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Nov 30 2009

30th November 2009

We found these mushrooms on our walk. On arriving back home we had a very long power cut which meant that Mal and I spent a lot of time doing the gardening. Mal made more room for fruit trees in the front garden.

Nov 29 2009

29th November 2009

Another morning being woken up the hunters who were again far too close. We went off to the beach with Rosie. We had a lazy day and in the afternoon watched Chelsea win again.

Nov 28 2009

28th November 2009

After we had taken Rosie I popped to the shops to buy Cyprus Today. Mal has written a precis of the main stories in he always does Wednesdays and Saturdays).  I must say I don’t quite understand the front page ‘Owners celebrate property success’. It sounds as though they are going to contribute more …

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Nov 27 2009

27th November 2009

We went for a long walk in the mountains with Rosie and somewhere we acquired Freddy 2. We also collected a big bag of pine comes for the log burner. The weather is lovely during the day but once the sun drops behind the mountains it gets quite chilly in the house and so we …

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Nov 26 2009

26th November 2009

We took Rosie out and then headed off to the tax office to renew the car tax which runs out at the end of the month. On checking my documents, I noticed that the emissions test paper was blank, the ink had just dissapeared. All that was left was the garages name at the bottom. …

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Nov 25 2009

25th November 2009

Rain was forecast but there wasn’t any!  I bought Cyprus Today and was horrified that Jacky Wilson’s pet boxer dog was shot by a hunter. He was jumping up at a hunter, being friendly and was shot in his leg. Poor Benson may lose his front leg. Naturally Jacky Wilson is distraught. Pertev is treating …

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Nov 24 2009

24th November 2009

We were all up early to get Torin to Ercan for his Pegasus 8.15 flight. I hate airport goodbyes and this was the same as always!!  I’ll say no more. We took Rosie with us and stopped to give her a run in 5 finger mountains on the way back. It seemed a lovely walk …

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