June 2006

Thursday 1st June
I cleaned the pool in the morning as it was full of dust from where it had been windy.

Later Julie came round and has found another house.  Too many disputes with the one up the road from us. She seems much happier with this one which is a resale and the vendors are leaving all the furnishings, included in the very reasonable price. The house is in Yesiltepe. I am pleased she had found something that she likes with none of the water and electricity connection problems to think about.

Julie suggested we went out for a meal in the evening so she picked me up at 7.30 but wouldn�t drive up the drive as she said she wouldn�t make it!!

Off we went to the fish restaurant in Karsiyaka.  Typical, when we arrived it was closed. So we left there and took a look around Lapta and in the end went to Jessics in Lapta. We sat right by the sea and had a lovely meal and a good gossip!

After the meal we came back here and Julie had a coffee and then left.  She is flying back home on Saturday.


Friday 2nd June
A hot day with temperatures reaching 40 degrees I am sure.  The thermometer under the terrace in the shade read 32 degrees. I did a lot of swimming in the afternoon and then watched some of the French Open tennis.

Saturday 3rd June
Another very hot day, temperatures forecast up to 41 degrees for today and tomorrow. Rosie and I were up early and down to the beach.  Everyone has the same idea now it has hotted up and we talked to several dog walkers there including the two golden retrievers, one of whom took Rosie�s ball and then both the retrievers went and sat in the sea!

I think they decided it was the best place to wait while we were talking!

As soon as we came back I left Rosie and headed for the cash card machine.  I hear now the exchange rate is 2.93 lira to the pound. The nearest one was out of order yet again! I went on to the next one and then went into Lemar to get the shopping. I was given 25 kurus short in my change again and so told the cashier. Yet again I was told that she had no change, so I told her to give me 50 then as it was always in their favour.  With a face like thunder, she got up from her chair, walked over to another till and got 25 kurus and banged it down on the counter.  Talk about service with a smile!!

I also stocked up on phone cards as I still have a problem with Skype.  People at the other end can hear me but I can�t hear them. Mal said he would sort it out but he is so busy in the UK doing his exam work, I don�t like to pester him.

Back home and Rosie was as good as gold, hopefully the days when she decided to wreck the place have gone (touch wood).  Nothing touched and she hasn�t since I have been back. I leave her with a Kong with biscuits in it and a pig�s ear and she seem to be kept amused.

Peter came up and is organising a bigger hose for the submersible pump for me so it won�t take so long siphoning the water from the spare tanks.

I watched the Jamaica v England friendly in the afternoon.

Sunday 4th June
Another 41 degree day! Gwen and I went off to the KAR boot sale. It was a shame more people didn�t support KAR, however Gwen and I bought some things and then I went back to her house.

Swimming in the afternoon, too hot to do much else.

Mal rang in the evening as he had just returned from his meetings in Birmingham.

Monday 5th June
I took some things that I brought back from the UK up to the auction rooms ready for the next auction. On the way back, I stopped at the glaziers. I had a photo frame that I smashed the glass in and as it matches other frames, thought I would try and get the glass replaced. Well, I was astounded, he did it in seconds and charged me ONE lira! What a bargain, I also went to the pharmacy to get some eye ointment for Rosie. Her eyes are red and weeping.  I have a feeling it is all the dust blowing around.  It has been windy but it is a really hot wind.

I have been keeping up with storing water, and so every time the water is on, I top up the tanks and have started collecting it in our spare storage tanks. I slipped on the gravel on the way down and twisted my ankle. Not a good thing when I am on my own. So, I hobbled round for the rest of the day as it had swollen up and couldn�t take Rosie for her evening walk.  She was not impressed.

Tuesday 6th June
My ankle was greatly improved thankfully.  Normal service resumed. I managed to keep up with the water storage situation.

The temperature has dropped a little, around 38 degrees. After a long time trying all sorts with Skype, I tried the test call and it worked! No rhyme or reason why after all this time but I made the most of it and rang all friends and family in the UK!!

Wednesday 7th June
Rosie and I were down at the beach by 6.00 am. No one else was down there. We had the beach all to ourselves.

Made the most of Skype again and made more phone calls!

Thursday 8th June
It has now been very windy for four days.  Dust everywhere, I have given up on the cleaning now, a battle I am losing!

Friday 9th June
The Internet went down!

Bev and her friend Wendy have come over for a week and so I text them only to find out that they arrived on Wednesday (I thought it was yesterday!) and had spent a day with no money, very little in the house and no transport. I was really cross they didn�t contact me straight away. But now they have been rescued and have all they need, including a hire car which had been left at the airport for them!

I cleaned the pool which was full of dust.

Peter came round and did a backwash to the pool, yes, the water was full of muck!

Saturday 10th June
England�s first game in the World Cup!!

Rosie and I went for our walk and then I went to Lemar to get the shopping.

The Internet was back up and running but again minus Skype phone connection. This is so annoying. Mal tried again taking over my computer to fix it. He can hear me on the phone but I can hear nothing!!

Then to the important business of securing my St George flag to the railings round the swimming pool terrace. I didn�t want to upset any Cypriots by doing this but as Turkey are not in the world cup, felt they would not object!

Bev and Wendy came round in the morning and we agreed we would go and watch the match at the Castle Pub. They came back at 3 in the afternoon and we set off.

As expected the pub was packed and no outside screens, so we squashed into the bar along with all the other England supporters! The atmosphere was electric. Bev isn�t really a footie fan and so spent some of the time outside but Wendy and I managed to stand next to a woman who spent the entire match yelling at the players and giving them instructions as if they could hear her! It made us giggle anyway!!

Half time we went outside to get a bit of air, it was so hot in there with everyone packed in!

Wendy, Bev and I

Of course this really is a West Ham pub!!

Quite honestly the game wasn�t up to much but we all enjoyed ourselves and at least the boys collected the points, so we all went home happy!

Flying the flag!!

Sunday 11th June
It was windy again today.  This is doing wonders for the swimming pool, all the dust is laying on the bottom!

Gwen and Peter came round in the morning. We were watching Ali Semi at the end of our garden and below as he had a digger levelling the land, so it looks as though another house will be going there. At least it is beyond the end of our garden! So, my usual quiet Sunday was not so quiet!

In the afternoon I watched the French Open final, to see Federer beaten by Nadal.  I could see it coming!

In the evening I drove to collect Wendy and Bev, so the first time I have seen their house.  It is very nice but like most places, the surrounds still look a bit like a building site! I am sure it will be lovely when all the building stops.

We decided to go to Ambiance for a meal as Bev hadn�t been there before. I think Wendy and Bev were both impressed with the venue, it is a great location, right next to the sea.

Bev and Wendy

We had heard that the restaurant was not as good as it used to be. There were a lot of empty tables and plenty of waiters who seemed to be standing around chatting. As soon as we sat down they brought a bottle of water, which we hadn�t asked for but were charged for! They gave us our menus. Because it is next to the sea it is quite chilly there, so as other people were being offered pashminas, we asked for three which they brought. That was warmer.  We did particularly like the lilac one that a gentleman at another table was wearing!

We took three attempts to ask the waiters if they would take our order. Eventually they did. We had three starters, chicken wings, prawn cocktail and mushrooms in a garlic and tomato sauce. Three main courses, two steaks and a lamb casserole, three coffees, no deserts, a bottle of Aphrodite and one 7 Up. The bill, which took us ages to get, was 150ytl. They charged for a different bottle of wine which was 6ytl more expensive! Plus the fact that the service was NOT good, considering the ratio of customers to waiters, we left no tip! But I have to say the meals were very tasty. Shame about the service. I have to say it is not the excellent restaurant that it used to be.  The critics are right.

We then went back to Bev�s for a coffee.

Bev has had no mains water and has run out. It will have to be tankers for them tomorrow!

Monday 12th June
Thankfully Bev has water again!

After Rosie�s and my walk, I cleaned the pool. It certainly needed it but the wind seems to have died down at last.

The rest of the day housework in the morning and swimming in the afternoon. I did watch tennis to see Rusedski pull out of the tournament with a hip injury. Henman beat Agassi but not being unpatriotic or anything but I would rather watch Agassi!

