Wednesday 31st October 2012

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The sun was out in the morning but a few showers in the afternoon. It made no difference to us as we read our books, play cards and we also went ten pin bowling.

There are cats and kittens everywhere around the hotel grounds but at least they have a proper feeding station for them.

The main bar isn’t too good at cocktails, more syrup than cocktail, the photo is of a Banana something or other cocktail. Red?!

We then discovered the cocktail bar in the evening and I  think that is where we will be drinking in the evenings!

The food is good, non stop for 22 hours I believe and if it wasn’t or you want a change you can just go next door to the Topkapi Hotel!

Tuesday 30th October 2012

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We were up early and off to Stansted. We dropped off the Avis car and caught our 7.00am flight to Antalya. Our original plan was to fly from Cyprus to Antalya but because of our unexpected stay in the UK for the docs, we decided to fly straight to our holiday.

We are staying at WOW Kremlin at Lara Beach. As soon as we arrived they told us we could go for our lunch but having eaten on the plane, we declined and unpacked and then when to look around the place. This is an all inclusive hotel and we also discovered that we can also use the sister hotel, Topkapi, which is next door, just walk through a gate in the garden. Topkapi is much newer, so we have a choice of two for everything.

Monday 29th October 2012

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Mal and I took Scarlet and Jack out for the day to Wrest Park (another of our English Heritage) as they had a Halloween Special on for kids. Story telling all about ghosts and ghouls, craft sessions and singing. They loved it. We also had a picnic in the park in between. The minute we got them back to the car they both fell asleep! I think they had a good day.

Packing up again in the evening as we fly early tomorrow morning!

Sunday 28th October 2012

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I hope everyone remembered to put their clocks back an hour. Mal was exceptional and for some reason last night put one of our clocks forward two hours, I think he thought he had suddenly moved to Cyprus! Luckily I noticed what he had done.

In the morning we started packing (again) ready to leave the caravan. We drove to Torin’s and as he was working we cooked a roast ready for when he came home.

Mal went to bed and Torin and I had a very late night/early morning!

Saturday 27th October 2012


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The rain hammered down during the night and we woke up to really high winds. I drove to Westwood early before the Saturday chaos on the roads surrounding started and was back by 9.30, that’s the way I like to do shopping!

We had planned to go to Whitstable and have a walk along the sea front but the strength of the wind and intermittent rain, we changed our minds and went to Blean Woods instead. It was a little muddy, well actually a lot but we had a lovely walk and even did the OAP thing and took a flask of coffee with us! We needed it by the time we arrived back at the car as the temperature was dropping and hail stones  fell as we drove back but I had to stop to photograph the rainbow over Maypole/Hoath.  I thought the hail was bad enough but later Torin phoned and said they had SNOW in Biggleswade this morning…we didn’t even have a frost. Thankfully we left the heaters on in the caravan, so it was nice and warm when we returned.



Thought for the Day – “My heart leaps up when I behold, A rainbow in the sky… ~ William Wordsworth

Friday 26th October 2012

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Thank you to my lovely husband for all the years we have spent together…Happy Anniversary!

In the morning I went to get my hair cut at Marcello’s. He’s a lovely fella and very entertaining. He now tells me that the episode he was in, on “Come Dine with Me” is number 4 in their top 30! I have been going to  his salon for about 18 years, not only a good hairdresser but a very amusing person. He now has a Cuban wife and two lovely daughters.

As forecast, the weather started to go downhill, temperatures dipping and very windy. We decided to go out for a meal in the evening to celebrate our anniversary and thought we would try Phileas Fogg in Broadstairs because as the name suggests they serve dishes from around the world.

We parked the car in Broadstairs and as we got out, the rain poured down and being so near the sea, we were nearly blown away, my umbrella turning instantly inside out, didn’t do much for my hairdo either. We walked to the restaurant only to discover it has closed down! We looked at other restaurants (in the pouring rain) but didn’t really want Greek, Turkish(will be having enough of that when we get back to Cyprus) or Indian or Thai. So a decision was made to drive to Birchington where I had heard of a Caribbean Restaurant that was fairly new.

As soon as we arrived at Carbeez Restaurant, such a lovely welcome from the owner Richie and first he showed us all round the place. There are settees all around the place. This really is a place to “chill”. Drinks first and Mal chose one of his “Hot Shots”, which is a combination of White rum,dark rum, spiced brandy, Scots Bonnet and Honey!! It nearly knocked his head off. I was offered rum punch but as always, I was driving and won’t drink alcohol, so he made me a non alcoholic punch.

He suggested the “Super 6 Special” as we couldn’t decide what to eat and also suggested what we should choose the beef, curried goat and jerk chicken accompanied by Rice and peaz, basmati and vegetables. He couldn’t have made a better choice for us. So tasty! For desert Mal had cheesecake, sultana and rum and he offered me some Caribbean Christmas cake,(not on the menu) made with sultanas and carrots and frequently infused with more alcohol. It was delicious.  It’s a lovely reastuarant, obviously fairly new and sadly even for a Friday night, there was only another table of 7 in there. Having said that on our drive around we noticed how many restaurants were empty and also a couple of pubs that have closed down. And they say the Uk is coming out of recession?! We had a long chat with Richie and he gave me a bottle of his home made rum punch to take home with me!

If you are ever in Thanet, do try this place, they make you so welcome and the prices are so reasonable for the quality of the food. We will be going back!

Carbeez, The Square, Birchington


Thought for the Day – “I love Caribbean food. It’s a great melting pot of so many cultures including the Native Americans.” ~ Bob Greene

Thursday 25th October 2012

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Are you concerned about petrol prices?

We decided we would have a walk to Westwood and buy a couple of things we needed. Just as we left the caravan, the site owner was just coming out of the car park so he gave us a lift in his Bentley. We didn’t like to say we intended walking! Nice car!

In the afternoon Jane from Avis called me as we have booked a car for tomorrow morning. Yes, we are on first name, very friendly terms! She asked if I would like to have an upgrade to a Peugeot 508 as they had made a mistake on my previous invoice. Yes please, how nice of them! Not only that instead of me collecting it from Manston airport in the morning, they are going to deliver it to me tonight! Now that really is what I call service. I have never had service like this from any other car hire company and I hire a lot!

So later we did go for a walk across the fields even though it was a bit muddy. The autumn colours really are lovely. Of course we walked past the dog who always jumps up at the very tall gate, which means he is a very big dog! On our way home he didn’t even bark at us, just watched us, bless him.

Ken from Avis delivered our car at 5.30, such good service when I am not supposed to start the rental until tomorrow!


 Thought for the Day – “You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.”  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson