31st December 2009

Disaster, I felt so ill I had to stay in bed all day. Rhys bought some medicene for me and I slept most of the day. Lou came home from hospital with Josie and I couldn’t cuddle her because of my germs. Lou’s dad and fiance visited but of course I was in bed ‘best place with all those germs’ I kept being told.  We usually go to the huge fair in Cardiff on New Years Eve but seeing as there was a new baby, everyone worn out and me ill, we didn’t go. Instead Rhys did masses of food for a buffet and I managed to get up at 1/4 to 12 to say Happy New Year. Only Mal, Rhys, River, Sol and I made it! We toasted the new year in with champagne and then I went back to bed.

30th December 2009

Mal and I looked after the boys in the morning and Rhys went in to see Lou and then had to take Oscar to the doctors as he is not very well. Poor Oscar has an ear infection and I have a cold and sore throat. In the afternoon we went to the hospital to see Josie. I didn’t cuddle her for too long so as not to give her my germs. She is lovely. 10 pounds 1 ounce that is amazing!!


29th December 2009

Lou and Rhys left for the hospital at 7.15 am, hoping they were going to be second in the queue. Mal and I looked after the other 5 boys who were no trouble at all. It was about 3.15 in the afternoon that we received the news that baby Josie had arrived and she was a whopping 10 pounds 1 ounce. We didn’t believe Rhys at first as we had all, amongst ourselves, had a bet on the weight and Rhys had bet the correct weight.  Rhys then came home and took the 5 boys in to see their sister.


28th December 2009

Lou and I went to the hospital for her pre op checks as she is having a caesarean. The anaesthatist made us laugh because he was so dithery and after about two minutes of him saying absolutely nothing, his bleeper went off and he was called away to an emergency. Thankfully we only had to wait 3/4 hour when another one appeared. I think poor Lou just wants it all over now.

26th December 2009

All the snow and ice had disappeared and it felt a lot warmer. We all had breakfast and then went for a walk  in Barry. For those ‘Gavin and Stacey’ fans, yes we even went to ‘Marco’s’. We had a long walk and then all had a hot dog!

We spent another afternoon playing games, with me showing Ollie how to play snakes and ladders and in the evening watched a bit of TV. I can’t believe all the channels Rhys has on the TV and also ‘catch up’ and we had difficulty finding something to watch!

It really is lovely spending all this time with all the boys.

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25th December 2009

Christmas Day!

I am not sure who woke up first Rhys or the boys but we were all up early to open the masses of Christmas presents.

The boys prepared all the vegetables and Rhys did all the cooking and we had a lovely Christmas lunch and then stockings after lunch, then we played games in the afternoon. Phew, it was a long day! It was great seeing the boys faces.