31st August 2010

There was talk of rain Wednesday or Thursday this week but none today in spite of the black clouds occasionally above us. But thankfully the weather has cooled slightly so a much more pleasant walk with Rosie, starting off with 27 degrees instead of the 30’s it has been for so long.  Much better.

We even managed to do a bit of gardening!


Thought for the day :`Smile! People will wonder why.’ – Harry D Schultz

30th August 2010

In the morning we took Rosie to the mountains. Again Bobby (dog from the village) was waiting to come for a walk with us. He even played with Rosie’s ball along the way. At the end of the walk he just wanders back off to the village.

We had intended going into Girne but seeing as the road was shut off from by the Ship for the roadworks, we just went back to Lemar and then home. Milk and apple juice are cheaper in Lemar, so we stocked up on those and the usual tray of eggs for 4.50tl!


Thought for the day: Life just is. You have to flow with it. Give yourself to the moment.
Let it happen.

— Jerry Brown

29th August 2010

After a walk on the beach early morning, we did little apart from go in the pool….this is the life!

In the evening we went to Nosheens with Bev and Gary. We had a really lovely evening eating our curries, sitting outside overlooking the pool.  If anyone else goes there, be warned the nan bread is huge!

Thought for the day : Whatever you do may seem insignificant, but it is most important that you do it.

— M. Gandhi

28th August 2010

Down to the beach early and then bought Cyprus Today on the way back. We had quite a lazy day. Yes, we will get down to some things around the house that need doing when the weather cools a bit but the pool was much more tempting.

In the evening we watched the Man U v Hammers. Yes, the Hammers got hammered…sorry Mal! Mal cooked us a BBQ.


Thought for the day: Live now. Make now always the most precious time.Now will never come again.

— Captain Jean-Luc Picard, U.S.S. Enterprise

27th August 2010

We walked into the mountains in the morning and Bobby, one of the village dogs was sitting waiting for us. He joined us on the walk and then went back up to the village!

In the evening we went to Sardunya Bay to join Bev and Gary. We all ate there and it really is a beautiful setting and very good food and excellent value for money. It is good to know there are places left like this! Three of us had fillet steak and it was delicious. Bev has fish and that looked just as good. A lot of salad too, which I love. It was a good evening. Mal’s and my bill for the evening…48tl!

A great place to watch the sunset.


Thought for the day:`Saying `I don’t know’ is a sign of strength not weakness.’ – Vernon Coleman

26th August 2010

I was not surprised that Rosie and I did the early morning walk on our own! I didn’t get to bed until 2.00am.

Later, “Super Gary” to the rescue and he showed Mal how to clear the pool and also sorted out some other pool problems Mal had, bless him!

I realised that Mal had taken all the beers out of the fridge…I guess he is off the alcohol after last night!

Asil Nadir has left the island and is now in the UK. He was interviewed on Radio 2  news. It will be interesting to see what happens next.


Thought for the day:`The longest journey starts with the first step.’ – Confucius

25th August 2010

I had been looking after the pool in Mal’s absence, he was back at the helm and the pool went green! In all fairness it was probably the vast amounts of sun cream that we plastered the boys in.  So Mal put ‘floc’ in the pool and contacted “Super Gary”.

In the evening Kenny and David came over for a meal. We had a toast (or two) to Amanda and it was nice reminsiscing about her and the good times.  It was way past midnight when they left and I have to say Mal was a little the worse for wear after the vast amount of red wine he consumed. I started clearing up and he managed to fall over and then smash two mugs…I suggested it was better he left me to it! Apart from that it was a lovely evening and we are lucky to have such nice neighbours.