February 2009

Sunday 1st February 2009
I went to visit Gwen and as she had to get some shopping asked if I would meet her at Ileli supermarket. I did. They seriously overcharged me for some broad beans, marked one price and charged at another. I complained and I can’t believe how apologetic they were in there and insisted on charging me the price that was incorrect and not the full price. Well done Ileli. It seems one of very few supermarkets who believe in ‘customer service’.

On the way back, just by Sevener’s restaurant, the Police pulled me over, along with many others. The first policeman asked if I was Turkish and when I said no, the other policeman came over. I gave all my papers to him and as Gwen said he seemed clueless what he was supposed to be looking for.  Seeing as all my paperwork was in order, he handed it back to me and asked how long I had been in the TRNC. I told him I came back at the beginning of January, he wanted to know what date and where did I live……..it does actually have my address on the documents, whether he noticed it or not. I didn’t have my passport with me and then remembered I had written in my diary the date I came back. I told him and my address and eventually after speaking to someone on the phone, he shrugged his shoulders and let me go. Yes, I have heard they are trying every way to get money in for the government, I guess car fines are just another revenue raiser.

Eventually we arrived back at Gwen’s in spite of the mornings’ hiccups.

In the afternoon I lit the fire again. Because of the excessive rain, it has obviously tipped down the chimney and damaged the wall behind the fire. Once the rains stop, we will have to get this all repaired. It looks a mess at the moment. The first thing will be a proper cowl to the chimney.