Monthly Archive: January 2011

Jan 31 2011

31st Jan 2011

It was a beautiful day, colder but not a drop of rain. What a relief. Some bits done out in the garden and I even got all my washing dry. According to Google weather it is going to zero degrees overnight here and one degree in Margate!! It’s always hard to imagine in the heat …

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Jan 30 2011

30th Jan 2011

Rosie and I were up and down to the beach early. Just as well, about an hour after our return we had torrential rain! I spent the morning watching the Australian Open final. Oh dear, Murray did not perform well and lost. What more can I say? Later Torin rang again from Delhi. He is …

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Jan 29 2011

29th Jan 2011

A walk with Rosie and then I went to get some shopping and Cyprus Today see link. Not a lot happened in Geneva it seems. The road where they are finishing the building is a real mess with all the rain, it is now covered in mud. Thought for the Day – “Be like water. …

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Jan 28 2011

28th Jan 2011

A reminder for all those in the TRNC – there is a GENERAL STRIKE today!see link I have my phone charged up and all the emergency lights ready just in case they decide to hit us with power cuts. Well of course the next semi final for the Australian Open was on TV, so I …

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Jan 27 2011

27th Jan 2011

I had an awful nights sleep, the rain beating down and then the storm. I was even up at 2.00am checking that the new flashing was working on the roof. Yes, it was! That was a relief. By the time morning came I was so tired and what a good excuse to watch the Australian …

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Jan 26 2011

26th Jan 2011

More rain and so Rosie and I went down to the beach. Because of the rain our road is so muddy where they are finishing the houses on the way to Incesu. It was also muddy to get down to the beach. There are now a lot of anemonies on the grass down by the …

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Jan 25 2011

25th Jan 2011

More rain but not that heavy and some sun in between. It did make the sky look interesting. Rosie likes sitting under the terrace watching the rain come down. Torin rang. He has now arrived in Dehli and of course the work is not ready for him. He told me that would be the case …

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