Saturday 31st October 2015

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Of course all out for our morning walk with the three dogs.

2016-10-30 09-39-22 - 0007


Well, I think this is the biggest pumpkin we have seen. Yesterday, we had to stop the car as Scarlet and Jack wanted to have their photo taken with it! It is outside the Haywain pub on the Canterbury Road.

2015-10-30 15-55-29 - 0102
Sadly they had to go home as the kids have a Halloween party to go to. We were hoping they would come to our Preston Village Society party.

In the evening Mal and I had been nominated as part of the Village Society, to go around the village judging the pumpkins. I think next year we may opt for helping at the kids party instead, it must have been warmer than walking around the village for three hours. So many pumpkins.Anyone who wanted to enter had instructions to leave their pumpkins outside by 5.30. That was a difficult task finding a winner and 4 runner ups. The idea was to present the silver cup to the winners with a certificate. They keep the cup for a year. The four runner ups just had certificates and we were to get a photo of them with their pumpkins. So, we made our decision. One of the pub pumpkins was the winner. The pub Halloween party followed the kids party and they had a band on, so we would wait for the interval and our chairlady would present it. Easy.

As for the four runners up, we knock on the door, present them with their  certificates and take a photo of them with their pumpkins.  Not so easy, all four were out! At least the winners cup was presented on the night to Sheila and Dave.

2015-10-31 23-10-11 - 0041
Just a small selection…………………

I think a good night was had by all even though the band was so loud in the pub!

Thought for the Day – “A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.”  – Charles Gordy







Friday 30th October 2015

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We all walked the three dogs and then headed for Howletts. We were so lucky because we saw one of the vets and keepers in with Arina.

2015-10-30 15-25-10 - 0093

I have to say Arina is my favourite as we saw her the first day she was in public view as a baby. She has been hand reared and has brittle bone and has already had several operations. Because of her brittle bone she will never be able to go in with any other tigers, so the keepers try and keep her amused.

Then the gorillas were very close as the large Silver back was being given some medicine.

2015-10-30 14-43-50 - 0048

The vet was busy, he was then in with the European wolves. He was giving them their worming tablets. Evidently the zoo staff had previously given the wolves their vaccinations and now they won’t go near them!

2015-10-30 15-36-22 - 0098
We were very lucky seeing so much going on and had hoped to see the new Baby Black Rhino but he was indoors. There were notices up saying that he wouldn’t be outside all the time. But here he is…

We had a really lovely day, Scarlet and Jack love all the animals as much as we do and we all have season tickets!

I was planning on cooking when we got home but we were all weary and the previous night I had fallen over. There is a small step between the hall and the living room and somehow I misjudged it and went flat. So, I really ached all over and my knee was badly bruised. Mal suggested we went into Canterbury to eat and asked the twins where they would like. They seem to love International food, so we went to Super Noodle. Very good food and the waiting staff there are lovely. It was a good thing we went when we did as by the time we had finished our starters, the whole restaurant was full. It’s very popular.

I don’t know how the kids still kept going but they did.

Thought for the Day – “A persons own family is , without doubt, the greatest wealth that we will ever possess. Treasure every moment and take the time to ensure that the story you create is one that you will be proud of and look back on with a huge smile.”

Thursday 29th October 2015

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More shopping as Torin and the twins were coming for a couple of days.

In the afternoon we went to Wingham Widllife Park. They still haven’t completed the new chimpanzee area yet.  We watched the tigers being fed. They have both been hand reared. Scarlet and Jack love it there. It also has an indoor play area if it rains!

In the evening we went to Chomchom in Canterbury.  The kids loved it as you can just go and help yourself and they have Indian, Chinese, English and all sorts of food and Scarlet and Jack are very adventurous with their food.

Scarlet, Torin and Jack

Thought for the Day – “To be happy you must…..1. Let go of what’s gone. 2. Be grateful for what remains. 3. Look forward to what’s to come next.”

Wednesday 28th October 2015

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It poured with rain so we walked Ellie in the wood at the end of the road so we didn’t get  as drenched as we may have done.

Rhys’s day off and half term and so Lou, Rhys and the littlies came over for the second roast this week!  This time it was beef and I know Rhys, he has to have yorkshires, parsnips, horseradish, the lot! It was lovely to have them all here. We never seem to get the whole of that family leg together, the older boys were all working.

2016-10-28 14-25-54 - 0002

Thought for the Day – “Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.” ~ Camille Pissarre

Tuesday 27th October 2015

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Another lovely walk. This little Shetland pony is much more Ellie’s size!

2016-10-27 09-53-22 - 0005

Mal spent the morning at the allotment while I started on the front garden, obviously helped by Ellie! When Mal came back he cut the lawns and picked all the quince. It was so warm outside considering it is October.

If there are any problems on this website, someone is trying to hack it.

Thought for the Day – “Autumn is a second Spring when every leaf is a flower.” ~ Albert Camus

Monday 26th October 2015

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Today is our wedding anniversary and thank you Lou for compiling this video that you sent us!

I seemed to spend most of the morning on the phone with people wishing us a happy anniversary, that was nice hearing from everyone.

We had a really good meal out at Mullins. They do like their Scotch Bonnet in their dishes. I wonder why we don’t go there more often, really good food and lovely staff.

Thought for the Day – “To keep your marriage brimming with love in the loving cup..whenever you’re wrong admit it, whenever you’re right – shut up.”

Sunday 25th October 2015

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We were joined on our walk by Sue and Dave and their two dogs. They live at the bottom of our road and Dave has an allotment the same place as Mals. My goodness do those two talk when they are together?!! The men that is! We were all a bit miffed as we walked down Park Lane Preston, to see what a horse had done in the middle of the path when we clear up our dogs mess and it is a fraction of the size!

2016-10-25 09-12-45 - 0001

Ellie does love her gallops over the fields and through the woods.

2016-10-25 10-02-25 - 0004

We went off to Westwood as Mal needed some hose for his anti bird things he is making for the allotment. We have had to order it as nowhere had what he wanted. I made the most of his carrying power and bought a lot of things for Christmas including the cake and pudding! No one ever seems to eat the Christmas cake anyway! We went into Lidl as well as they  do Christmas packs of kids chocolate lollies. There are ten in a pack for 99p so we have a good supply for when the grandchildren come. They also have gingerbread houses and lots of other goodies that the kids love.

Well done to Spurs, a very good win 5-1!! Of course we watched the game.

Thought for the Day – “As you waste your breath complaining about life someone out there is breathing their last. Appreciate what you have. Be thankful and stop complaining. Live more. Complain less. Have more smiles, less stress.”