Thursday 31st October 2019

Another nice day and so we went to Botany Bay.

From there we called round to see Mal’s sister Marion. She will be 70 in a couple of weeks and so we wanted to make sure we could take her out on the day. She gets very confused so we will have to ring her the day before to make sure she remembers.

Mal was at the allotment again in the afternoon, before the rain comes possibly tomorrow.

Thought for the Day – “Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath, smile and start again.”

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Wednesday 30th October 2019

Another nice sunny day and so we took Ellie to Minnis Bay. We make the most of the good days when it is dry.

We stopped at the greengrocers in Birchington on the way home. Mal mowed the lawn and then went to the allotment.

Thought for the Day – “Never give up. When your heart becomes tired, just walk with your legs – but move on.” ~ Paulo Coelho

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Tuesday 29th October 2019

A nice walk in the morning with Ellie. Mal went to the allotment and I cleaned the house and sorted some more clothes and took them round to Pilgrim’s Hospice shop. I know I should take it to Demelza but it was too much to carry into Canterbury.

Ollie, Oscar and Josie are all ready for Halloween.

Thought for the Day – Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget to take the time out to enjoy the beauty in life. It’s like we’re zombies. Look up and take your headphones out. Say “Hi” to someone you see and maybe give a hug to someone who looks like they’re hurting. ~ Keanu Reeves

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Monday 28th October 2019

Demelza day and what a day! Heather is ill but in at work, Linda was in a funny mood and late morning a lady collapsed outside the shop and so we called an ambulance. We managed to get her on a chair but she was cold, so Linda took blankets out for her.  She was then so cold that we borrowed a wheel chair from the Cathedral and wheeled her into the shop. 999 told her not to eat or drink. Poor lady sat there just waiting, waiting. She had a feeling she had dislocated her hip. After 2 hours we called 999 again. They suggested she get a taxi to the hospital!!!! She phoned her husband, an elderly man who drove down to see if he could take her. By this time I think he was in shock too and when I told him where to reverse the car, he drove it into a post! Poor soul. Lauren and I with the help of a curtain thought we may be able to swivel her into the car seat! No way, she couldn’t even put her foot down or move from the wheelchair. She was going very pale and so we told her we would ring 999 again. We told them no way, she would have to wait for the paramedics. They did say she could have paracetamol. No one had any, so I ran to Superdrug to get some for her.  Someone came from the cathedral asking for the wheelchair back. We told them we would return it the following day.

Two more phone calls and eventually after FOUR hours the ambulance appeared.  Even the paramedics said how bad it was waiting all that time and told us to complain. Well, it wasn’t their fault. I don’t think I had realised just what a state the NHS is in. The paramedics tried to manoeuvre her in the ambulance then gave up with that and carried the stretcher back into the shop. They had to lift her. Poor lady. They were such a nice couple and kept saying they would come back with a donation when they were sorted! We told them to just concentrate on themselves for now.  She was taken off to Margate and her husband was going home as he was diabetic and had to have something to eat. All this went on amongst all the customers. But the shop takings were good.

Christmas has arrived in the shop

Thought for the Day – “Love is never wasted, for its value does not rest upon reciprocity.” ~ C. S Lewis

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Sunday 27th October 2019

It was such a lovely day we decided to take a drive out. First stop was Samphire Hoe. Of course we took Ellie with us, They have poop bins that blend in, not the normal ugly red ones and also spare bags hanging next to them and even rope should you lose your lead.

From there on to Folkestone. They have a huge regeneration programme and have kept the old Harbour station and cleaned it up along with all the old tracks. There is also the harbour arm where they have lots of container restaurants.

It’s a good place to buy fresh fish.

Next on to Sandgate. I don’t think we have visited here before but there is a lovely cafe there right on the sea front, The Boat House.  We had our lunch there sitting in the sun!

We had a long walk along the sea front and then drove a different way home, stopping off at Paddlesworth to have a drink in the pub , The Cat and the Custard Pot. It’s a really friendly pub and full of Spitfire memorabilia and planes hanging from the ceiling. They welcome dogs too! It’s a pub that the Battle of Britain pilots used.

Back home in time for the Spurs game…oh dear they lost!

That was a busy day!

Thought for the Day – “There are things in this world we can not see. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.”

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Saturday 26th October 2019

Twenty one years ago today Mal and I got married. It was so funny as we bought each other an identical anniversary card! What are the chances of that?!

Ollie, Oscar and Josie joined us for the day. Mal took them to the allotment first of all so they could check on their patches and do the weeding. Grandad planted his blackcurrant bushes that I bought him for our anniversary (!)

Lunch and then we planned on going for a walk but it started raining so we watched the Hammers game and then Mal took them to the green for a kickabout with the football and run around for the dogs, while I cooked a roast.

One day I will have a photo of Mal without him pulling a silly face!

When Lou came to collect them, Roddie went home too.

Thought for the Day – “Our anniversary is just a momentary celebration, but our marriage is a timeless one.” ~ Unknown

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Friday 25th October 2019

We took the dogs out and then went shopping. I managed to persuade Mal to come with me! Not his idea of a morning out, it saved me carrying it all anyway! I also filled the car up with petrol at Tesco with their 10p a litre off coupon.

In the afternoon we went to the garden centre in Preston to buy some more of their half price pots so I can pot on some plants. Our garden isn’t big, so it is nice having a lot of pots.

From there we drove to the Punch Tavern where Demelza are having their Christmas dinner. As I am organising it all, I paid the deposits I already have and gave them the list of meal choices.

There is another garden centre just along from the tavern and so we checked that out and came out with another trolley full of goodies.

A full day of shopping, neither of us enjoy as we used to!

Thought for the Day – “The simple act of paying attention can take you a long way. ” ~ Keanu Reeves

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