31st Jan 2011

It was a beautiful day, colder but not a drop of rain. What a relief. Some bits done out in the garden and I even got all my washing dry. According to Google weather it is going to zero degrees overnight here and one degree in Margate!! It’s always hard to imagine in the heat of summer that it ever gets this cold here. Thank goodness for the log burner. It makes the house so cosy.

There’s plenty of snow in the South, in Troodos, see link

David and Kenny told me that they found a Pine Processionary Caterpillars nest in one of their pine trees. When Rosie and I were in the mountains I saw the one below. If you have them in your trees cut the nest out now and burn them! The tiny barbed hairs when the caterpillars grow are dangerous to animals and can cause rashes on humans.


Thought for the Day – “He has achieved success, who has lived well, laughed often and loved much” – Bessie A Stanley


30th Jan 2011

Rosie and I were up and down to the beach early. Just as well, about an hour after our return we had torrential rain!

I spent the morning watching the Australian Open final. Oh dear, Murray did not perform well and lost. What more can I say?

Later Torin rang again from Delhi. He is going home on Wednesday and so is very relieved. He just wants to get home to see the twins.

In the evening I spoke to River, Sol and  Tariq. River had his parents evening and is doing exceptionally well at school……good boy.


Thought for the Day – “Always be nice to your children because they are the ones who will choose your rest home.” – Phyllis Diller


29th Jan 2011

A walk with Rosie and then I went to get some shopping and Cyprus Today see link. Not a lot happened in Geneva it seems.

The road where they are finishing the building is a real mess with all the rain, it is now covered in mud.


Thought for the Day – “Be like water. Water takes whatever shape it finds itself in. It does not judge or complain, it does not try to change things. It is the source of patience. Given time it can wear away stone.” – Chuang Tzu


28th Jan 2011

A reminder for all those in the TRNC – there is a GENERAL STRIKE today!see link

I have my phone charged up and all the emergency lights ready just in case they decide to hit us with power cuts.

Well of course the next semi final for the Australian Open was on TV, so I had to watch it as Andy Murray was playing and he won so he is through to the final on Sunday.

I also had Lou, Rhys, Ollie, Oscar an Josie on the webcam for an hour and a half, so not much achieved today!

In the evening Lena had invited David, Kenny and I over for a meal. There were also some Swedish friends of theirs and Ingrid. A really nice evening, thank you Lena and Willy.

Thought for the Day – “If you see someone without a smile, give him one of yours” – Dolly Parton

27th Jan 2011

I had an awful nights sleep, the rain beating down and then the storm. I was even up at 2.00am checking that the new flashing was working on the roof. Yes, it was! That was a relief.

By the time morning came I was so tired and what a good excuse to watch the Australian Open tennis. Federer lost to Djokovic in the semi final. A very good match, so Murray’s competition in tomorrow’s other semi final is Djokovic.

I brought some logs in from the shed and discovered dust from woodworm, so will have to burn all those next before it spreads to the shed!

Torin rang from India, very unhappy as the job is way behind and he won’t be getting home when he planned. He said the “gym” he is working at looks like a building site in Baghdad. He even sent me some photos. They are supposed to be opening in two weeks..no way! He emphasised that the workers there are slow graduating to stop…reminds me of somewhere else.

In the evening I watched downloads of Michel Roux’s Service. In the real world I think half those kids would have been out the door within 5 minutes.

Thought for the Day – “We are all blessed with the present for a reason: to use the future to disprove all the bad things we were told in the past.” – Stanley Anukege

26th Jan 2011

More rain and so Rosie and I went down to the beach. Because of the rain our road is so muddy where they are finishing the houses on the way to Incesu. It was also muddy to get down to the beach. There are now a lot of anemonies on the grass down by the beach. I also found some more toadstools. Even with all the rain, the sun was still trying to peep through.

I stopped in Atakara on the way back for some freshly baked bread and the Cyprus Today see link

Some of you may remember that I was in contact with David Matthews/Carter prior to his sad death over a year ago. He was the author of Cyprus Tapes and told me he had nearly finished another book, well I understand it was complete apart from the final chapter which was intended to be written when a decision had been made about the ‘Cyprus Problem’. Of course this problem has still not been solved and talks continue. However his book has now been published.  Mal has bought a copy but at the moment doesn’t have time to read it.  I am sure it will be very interesting. The book is called ‘Aphrodite’s Killers : Cyprus, the EOKA Conflict and the Road to Partition’ by David Carter.

David Essex is to join the cast of Eastenders!!!! I know he is old and grey and balding now but those eyes! I remember when…the first (of many) times I saw him live, 1972 at Earl’s Court….last time a couple of years ago in Margate.  Now I will be able to see him 4 times a week!


Thought for the Day – “The poetry of the earth is never dead” – John Keats

25th Jan 2011

More rain but not that heavy and some sun in between. It did make the sky look interesting. Rosie likes sitting under the terrace watching the rain come down.

Torin rang. He has now arrived in Dehli and of course the work is not ready for him. He told me that would be the case before he left Singapore and he was right. He seems to have problems in India with the speed of their doing things or rather not doing things. He said tomorrow is a bank holiday over there, so nothing will be done then. I can’t say he was too happy. The more delays he has obviously the more delay in getting home and he misses the twins.

I have been cleaning out all the kitchen cupboards and several things needed replacing so I had a trip to Mr Pound. I wonder how it is you go into Mr Pound for three items and come out with a dozen! I also stopped at the yapi market on the way back to buy some clear varnish and paint brushes, for things to be done when the weather improves a little.

I spoke to Mal in the evening and his work is on target for finishing earlier than he planned and so has booked another ticket back a week earlier. Of course he gets no refund from Pegasus for his already booked ticket and also on this one he was charged £13 service charge..for what service? Never mind, when the new airline takes to the skies………………


Thought for the Day – “One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of attention” – Jim Rohn