BBC Prime went off air for some reason in the evening so I missed Eastenders!

Monday 13th June
Rosie and I went to the beach. She had her usual swim and then rolled in the sand.

Charming dog!

I had to go and buy some more chemicals for the pool so went to Pools �R� Us for a bag of Sodium Bisulphate, 25kg for 71 ytl.  I also stocked up on more phone cards as Skype telephone has yet to be resurrected.

Tuesday 14th June
Jobs in the morning, swimming and watching tennis in the afternoon!

Wednesday 15th June
In the afternoon Rosie and I went down to Gwen and Peter�s. I cut Gwen�s hair for her. No I am not a hairdresser but she hates going so I volunteered. Rosie spent some of the time under the table. Boris, one of their cats chased and spat at her on our last visit and she made it obvious she didn�t want a return match.

Gwen and Peter have a swallows nest under the terrace to their house every year.  This year they have two but one has sadly been abandoned but there are three little babies poking their heads from the other one and mum and dad flying backwards and forwards with their food.   It really is lovely to see.

I don�t know what happened in the evening but the Internet went down and then the phone network wouldn�t work, permanently �network busy�, so I was unable to get in touch with Mal. No Skype, no internet, no phone!

Thursday 16th June
This morning I turned on the computer and the Internet was back and so was Skype!!  This is obviously a problem somewhere else as it just started! I made a few phone calls while the going was good!

A bit lower temperature today and also some cloud but of course, no rain!

In the evening I used Skype phone again and lo and behold half way through a conversation it cut off and nothing again.  This is so frustrating.

Then the football!! England and Trinidad and Tobago.  I think we all believed that England weren�t going to score! A tense game to say the least but England managed to get two goals.  I think the locals must have been watching it too, as the road outside was silent all the way through the match.  It seemed a bit like census day again!

Mal sent this aerial view of our house, it must have been taken quite a while ago as the house wasn�t complete.

Friday 17th June
Well done Turkcell, my phone bleeped at 5.00am this morning�three texts that were sent from Mal during last nights match! A slight delay here!

I checked the water and all our tanks are full.  Rosie and I went for our walk, a bit earlier than usual.

We had different company this morning as the sheep decided to follow us.

More building- Selvi villas going up.

And another opposite the newly opened caf�.

�two more next to Lena and Willy

�another squashed in on the end just up the road

�the house behind Lena and Willy

And then of course, Mustafa building right behind US!!

Just think when we bought the land everyone thought we would be too isolated! Malatya has come down to meet us!

I cleaned the pool and at last removed all of the dust. I had just finished it when two of Halil�s men arrived with a lorry full of soil for the backfill for our retaining wall. Great timing.

Their idea was to drive the lorry up the drive and dump it at the top of the drive. They did try for about quarter of an hour with no success�the lorry wouldn�t go up the drive! Finally they dumped it across the road, telling me that the JCB would arrive in about half an hour, obviously to start the work. Nothing! I have learnt not to sit and wait for workmen and so went shopping in the afternoon. I have noticed however that the lorry has broken the guttering at the bottom of the drive.

Another evening of the Internet down, no Skype and no mobile network! Or should I say �network busy�, same thing you can�t get through to anyone on the phone.

Saturday 17th June
The dogs were barking at the kennels from very early on. I gave up any chance of a �lie in� and Rosie and I went down to the beach. There were a couple of other people there. Rosie just loves swimming in the sea now so I spent a long time throwing the ball out for her and then managed to get her back in the car before she rolled in all the sand.

I stopped at Serkos on the way back and bought a freshly baked loaf of bread and a copy of the Cyprus Today. They predict another hot week to come.

It is cherry season at the moment and I just love cherries so have a constant supply, buying a kilo at a time! The season doesn�t last too long so I am making the most of it. I keep wondering whether I should freeze some but then eat them instead! The fresh food is just so tasty.

Mal had gone to great pains to bring a tin of Hammerite over from the UK, I decided to tackle the new railings we had fitted as they are going rusty. Well, I started it but the Hammerite was almost drying on the brush and I was dripping because it was so hot. I completed two panels and then gave up deciding it was a better job in the evening when it is cooler.  The bit that I did is a great improvement though. I think the rest of that stretch will have to be done in the evening.

