Tuesday 30th June 2015

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Villa In Cyprus for sale

I drove Marion to the station early in the morning, a bit of shopping and then back home and in the garden with Ellie. She had been left on her own a lot yesterday, not that she really bothers, I think she just sleeps. It’s cooler in the house than in the car.

I also phoned River up to wish him good luck as he is travelling to Devon for the start of his selection process for the Marines. It’s supposed to be very hot tomorrow and that is when he will be doing the incline running with a pack on his back. I hope he gets on OK.

I took Ellie for a walk much later than usual because of the heat. So many rabbits but they seem to stay in their burrows more in the heat. Ellie loves rabbit watching……

Rabbit watching

More gardening for Mal and he also had a visit from Margaretha.
Thought for the Day – “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” ~ Karim Seddiki

Monday 29th June 2015

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Villa for sale in Cyprus

Another lovely summers day and so Marion and I spent the morning in Whitstable, including the harbour. We both love shellfish and so I bought a crab. They only had small ones and I paid £8. Rhys had actually warned me that the harbour nowadays is a total “rip off” for the tourists, I should have listened to him. I bought a larger one in Southwold for half the price. If that is the case I am not sure that I will be going to their Oyster Festival this year!  A lot of “retro” shops have now sprung up in Whitstable and now that summer is here, prices have gone up too! I did love the “Knitted” bikes though.

In the evening we went into Sandwich and had a nice dinner at The Fisherman’s Wharf. Good value as I used my Tastecard! Good fish too.

02-01-14 02-33-32 - 0015
As Marion said, it was like being on holiday as we ate in the garden next to the river! We even had strawberries and cream for dessert.

Sunday 28th June 2015

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I am lost without a camera. The one I have only had 6 weeks, the shutter has stuck out, so I took it back to the shop where I bought it, didn’t give her the tiny piece of information that I had dropped it on tiles and she gave me a replacement!!  Of course my expensive one, no chance in even trying that one!

Marion’s grandchildren have no idea what seaside rock, the sweet variety, is. They have never had any and so Marion wanted to take them some home.  The best place to buy it…..Margate of course. We spent the morning in Margate, bought the rocks, walked around the Sunday craft market and then went to view the new Dreamland. It looks good but isn’t completely finished and also it is £17.95 for adults to go in whether you go on the rides or not. So, if grandparents for instance take their grandchildren and just want to watch they pay  £17.95 for the privilege. Locals have a cheaper price. There is also a shop there that sells retro things, games for kids like Jacks. It was interesting to see. We then went to Turner Contemporary as Marion had never been. I can’t say either of us were impressed with Garyson Perry’s work! We even waited for the cymbal bashing. We were underwhelmed by that too!

A walk along the sea front and then we went into Broadstairs.

Time for lunch and some of the restaurants were shut! But we found one in the end where we had a roast lunch for £5.80 and it was so big neither of us could finish it!

We also found a church pop up charity shop that was only in situ for a week. Outside they had quite a large rug for £8. The Cottage we are moving to has a brick floor in the living room and our Persian rugs are in Cyprus, so we bought it as a temporary measure. I am sure Rhys will clean it for me as he has all the equipment. We did get a few giggles as we carried it one each end up the High Street!

Back home and we took Ellie for a very long walk and then watched Lionel Ritchie from Glastonbury.

Meanwhile in Cyprus Mal went for lunch at Kamares with David and Kenny.

Saturday 27th June 2015

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I heard from Mal and he is managing to do a lot of work that needs doing around the villa and also having plenty of swimming time!

It was also a lovely summers day here in the UK so Marion and I went into Sandwich for a walk along the river. We took Ellie and this would have been great had we not come across this, which meant we couldn’t go any further.

27-06-15 08-38-37 - 0002
It was fine, in the other direction along the river, there is a nature reserve, so a good place for a walk. It seems half of Sandwich is closed!

27-06-15 08-59-25 - 0007
So a short walk by the river, a cup of coffee in the town and we sat outside “All Things Nice”. Ellie loved it there as while we had coffee, the owner fed her with dog biscuits and a bowl of water!

We also came across a new shop and the owner asked us to go in and take Ellie. A really nice man and very good clothes. He asked us to tell all our friends about him. His partner designs a lot of the clothes he sells.
27-06-15 09-40-26 - 0012
Back at home and I cleaned the lenses of both my cameras and then carrying two cups in the other hand, I balanced them on top of my laptop on the way to the lounge, stopping off in the kitchen. How stupid can I be, obviously not focusing, the cameras slid off and landed on the tiled floor. Needless to say neither of them work now! I was so cross with myself and just don’t know how or why I tried to juggle so many things! I am lost without a camera. Well, yes I know I can use my phone but not the same to me.
In the evening we had tickets for the Marlowe Theatre, to see Brian Conley in Barnum. So, we went off to Canterbury for a pre theatre supper and then on to the show. I saw the show many years ago in London when Michael Crawford was in it and was hoping it would be as good as our tickets were £47 each which I thought was rather expensive for Canterbury. It was as good, Brian Conley even walked the tight rope. An excellent production and our seats were three rows from the front. A very good evening.

Friday 26th June 2015

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Villa in Cyprus for sale

Ellie and I were up early and out walking. This morning a poor baby rabbit lost his way and Ellie nearly caught it. She wouldn’t have hurt it but I am sure it would have been scared! Thankfully her mouth just missed it, added to me shouting “Leave”!

Mal phoned and he arrived at the villa at 3 this morning! Margaretha collected him from the airport and they also managed to get a bit of shopping on the way to the villa. He has a long list of “things to do”, starting off with cleaning the pool which is in quite a good state, thanks to David.

Something for everyone to think about, so you have no regrets, it is never too late.

My sister Marion came to stay. I collected her from Ramsgate station. What a mess it is there, they are digging up all the front of the station, so I had to keep driving round as I couldn’t find anywhere to park!

In the afternoon we went to see the cottage and then went for a walk in the woods with Ellie.

Back home and we had a few glasses of Pimms. I think I made it a bit strong by the look of Marion!

26-06-15 20-49-27 - 0001

Thursday 25th June 2015

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Villa in Cyprus for sale

We had a walk around the orchards with Ellie and then Mal finished packing. Rhys volunteered to take him to Gatwick airport, really kind of him as since my “near one” on Friday I can’t say I was looking forward to it. No problem for Rhys he loves driving and often does the Gatwick run for the taxis.  I dropped Mal off, had a cup of tea with Lou and then took Ellie to Minnis Bay, she loves it so much down there.So nice for her on a hot day too.

25-06-15 09-42-35 - 0005

Rhys did the airport run in no time at all.

I heard from Mal in the evening, for some reason although he was flying with Pegasus they had to change planes at Istanbul and the connecting plane had been delayed.

Thought for the Day – “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday 24th June 2015

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Villa in Cyprus for sale 

A busy day, Mal sorted his Wingham allotment and then I had to take the lawn mower down for him so he could cut all the edges. From there we went to our next house at Preston where I did some weeding and Mal cut the lawn there. Then we had to go and get a few bits Mal needed to take to Cyprus tomorrow.

In the evening Lou and Rhys wanted to take Mal out for his Father’s Day meal of course I was invited too. Rhys was working on Sunday, so it was nice both dads celebrated tonight. We went to the Anchor in Littlebourne. Good food as always. I think Tariq enjoyed the sauce from his Moules! We had a really nice evening.

Thought for the Day – “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” ~ Mother Teresa