Monday 30th April 2012

Here is some breaking news about K5.

Today’s bargain is a great little camera, in fact I used to have one and when I wanted to replace it with the same, I was unable to find one. A real bargain at only £49.95.

We were up in the night again with Rosie but she drank masses of water and then made herself sick. Thankfully all her food will already be digested. In the morning she went onto the terrace and had quite a bark! We then drove her to the mountains, a very short walk but we have decided to try and get her back in her routine, very slowly.

I just heard on the Radio 2 news that there are 180 flood warnings/alerts in the UK! I wonder if the hose pipe ban is still in force?!

Sunday 29th April 2012

Here is another bargain to get those in the UK in the ‘Jubilee mood’.

We were up in the night with Rosie again but bit by bit she is improving. It doesn’t seem much difference because we are with her all the time but it is. She even had a tiny bark for the first time in weeks.

Mal was on the web cam with River going over his Biology Revision with him.

Well, at last Spurs won their game in the evening. We also watched the Chelsea 6-1 win. A nice swim in the afternoon too.

In the evening we spoke to the boys in Cardiff and Tariq’s football team, Canton Rangers won 9-1 on Saturday. He set up three and scored four. Well done Tariq. He was also chosen as Man of the Match. Out of all the boys Tariq is the really sporty one.


Thought for the Day – “ Too many people miss the silver lining because they’re expecting gold.”  ~ Maurice Setter

Saturday 28th April 2012

If you are in the Uk and want to get in the swing for Jubilee, how about these hanging baskets?

Slowly, slowly with Rosie, it is going to be a long job. I went shopping in the morning and also bought Cyprus Today. I’m still puzzling over why Cherie Blair gifted a car to Gunes Mentes?!

The wimps we have turned into since living here means we wait until the pool really warms up nowadays. It’s warm enough now, a nice 25 degrees, so swimming time is back.

We watched the football in the afternoon and were quite surprised with Wigans 4-0 win against Newcastle.

Pool time again!



Thought for the Day – Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday 27th April 2012

Having cancelled my hair appointment once, I went and had my hair done at Glamour Fairy. They made a very good job of it too. It was ready to be washed when there was a power cut! No power = no water but they hurried around to ensure there was water and power and all sorted! I understand the one hour power cut was the unions again. I do hope they are not going to start again as they did 3 months ago.

Rosie was a bit two steps forward and one back BUT that is progress! At least Mal and I are getting to sleep at night!

We should have been meeting Christa and Robin for fish and chips at Hillside in the evening but had to stay in to monitor Rosie, so I drove down and bought them  as take away….delicious!

Bargain Hunters:

Thought for the Day – “ Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed.”  ~ Walt Whitman

Thursday 26th April 2012

Rosie was not keeping all her small amount of food down and David suggested we tried Ambrosia Creamed Rice. Next thing we knew David arrived with a can that he had bought at the shops bless him. He arrived when we had lost Rosie again. The three of us looked and looked for her, obviously a new hiding place. Finally I found her hidden under a sage bush! I think Mal and I are severely suffering from lack of sleep as David said to restrict her to the swimming pool terrace. I guess we were so tired we hadn’t stopped to think of that. It also meant she couldn’t eat grass which she did first thing in the morning and made herself sick.

Thank you David, you must think we are really scattty!

During the day, I managed to get half a tin of rice down her.

This must seem a very boring diary but it has all taken over our lives as we are determined to get her well again. Apologies!

I did speak to my sister on the phone who said she was fed up with the rain in the UK, especially with the hose pipe ban!! Now that’s a joke.

The garden is blooming with all the sun and I have hardly noticed, so I went out to take some photos.


Thought for the Day – “ Each fairy breath of summer, as it blows with loveliness, inspires the blushing rose.”  ~ Author Unknown

Wednesday 25th April 2012

Today’s bargain with FREE delivery. I have to admit I have ordered quite a lot from here!

We had Scarlet and Jack on the web cam before they went to Nursery. Jack kept asking to see Rosie but the internet connection wouldn’t go that far outside so he had to make do with his second choice of Grandad playing his guitar!

Still a very poorly dog. She went outside and spent the whole day under the pampas grass again with me going out syringing baby food into her mouth. She really wasn’t impressed but I kept doing it little and often. I wish she had chosen somewhere different as anyone knows who has pampas grass, the leaves are very sharp!

I went to the shops to buy more baby food and a sachet of dog pate which I had to liquidise and add a bit to the baby food. I also bought Cyprus Today for what it was worth.

Not a good night with Rosie, I think Mal and I are suffering from sleep deprevation!


Thought for the Day” Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures.”  ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Tuesday 24th April 2012

To cut a very long story short, we were woken by Rosie at 1.00am and she was panting and wanted to go out. We let her out and about half an hour later, she still hadn’t come back in. Can you imagine Mal and I out in the gardens in our night attire looking for her with torches?   We have too many gardens but eventually we found her hidden in the pampas grass. No matter what we did she wouldn’t come in and she looked so poorly. Then we decided we would have to leave her, me thinking that I know that animals crawl off somewhere to die and Mal being the sensible one and much more positive. Thank goodness one of us was! I spent the rest of the night sitting under the terrace but she wouldn’t come in. I think by the morning we both thought the worst. Mal went out and at least she looked up at him.

We did talk to David for a second opinion and we thought he had very good suggestions which included glucose in her water (she wouldn’t touch it) and baby food. So, we then started syringing baby food. Not a lot but some.

In the evening she walked indoors and we were able to get her on the sofa, which normally she is never allowed on and there she slept all night.

I was totally kn*****ed!!


Thought for the Day – “ Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”  ~ Winston Churchill