Wednesday 31st December 2014

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We went to Botany Bay, a thick frost but by the time we arrived at the  beach the sun was shining.

31-12-14 11-16-59 - 0013

Back home to start cooking a big roast for Lou, Rhys and the littlies. I don’t think any of us will be staying up until midnight so we had our champagne and toast after dinner.

We were tucked in bed before midnight. That’s the nice thing about getting older, you can just suit yourself and that is exactly what we did!
Thought for the Day – “In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” ~ Buddha

Tuesday 30th December 2014

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It was cold with a frost but we were up and out by 8.00am. First we went to Sainsburys. In the house here, there are light colour wood worktops. Mal has spent 10 years in Cyprus with granite worktops which cannot be damaged. Now he has to realize he can’t chop things on the worktop or slop tea bags etc. When we first moved in I bought a granite slab to put on to the worktop. Sainsbury’s now have them at half price so we have bought three more. That should save the wood.

We collected Violet and Tris and then all went to Botany Bay with Ellie. Another dog paradise. So many dogs and their owners enjoying the SUN. Violet and I were in the shallows and found a lot of crabs, which Ellie picked up the scent of and went deeper and deeper.  We couldn’t get her to go very far in the Med!

Violet and Tris went back home to London and we had to change our hire car. I wanted to extend it with Hertz but they said I had to rebook so I rebooked through Easycar, which was much cheaper than direct with Hertz! We just went into the office in Dover and said “Can we have a clean car please?” They did laugh at us. This time they have given me a Ford C Max. It’s quite fun to see what I get next! We can’t decide whether to buy a car, lease one or keep on hiring. Meanwhile it’s nice to try different makes and models.

It just so happens that De Bradlei Wharf is opposite the Hertz office, so we went in there and stayed for lunch. Mal said he hadn’t been in the new Sainsbury’s so we called in there too before heading home, with a beautiful Turner-esque sunset….

30-12-14 15-30-19 - 0004
Thought for the Day – “Everything starts with a sunrise but it’s what we do before it sets that matters” ~ K McGraw

Monday 29th December 2014

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It’s Josie’s 5th Birthday and Lou and Rhys are taking her to Southend. We were invited but Southend seems a long way to go for an Aroma and Ten Pin Bowling so we opted out but did phone her in the morning, having previously left her presents round there.

It was very cold down at Minnis Bay with Ellie. Mal came back home and I went to Westwood. It was queues of traffic everywhere. I had to go to Hobbycraft for something I ordered before Christmas. Into M&S and then left Westwood by the back route to avoid all the queues. I did go to the new Sainsbury’s as not many people seem to use it, so it was much quieter.

In the afternoon we had our between Christmas and New Year treat. We went to The Minnis for afternoon tea with Winter Pimms. Very good it was too and obviously a lot more people had the same idea as it was busy. A good thing we booked.


Sunday 28th December 2014

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We collected Tris and Violet and drove to Howletts. Violet hadn’t been before and so was looking forward to it. I had a sore throat and had almost lost my voice, so not the best day but I really can’t let kids down.AND it was COLD. Mal believe it or not wore his onesie under his normal clothes and had thick thermal socks on and a hat. I think the hat is practising for when he gets his allotment. The cold meant we had to keep stopping for hot drinks! We were lucky to get our season tickets today as they are putting up the prices on 1st January.

Grandad, Tris and Violet
Grandad, Tris and Violet

In the evening we watched a couple of Christmas programmes as I don’t think we watched any TV over Christmas.
Thought for the Day – “Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.” ~ A A Milne

Saturday 27th December 2014

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We have had a busy time but lovely with all the family together. This morning was time for Torin, Charlotte, Scarlet and Jack to go home. I think Ellie will miss Boo as they had a good time playing together. Scarlet and Jack also enjoyed time with their cousins and they play so well together and nothing in the house was wrecked! A bonus!

We were sad to see them go. A big clean up and then in the afternoon we went for a walk along Reculver. The temperature had dropped and the sea was crashing against the sea wall. It was COLD!

We then went round to see Lou for a cup of tea to warm us up!

Friday 26th December 2014 – Boxing Day

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My turn! I had  Lou and the family, poor Rhys had to work.  Torin, Charlotte, Jack and Scarlet, also Dominic, Jemma and Tristan. It was a “grazing day” as I didn’t have a table big enough for everyone. The cousins just love playing together.

The littlies loved having an indoor picnic for lunch and didn’t want to sit at the table. They had such good fun together.

Jack, Scarlet, Josie, Ollie and Oscar
Jack, Scarlet, Josie, Ollie and Oscar

I didn’t take many photos as I was too busy, along with all the buffet food I roasted 3 pans of tiny roast potatoes and a joint of beef. The food went down very well, everyone had big appetites. Even the huge trifle went. My catering included 4 vegetarians. Another great day but so tired by the evening.

Thursday 25th December 2014 – Christmas Day

We wish you a very Happy Christmas – each and every one of you.

24-12-14 10-47-32 - 0003
We were round at Rhys’s at 6.00am to see everyone open their presents. Lou’s dad Andy joined us too for all the excitement. Of course Ellie came too.

l-r Tariq, River,Torin  and Sol
l-r Tariq, River,Torin and Sol

16 for Christmas lunch at Rhys’s. It would have been 18 but poor River and Sol had to work. A great day but hectic. Lou and I managed to dish it all up in time.

25-12-14 13-47-01 - 0044


All in all a lovely day with all the family around. A very LONG day because we were up so early.