Sunday 31st December 2023

We have been trying to pay the balance for our next Madeira holiday. In fact we tried three times and that turned into SIX payments being taken from our credit card!!! Easyjet don’t want to speak to anyone as I found out when I tried to move the deposit from the last holiday we couldn’t go on because Mal was in hospital. In the end I lost the deposit. This one instead they have taken SIX balance payments. We have spoken to Barclaycard and they can’t do anything until Easyjet release the money! So, when you do get hold of a person at Easyjet they tell you the technical team is not working    and call on 1st. We have asked for written confirmation………nothing!! If the balance isn’t paid by the 1st we have lost the holiday!!! Meanwhile their records show we haven’t paid but 6 payments have been deducted from our card! This may be the last Easyjet Holiday we book!!

The weather forecast told us there would be storms and rain but we went to Kearsney Abbey anyway and yes, it did rain quite a bit just as we were leaving. It was so muddy all through the woods, a good thing I had my hiking stick with me. Of course Ellie was straight in the stream.

Spurs game in the afternoon and they won! 3-1. I didn’t do much else as I started with a cold, runny nose and sore throat. Well, everyone else seems to have it!

I couldn’t stay up any longer, so went to bed at 8.30!! So much for New Years Eve!

Thought for the Day – “I don’t believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.” ~  Ken Venturi

Saturday 30th December 2023

Tris was coming over to help with the allotment. He was going to be here at 10. It seems some of the trains had been cancelled, so he decided to cycle. He didn’t arrive until the afternoon!

He then went to the allotment with Mal to help him do a bit of digging. He then stayed for dinner.

Thought for the Day“Do what you feel in your heart to be right―for you’ll be criticized anyway.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday 29th December 2023

Josie is 14 today! Where on earth have those years gone?!

We had a lovely walk with Ellie and met a lot of people with their dogs and all wanted to chat. That was the morning gone!

In the afternoon we went to Lou and Rhys’s and gave Josie her presents. We then all went to Spoon World Buffet in Chatham. Alex and Tariq drove Mal and I there, which was nice as I am always driving. We met River and Maddie there.  It was a really nice evening, all being together.

It will be the last we will see of Alex and Tariq for quite a while as they were driving back to Poole and Tariq is away a lot with work.

Thought for the Day“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.”~ Amelia Earhart

Thursday 28th December 2023

The restaurant Ollie works in is in Kentlive, ” Kent’s hidden gem seafood restaurant”  .

And he is working today! But Lou, Rhys, Ollie and Oscar came over for lunch and along with them Tariq and Alex, so nice to see them.

We also had three dogs, including Tariq’s puppy Benny, the first time we have seen him.  After we had eaten, we walked the dogs and ended up having coffee at The Drill Hall.

Later we watched Spurs lose and Hammers beat Arsenal! That was a good game, Spurs was not!

Thought for the Day – “You are enough, just as you are.” ~ Meghan Markle

Wednesday 27th December 2023

This was the “Happy Christmas” picture from Wheelers Oyster Bar, Whitstable, where Ollie works at weekends. He is on the left.

I went to the shops early as we have the gang coming the following day. Lots of things I was looking for they didn’t have…typical! BUT if you want an Easter egg!!!!….

Back home and I made a trifle (Tariq’s favourite) and a lemon cheesecake for tomorrow.

Early afternoon we took Ellie for her mouth check up. They are impressed, it has all healed well and so can now have normal food…………yeah!  Her breath is a bit smelly but the vet said that is the healing. I will have to buy some parsley to add to her food.

Thought for the Day“Worry is a misuse of imagination.” ~ Unknown

Tuesday 26th December 2023

We went to Wingham around the orchards with Ellie first thing.

We then took Ellie home and drove to Wingham Wildlife. They are busy adding a lot to the zoo, new animals and also a bug garden.

Later we watched the Luton Town game…….yeah, they won!

Thought for the Day – “Remember there is no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” ~ Scott Adams

Monday 25th December 2023

We took Ellie for an early morning walk and then went over to Lou and Rhys’s for the day. We had some lovely presents and Lou and Ollie cooked us a delicious Christmas lunch.

After lunch we walked the dogs along the sea front. It was a very mild day and just right for a walk.

Thought for the Day – “Love the giver more than the gift.” ~ Brigham Young