November 2008

Wednesday 19th November 2008
Mal and I went to the bank in the morning (rate:2.46ytl) and then went to Alsancak Belediyesi to pay our first water bill under Alsancak. Our bill was 34.94ytl. We had to go to the bank first and went in there with a big wad of money, not knowing how many other bills they were going to give us. I still have memories of last year going in to pay my 10ytl for a dog license and coming out with a lot of invoices totalling 170ytl!
Mal handed the bill over, getting prepared for the printer to print more invoices off. The lady behind the desk asked for 3ytl! Mal corrected her that she had the wrong person. She then found the correct account and I counted out the odd money and she looked totally mystified. She then handed us an invoice for 18.28ytl. We paid up and she stapled the bill to the invoice. We are totally confused now and are wondering why she only took that amount. I am sure all will be revealed in the future! We have never experienced this before, paying less than the bill is!
I checked in our post box to see if we had any post. A lot of post seems to go ‘astray’, so when I was in the UK, I sent a card to our post box… still hasn’t arrived! So where is all the post going?
We then went on to buy some more plants at Perova Garden Centre. They have really nice basil plants there for 5ytl. We also bought bougainvillea, myoporum and a chilli plant. She gave us another chilli plant! I don’t think Rosie was too impressed with the smell of the chilli!
We bought a copy of Cyprus Times and bless you Ali, our advert for the SOS fund raiser was on the front page.   In the evening Lena, Ingrid and I went to Pizza King for our girlie night out and a free cocktail for the ladies!