Day – “I’ve learnt that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.” ~Maya Angelou

Tuesday 25th October 2011

A busy day with Mal doing all the preparation for painting the outside of the house. He also finished grouting the tiles around the pool. Gradually the jobs are getting done but the ‘jobs’ seem never ending. Always something to do. If not the house then the garden.

We had some more figs from our tree. They are delicious.

Whilst looking for todays bargains I discovered this see link . Please click on it and they will donate a FREE £1 to dog charities.

Lou and Rhys have their new website up and running see link. Their business is doing really well.

In the evening we had our weekly episode of Doc Martin!


Thought for the Day – “The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.” ~ Elbert Hubbard