July 2007

This is a story by River Daniel
The land of a thousand suns

While I was in Cyprus what I went on the plane to yesterday with my nanny and granddad I was having a brilliant time until things took a turn for the worst because this is how my story begins. On the 2007-07-17 at 12:00at night I woke up and was thirsty but as I was going to get the drink I kept hearing a strange tapping noise against the door gradually getting louder and louder and louder. It was booming through the whole house and possibly through the whole village but let alone it being like a booming voice through a microphone broadcasted through the most powerful radio transmitter aimed into my house directly at full volume everyone acted like nothing was happening and they were still sound asleep as if there was no sound at all. however there was and suddenly a pack of 10 people in long robes all with long messed up hair with giant staffs just smaller than my granddad.

Then suddenly as if they had a human magnet they drew me towards them as if they were kidnappers but suddenly the one in the back shouted “STOP” so loud that did manage to get through to someone besides me and luckily it was my most useful brother sol and as sol walked in he shouted “what is going on here “ and started to try to attack one of the people. Suddenly as sol went for a punch the people without warning disappeared and we thought that we were seeing things but then they appeared again and the person who shouted in the back came from behind everyone and said “I am the leader of the wizard group I can control all magic around the globe now come with me river and sol and wave the earth goodbye” then me and sol replied “WHAT YOU CANT JUST TAKE US AWAY FROM THE EARTH ITS INHUMANE”! As to come back at me the leader of the wizards said “you don’t have a choice for there is a greater evil than us if you don’t come and say goodbye to the earth.

That’s where we decided to come with those people who we thought were kidnappers but they seemed pretty alright now. As we were surging, spinning and turning around and round it made me think of the first time I went on a rollercoaster with my dad and how horrifying it was being on that rollercoaster for the first time in my life. As we were in that portal me and sol thought that all the people seemed alright except for one person who had red flaming eyes and a green face with what looked like scales on his face and the last thing was that the other wizards had dark blue robes and this one had coal black robes which made me feel like I was staring at death, but the lead wizard had a human face no scales and his robes were as bright blue as the sky and when I looked those robes I felt as if I had just went to heaven and became god.

“ When are we going to get to wherever you are taking us” sol my brother said the lead wizard replied” soon very soon” is all what the lead wizard replied with whenever we asked him but when we got there it was better than we ever imagined it was like all of my granddads bedtime stories what he told me put together into one paradise there was even the scientist prof Powell working on his latest invention the time machine.

But then I was in a room made of machinery with nothing but my brother and the pack of 10 wizards as I just figured and the lead wizard just said “ we have channelled your most exciting and relaxed times in your minds and made it into a luxurious land of brilliance but when you finish your limit of time you will feel as if you never want to come out” and then they decided to let me and sol into our fantasy land but it wasn’t exactly as we expected because in our minds granddad did cure the man with the werewolf disease but the man was there turning into the werewolf there was even things what I just made up like draco lords what are like dragons as big as a 10 year old boy and live stone gargoyles. After I got out of that fantasy world I didn’t ever want to go back in there but I would have to after this adventure, but I knew that I couldn’t stop to think with sol yet we had to keep up with those wizards while we could or else we will lose them and have to find our own way around this realm which will be a really big problem here but then sol couldn’t keep quiet and said “are we there yet “ and at the exact moment after sol said those 4 words the lead wizard grabbed him by the neck and sol suddenly blasted a laser out of his hands and made the lead wizard go flying into a pack of trees getting bruses all over him. Exactly after that moment the wizard shouted “WHAT SORCERY IS THIS” barging in I said “WE DON’T KNOW” and once I finished shouting I shot flames out of my wrist and I accidentally burnt down a tree with my bare hands, suddenly as to retaliate the lead wizard put us in indestructible bubbles of electricity that electrocuted us if we touched it so we didn’t want to get out of it in that reason anyway. When the wizard asked us how we learnt that spell and every time he asked we said we didn’t know we even could do that and after 5hours the wizard decided to let us free and at that moment we were attacked by things that escaped our fantasy world and of all the things what it could have been it had to be the draco lords and then the wizard gave me a red sword of flame and sol a blue sword of laser and then as we touched and held the swords it channelled our power into the swords creating some sort of ultimate power of destruction. Then with one slice of our swords we killed 4 draco lords each with one single slash of our swords and a draco lord stabbed its claws into sols back and flew off with the remaining 10 other draco lords and flew to the black fortress in the distance. So I ran to look at sols wound and as I took my hand off it and the wound disappeared and sol said “thank you for being a great brother to me” so I helped him up and we carried on until something very strange happened what I will not forget.

This is the story of Sol Daniel

16th July 2007

When we got to Cyprus it was 10pm and we quickly got into a minibus and arrived at the villa. We got changed into our swimming clothes and swam until midnight.

20th July 2007

Sol’s ideas for T-shirt logos







This is the story of Torin Daniel

18th July 2007

Torin has put his bug barn together and filled it with bugs

Torin went for a walk with Nanny and he found some seeds. He found a carob and an olive and an almond and a pine cone.

He also met some of Rosie’s friends; Freddie and Brown Street Dog.

29th July
In my bug barn I had 8 ants and an earwig and a fly.