Sunday 30th November 2014

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It looked a bit of a foggy/misty day so we had a late breakfast and then Torin packed everything up into the car and headed for home. Ellie, Mal and I went to the beach again. Ellie just loves the space to run free and all the other dogs she meets down there.

Minnis Bay
Minnis Bay

Lou came round with Ollie, Oscar and Josie when we arrived back home and brought our green grocery. They go to the farm shop every week and as we used to do many years ago, we are now starting to bulk buy and share it out. Much nicer than the supermarkets. They all stayed for lunch. It’s nice to be back amongst the family.

I have actually cracked it today, what goes in which rubbish bin and which day they are collected!

We also sorted out the new TV we ordered as the one we had in the caravan was too small.

Saturday 29th November 2014

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Torin, Scarlet, Jack and I went to buy boots for the kids and wellies for me…mine are in Cyprus. We went to Westwood and we think everyone must have spent up yesterday as it was the emptiest I have ever seen it.

We then collected Mal and the dogs and met Lou and the littlies down at Minnis Bay. Rhys was working. It was a beautiful day.

Ellie just loves being with the kids and I think Scarlet has become very attached to her.

Ellie and Scarlet
Ellie and Scarlet

Back home and I cooked a roast and then we left Boo, Torin’s dog, and Ellie together and went over to Rhys’s house.

Lou had bought a cardboard house that you fit together and then they all coloured it. That kept them amused.

Scarlet and Jack were having so much fun with their cousins they didn’t want to leave when it was time to go home.

Torin and Rhys
Torin and Rhys

Friday 28th November 2014

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I am back in the UK just in time for BLACK FRIDAY, the day retailers feel the need to reduce prices to crazy money! I have a list next to the computer of things to order to start my Christmas shopping. I have normally bought a lot by now but this year I just wanted to make sure Ellie was back safe and sound and then we can start planning Christmas. Lou and Rhys have been planning theirs since September but I guess with a big family they need to and also they get as excited as the kids!  Even though I tried Argos at 6.00am, it came up “we are currently experiencing heavy traffic, please come back later”. I guess everyone is shopping before they go to work.

I took Ellie for her early morning walk to the park, just around the corner and met a lady, Tina, with her dog Taz. Ellie was in her element and they chased around the field after each other.

Lou came round later and kindly took us to Dover to collect our hire car. We booked it through Easycar and it was a very good deal and far cheaper than booking it direct with Hertz. We did ask Lou to come to lunch with us but she had things to do at home. We had a Groupon voucher for a “Burger and a Beer” at a pub in Deal. The offer ran out 30th November and Mal had kept saying it was the one deal he was looking forward to and we must get back to the UK in time!. Obviously, I don’t drink and drive which meant he has 2 pints!  So, car collected and we drove to Northbourne, just outside Deal. It was a lovely pub in a quaint village. The burgers were HUGE. Mal had beef and I had chicken. My chicken burger had two chicken breasts in it and bacon! One of the chicken breasts was divided between Ellie (I always keep a self seal bag in my handbag!) and Mal. Too much for me. We paid £10 for this deal and it included  two pints of real ale!  Excellent. We spoke to the Manageress and this was yet another pub that was up for sale and three local couples had clubbed together to buy it. It is a typical English country pub with a log fire and friendly welcome. I have to say one of the things we miss in Cyprus .

It was the first time we had left Ellie and so went back home to find her on the sofa, looking very settled.. Time for a long run for her and show her what a beach run is all about so off to Minnis Bay.  She couldn’t believe the amount of dogs down there  but she ran and ran, even paddled in the sea. Not quite as warm as Cyprus but she loved it.

We went to the new Sainsburys which I then discovered was all on the first floor. It took me long enough to find the car park entrance and then leaving Ellie and Mal in the car, I went in only to discover they had closed all the escalators down as an old lady had obviously fallen on them and was sat covered in blood at the bottom with the stores first aider. The escalators had been closed down, there was a queue for the lifts so I parked my trolley up, back in the car and round to Tesco!

