March 2003

Saturday 1st March

Sunny – we woke up and handed our car key in, had breakfast and decided we would sit by the pool in the sun, but by the time we had finished breakfast, the clouds appeared so instead we opted for a walk. Having said that, we still went out in T-shirts. We walked through Riverside and up towards Old Milos. This is a restaurant we went to about 5 years ago and later, when we were looking for land, we were taken up there and found that Old Milos had been flooded and ruined. Although the land we looked at then was in a lovely position we really didn’t like the road up to it (very narrow and even then it was crumbling). A wise decision, more of the road had dropped away and we really don’t know how we would have got furniture up there – on the back of a donkey perhaps. We continued our walk back through Alsancak village and onto Riverside. Mal was completely lost by now. A good thing I have a good sense of direction. It was quite chilly by the time we got back to the villa, so all heaters went back on again. The weather may not have been marvellous but at least we feel as though we have achieved something this holiday.