Sunday 31st August 2014

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One morning we will wake up and there won’t be clouds in the sky causing high humidity!  Yes, the sun is there too but humid again. At least we had a cool off at the beach again. 31-08-14 03-40-28 - 0008 I always think people reading my diary will find it incredibly boring but to me it is doing just what we want when we want to. After years of hard work we believe we deserve it, so I’ll just go and have a swim in the pool!!

Thought for the Day – “Happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time; it’s about loving what you have.”  ~ Asher Roth

Saturday 30th August 2014

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I woke up quite early and when making a cup of tea I could hear our house gecko squeaking but couldn’t find him. We then went off to the beach. Some one new at the beach with his dog, so Ellie had fun with her. We bought Cyprus Today on the way home. There is so little news in CT that we also bought  the Star just for fun! That wasn’t much better.  Just to be fair we bought The Observer as well!

30-08-14 04-04-38 - 0011

It wasn’t until we came back we found the gecko has slipped into the kitchen sink and couldn’t get out. Mal to the rescue. He managed to get it out and it ran straight back up the wall and hid in the beams.

We watched the Man U game in the afternoon. Their new signing Di Maria was playing and along with him, van Persie, Rooney and Mata and not one of them could score a gaol. A shocking performance. But what a lot of goals in the Chelsea game  – a 6-3 win.

Thought for the Day – “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” ~ Dr Seuss

Friday 29th August 2014

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A walk in the mountains and I am really surprised to see some of the wild flowers starting up.

29-08-14 03-46-19 - 0002

We have broken our garden shears and so went to the yapi to buy some more. The first one had some for 70tl but all the blades were rusty and they were heavy. I didn’t want them as heavy and also told him I didn’t want rusty ones. He then got the right ‘ump with me and said there was nothing wrong with them as everywhere was damp this time of year! He has just lost a customer! The next yapi, a great improvement, rust free but again too big and too heavy. Finally we went to Mediterranean Gardener and found exactly what we wanted. They are German and come with a 25 year warranty , not so sure that will be true but they are smaller sturdier and not rusty. Also they were 65tl, so cheaper.

Mal and I have come to the conclusion that this humid weather is making everyone grumpy. Not Serdar In Mediterranean Gardener, he was very nice but it seemed every other shop we went into! As usual they say the weather will change on 15th. I think that is when they put on their long trousers and jumpers….really!

We went into Ileli and cleared them out of tuna from the freezer cabinet! I just hope we don’t have a prolonged power cut now my freezer is full!

Swimming for us, chilling for Ellie!

28-08-14 06-15-03 - 0003

Thought for the Day – “Going after a dream has a price. But however costly it may be, it is never as high as the price paid by people who didn’t live.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Thursday 28th August 2014

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It is now becoming increasingly difficult to find a safe place to walk dogs. We went to Mare Monte, just to have a look. A beautiful sun rise and as we walked along to the Beledeysi beach, a lot of people were swimming in the sea. There were also a lot of fishermen.

28-08-14 03-36-20 - 0004

It isn’t a walk we will be doing again. The whole place , apart from the small Beledeysi’s beach is covered in rubbish and broken bottles. I think Mal’s comment was quite true. “They have no country to be proud of.”  It used to be the Mare Monte hotel, now it is just a rubbish tip.

28-08-14 03-52-06 - 0020
We arrived home and Mal checked the wasp catcher. Even more wasps in the catcher and so he braved it down to the meter box armed with the wasp spray and left it for a while. When he returned about an hour later, he was able to open the box and retrieve all our bills! Last month when we went into Kibtek to pay the bill, we think he made the number up as that bill is more than he said.

Thought for the Day –  “Adopt the pace of nature:  her secret is patience.”  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday 27th August 2014

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“There will be a nest excavation tonight meeting at The Turtle Shack 6pm with release at dark about 7.45pm. Everyone welcome”

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the baby turtles, please go along. You won’t be disappointed.

Mal and I went to get some shopping and we found some tuna in the freezer cabinet…yummy. We just don’t have enough fish here. Just as we left home a lady from the village was walking down so we gave her  lift. She said that Bobby (one of the village dogs) had gone to Allah and that he had been poisoned. More poison. This place is so not dog friendly.

Mal checked the wasp nest on our return and we now have 6 dead wasps in it, success at last, just need the rest to follow them in and we may be able to get our bills out of the meter box.

I made a marinade for the tuna and we had it for dinner. It was soooo good.

I couldn’t resist this picture. It is the image of a bulldog Kane, that Torin had from a puppy. Bless him he had a long life, lived until he was 11 and that is unusual for a bulldog. He was very well looked after. 10550924_10152706358278140_19940731397865803_n

Tuesday 26th August 2014

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Mal walked Ellie in the evening and we have TWO wasps in our wasp trap. Who knows about another month and we may be able to use our meter box!

Thought for the Day – “He cannot be a gentleman which loveth not a dog.” ~ John Northbrooke

Monday 25th August 2014

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Another beautiful sun rise from the mountains.

25-08-14 03-31-42 - 0017Mr Pound had run out of all their dog treats and David told us there was new stock in and so I went in early. In fact I was there for 9am. We now have plenty of stock! I even managed to find some car mats in there. With the heat like everything else mine are  falling apart. They were 20tl even though everything else is 5tl, still a bargain!!

News from KTW….

“Nest Excavation tonight – Meeting at The Turtle Shack in Club Guzelyali car Park at 6pm Release of any hatchlings will be at dark. The excavation of 2 failed (due to high tides) this morning, one of 80 eggs the other of 53.”

A really bad year for the turtles this year.

Scarlet and Jack came on the web cam late morning. They are so funny.

Scarlet and Jack
Scarlet and Jack

Then we were sent a photo of Violet’s school uniform practice! Yes, she is going to the same Primary school that I went to in Palmers Green!!!



Later Sol challenged Mal to the Ice Bucket Challenge which of course being a fun Grandad (and to cool off!)……….

I didn’t fall in the pool, just thought it would add a bit more interest turning it sideways!!

Thought for the Day – “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” ~ E E Cummings