Rhys came round in the evening as he still hadn’t seen Ellie and then later Torin arrived for the weekend with Scarlet and Jack and their dog Boo. A friend for Ellie to play with!

Thursday 27th November 2014

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Mal and I are still on Cyprus time. I woke at 4.00am! Of course I was then up making a cup of tea!

What an adaptable dog we have! You’d think to look at her she had always lived here. She slept on her blanket last night. That had been in her crate. Her new bed is being delivered today, along with sacks of Eukenuba. Well done Pet Supermarket. They appear to have advertised their Eukenuba at an incorrect price and when I realised I ordered 3 x 15kg sacks instead of the one I originally planned. I guessed they had made a mistake and waited to see what they delivered……Ellie’s new bed and 3 x 15kg sacks, which I paid a quarter of the correct price for!

Lou came round and took me shopping. I was wide eyed in Tesco at the choice I am not used to! The old Sainsburys at Westwood has now closed and the huge new one has opened but Lou said she had been in there the previous day and it was chaos with no one quite knowing what they should be doing. Lou stayed for lunch and then went to collect the littlies from school. She loved Ellie who she has never met before.

Ellie and I walked to some fields very near by. She was impressed but I was not with all the mud!! I’ll have to keep one of her towels permanently by the front door.

She really has taken it all in her stride. A new bed, rope, blanket and kong what more could any dog wish for?

28-11-14 05-51-45 - 0003


Thought for the Day -“No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does.” ~ Christopher Morley


Wednesday 26th November 2014

Well, quite an adventure for Ellie and a long journey……………………………here she is on the Eurotunnel………………………….

26-11-14 15-22-30 - 0020
So, now she is a well travelled dog who stopped off at Paris first. They were not interested in her papers at all and then on the Eurotunnel, they seemed more interested in illegal immigrants than a dog with the correct paperwork!

Back in Kent and she made herself very “at home”. She didn’t manage to find any hedgehogs in the garden (yet). That may change when she discovers the compost heap!

Lou and Rhys had left the heating on and food in the fridge, bless them!

Having been told that the 3 Tower Poppies I ordered would not be delivered until the end of  January, what a pleasant surprise to find a card through the door,  saying they had all been left with a neighbour. So we went and collected them.

Thought for the Day – “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” ~ Roger Caras

Tuesday 25th November 2014

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Another nice walk in the mountains before the rain that has been forecast. We then popped over to see David as he is going to see his chiropractor as he is in a lot of pain with his beck/neck. Hopefully he can sort it out for him.

They had a bit of a problem with their jeep. They had the two dogs in it and David left the key fob in the back while he spoke to someone. Next thing, he realised what he had done when he shut the hatch, then one of the dogs stood on it, locking the fob and the dogs in the car! They didn’t have a spare. To cut a long story short they had to smash the windscreen, which of course set the alarm off and really upset Jekka and Loppi with all the noise of them trying to smash the windscreen as well.  They have a spare fob now!

We had a bit of an adventure in the afternoon! More to follow.

Thought for the Day – “Amazing how some friends are so special to us that is doesn’t matter when we saw them last, we can still pick up right where we left off and laugh until we have tears in our eyes and can’t breath and always loving them like we have never been apart.”

Monday 24th November 2014

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Our morning walk was colder. It’s the first time I have worn a jacket!  Back home, had breakfast and then off to Girne. We paid our electricity bill in Kibtek and then went on to the tax office to pay my car tax. The roads,  as always are horrendous around that office and parking is just hopeless, maybe because it was Monday morning. Eventually parked and then queued up for an hour. Every one in front of us managed to get their car tax and then…the computer crashed.  Typical.  So we went away and returned an hour later to go all through the trying to get parked ritual which we finally did only to find they couldn’t sort the computer out. Great!! I have no intention of going back tomorrow. Mal said he glanced at their system and it was very outdated.

Tax Office
Tax Office

The log burner was ticking over nicely in the evening.
Thought for the Day – “The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.” ~ Vince Lombardi