30 Nov 2010

Day 1 ended and at least I slept until 2.30 but was still woken by the pain. I shall have to persevere whether I like it or not. Talking of knots, Mal has what he calls dys-spacia and was trying to put a sling on my arm using a first aid manual to help. He was so confused I laughed and it hurt. Then there was the problem of building a mound of pillows to support me so I didn’t pull the torn muscle.

29 Nov 2010

I was in so much in pain that Mal rang David & Kenny to find out whether they knew of a reliable doctor, and they did. I wanted to go back to the UK and David & Kenny arranged the next best thing, a retired UK doctor living out here. His diagnosis was that I’d torn a muscle in my back and that I should rest, wear a sling and sleep sitting up. He recommended the drugs I should take and said that with rest I’d be better in 4-5 days. We’ll see. Mal went walkabout to get the medicine and a bit more shopping.

28 Nov 2010

Pain not decreasing so tomorrow will have to find a doctor. Not too happy because in the past so far we’ve visited two different local doctors and both misdiagnosed and recommended expensive operations, in Mal’s case he was supposed to go to Istanbul. Mal always remind me that when he went to the UK to sort out his problem, by the time he got to see a consultant and was told he should be admitted to hospital (which he declined because he had an open wound – MRSA) he felt better and eventually his body healed itself.

26th Nov 2010

Because I was feeling better, probably because Mal’s painkillers and anti-inflammatory plan was working, I decided to use my dodgy arm when getting out of the bath. I shouldn’t have. One step forward two steps backwards. Mal now wakes me every two hours during the night so that the pain is not too bad.¬† In between looking after me Mal has been preparing walls ready for painting.

25th Nov 2010

Mal has taken over all the household chores and I think¬† it’s getting to him. He tried to change the duvet cover and ended up trapped inside it struggling to get out, I had to show him how to do it properly, I think he was impressed. He managed to lose the electric bill during the 30 second walk from the meter box and the house and somehow only managed to part cook the vegetables so they were almost raw, he mumbled about someone called Al Dental. I’ve got a feeling I’ll be a lot more appreciated when my shoulder finally gets better.

Whilst on the subject of Al Dental, Mal had to cancel my today’s appointment with the periodontal department at Near East Uni. There is only so much pain I can cope with at any one time.

24th Nov 2010

After a night of agony I felt like death warmed up, Mal sorted out painkillers but while they dulled the pain it never actually went away. Mal decided to test his famous saying, “I don’t need no car” and walked a couple of miles to do the shopping. He said that it wasn’t too bad apart from walking up our drive at the end of it.