Saturday 31st January 2015

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It was sprinkling with snow when we woke up. Marion was in a bit of a panic as she lives in High Wycombe and the weather is always worse there. However it didn’t settle so I ran her to Ramsgate station and she arrived home safely. From the station Ellie and I went to Minnis Bay, the tide was in. I really will have to buy tide tables.

We found this washed up jellyfish on the little sand that was left. It was huge. It must have been at least a foot across.

31-01-15 10-09-10 - 0003
There was only a little bit of beach left but Ellie had to go down there to go in the sea!
31-01-15 10-09-27 - 0004
I went to my now favourite shop…“Range” as we were running low on food for the birds in the garden. They sell a 3.6kg bag for £2.47!! That’s just the seed mix, we still have nigella seeds and fat balls.
Later I watched the football.
Thought for the Day -“Instead of wodering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” ~ Seth Godin

Friday 30th January 2015

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Ellie’s seaside walk and then Marion and I went off to Whitstable. It really is a lovely place to wander around but it was a little cold to wander too far. The bonus is not many people around, in the summer Whitstable is heaving and you are lucky if you can find a car park space. There are such quaint shops and lovely fresh fish.


We couldn’t decide where to have lunch. I did remember Rhys saying what lovely skate they had at The Royal in Tankerton. Marion and I both love fish and so we phoned Lou and said we would meet her there for lunch.  It was every bit as good as Rhys had said but so HUGE!!

30-01-15 13-36-46 - 0014
We couldn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day!

Thought for the Day – “Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.” ~ Mother Teresa

Thursday 29th January 2015

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Another very cold and windy day. Mal said it was sunny in Cyprus! Marion and I took Ellie for a beach walk.

Lou and Rhys came over for lunch. That was nice as they haven’t seen Marion for a long time.

29-01-15 14-07-35 - 0001
When they left to collect the kids from school, Marion and I took Ellie to Reculver country park and had a very blowy long walk along the cliffs.

29-01-15 15-34-23 - 0004
Ellie loves the wind and was chasing all over the place and then she slept all evening!

Thought for the Day – “Three things in human life are important…..The first is to be kind, the second is to be kind, the third is to be kind.” ~ Mother Teresa

Wednesday 28th January 2015

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What a windy day. Marion and I took Ellie down to Botany Bay.


We then decided that we would spend the day in Broadstairs. We took Ellie home and then I had a delivery of a bouquet of flowers which Mal had sent, that was really nice of him.

We parked the car in Broadstairs, started to walk down the High Street and the heavens opened, hail as well as rain. We had to shelter in a shop doorway. It eased off but it was hardly the day for a stroll along the beach, so we decided to go and have lunch at Samworth & Mee, a restaurant I have never been to but had been told it was worth a visit.. It is supposed to be open between 10 – 16.00. Well we arrived and the opening hours now say it is closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Never mind there are plenty of other restaurants in Broadstairs but we then discovered Broadstairs has decided to close Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!!! So many restaurants not bothering to open the beginning of the week. I guess a seaside town in winter, it is not worth them opening.

We gave up and drove into Margate and went to the more “upmarket” end and went into Mullins.  Mal and I keep meaning to go there but hadn’t. By this time it was really any port in a storm as the wind was battering us. There were only 2 other couples in there but we had really good food , nice Caribbean food, very tasty.

Thought for the Day – “It’s not the years in your life that count but the life in your years.” ~ Abraham Lincoln


Tuesday 27th January 2015

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Ellie and I were at Minnis Bay quite early and then Mal phoned. He has lots of work to do! Happy Birthday to Lou! They called in later. Here is the birthday girl…..

Happy Birthday Lou!
Happy Birthday Lou!

Later in the morning I collected my sister from Ramsgate station as she has come to stay for a few days. We went for a very long walk in the afternoon. I think we wore Ellie out two long walks in a day. She slept all evening. Marion and I had a good catch up.

Thought for the Day – “Each morning when you open your eyes think only three things……..Thank you…..thank you…….thank you” ~ Wayne Dyer

Monday 26th January 2015

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Mal phoned in the morning and it sounds as though he has a lot of work to do around the villa while he is there. I can imagine what the weeds are like with the rain they have been having. Talking of which Ellie and I got soaked at Minnis Bay.

Torin had bought some really nice  mirrors so I asked him where he had bought them as they were surprisingly cheap. He told me “Range”. I told him I hadn’t heard of them and then discovered there is now one at Westwood, so of course I had to go up there!!  I was amazed at how much they sell including gardening and pet things. I managed to get Ellie some Nylabones, which she loves, and they were all 25% off. Yes, I did buy a mirror and some kitchen things. Torin did warn me I would!

A cleaning day, apart from dog walking.

10369969_645383965575510_5883488533725801160_n (1)

Sunday 25th January 2015

Scarlet and Jack woke up much later than usual, typical as Mal and I were leaving at 9. Still, we had a little while with them.

Scarlet and Jack
Scarlet and Jack

We then drove to Stansted and it is so long since we took anyone to the airport we didn’t realise that you pay for the “Express Drop off”. I had to get as close as possible as Mal was taking the dog crate that we borrowed, back to Cyprus. I drove in there only to discover that you had to pay £2!! The money they must be making for a maximum of TEN minutes!! So, I dropped Mal off and drove back to Rhys’s to collect Ellie. They had all been out for a walk along the beach, so of course Ellie loved it. Lou sent these photos.


Evidently she had been very well behaved. Their dog Roddie looked a little subdued and Ellie didn’t make too much fuss when I arrived, so I guess she loved being with all the children.

Lou was cooking Sunday roast and so asked me to stay, which I did.

Mal phoned later in the evening, he had arrived safely. Margaretha met him at the airport. Evidently Customs stopped him and asked what he was doing with the dog crate and so he told them he was collecting a dog so they said that was OK, otherwise I think they may have charged him import tax!

Thought for the Day – “The dreamers are the saviours of the world.” ~ James Allen