What a difference! (Right hand done!)

I watched tennis and went swimming in the afternoon. Communications down again in the evening. I tried to put more credit on my pay as you go Turkcell phone but useless.

Sunday 18th June
Rosie and I went walking and about half an hour later, Millie and the black dog from the village and Rosie were all running round the garden causing havoc. The black dog had obviously been restrained by her owners but it hadn�t worked.  She had a tight rag round her neck with a very dangerous length of wire trailing from it. I tried and tried to loosen the wire and then she got really fed up, started snarling at the other two dogs and then hopped off over the wall.  One down, one to go. Millie decided she would just lie under the terrace as she was hot.  I think it was all the energy she had used up digging a huge hole underneath my pampas grass! In the end I had to physically carry her out of the gate and shoo her away. Peace restored.


Gwen and Peter came round in the morning. Peter tried to add the credit to my phone and couldn�t do it either!  Plus the fact every message I get on my phone from Turkcell is in Turkish, so he suggested I took it to Turkcell and had it altered to English and also asked them about the credit.

After lunch, I decided to go to the guy who has the Turkcell counter in Lemar. He tried putting the credit on and couldn�t and said I must have used the card.  I knew I hadn�t! I then asked him to change it to English which he did and all was revealed. They have changed the system of adding credit on!! They probably text me and told me but as it was all in Turkish����!

He then added the credit and at least now I know how to do it! At least I have a working mobile now!

When I got back home I watched the Motogp. I think it is the worst one I have seen with I think a total of nine crashes during the race.  It is quite frightening the speeds they do.

Very hot today.

Later Peter rang as he had found out from someone else how to add credit to my phone. I told him I was desperate and so had been to Lemar! It was kind of him.

I later discovered that the Internet was back and along with it my Skype phone. This really doesn�t make sense but I was quick to make some phone calls to the UK. Mal had been in Birmingham for the day for another exam meeting but he managed to ring me back on Skype whilst he was on the way home, free calls as he uses our Skype London number. I think we have already spent a fortune on phone calls because Skype hasn�t been working.

Fingers crossed it will stay for a while.

I started watching the Brazil v Australia match in the evening�..then a power cut!! What is it they say about trying the patience of a saint?! All I can say is we still have plenty of water coming through which meant I actually watered the garden with the hose as plants are seriously shrivelling up.

Monday 19th June
After Rosie�s and my walk, I started Hammeriting the gate at the other end of the garden (out of the sun). I have to do this in stages to make sure Rosie doesn�t lean all over it. It�s just by the window where the computer is, so I turned on yesterdays �Steve Wrights Sunday Love songs� and it made the time go a lot quicker. The sad person I am I also listen to �Wogan� in the mornings! For anyone missing their fix of UK radio stations just go to www.BBC.co.uk and you can either listen live or choose a show from the last week. You can also get the English commentary to the football matches from Five Live but they are never quite in tune with what is happening on the pitch (about a minute delay!) I find that very confusing.

Of course Rosie spends her time chasing lizards in the garden! Unlike the cats, she never manages to catch them.

Next I hammerited the wrought iron chairs and washed all the cushion covers. I cleaned the pool and then jumped in, enough work for one day.

I watched the Spain v Tunisia game in the evening.

Tuesday 20th June
Another hot day. I walked Rosie and met Res on the way back. All us dog walkers have to be up early before the sun gets too hot.

This was Rosie�s answer to the heat later on in the day!

Obviously too hot for any dog outside.  How elegant.

Not a day for doing too much except swim!

Wednesday 21st June
I received an email from Bev who had been to see �Take That� at the weekend. I think the pictures suggested they all had a good time!

Rosie and I went to Gwen and Peter�s in the afternoon. She is getting far better with Gwen�s cats now and has learnt her place��.under the table some of the time.  She did get braver and sat by my chair and then Boris came and layed behind her but Rosie pretended she hadn�t noticed.  The swallows in the nest are now getting huge and I think it will soon be time for them to leave.

Gwen also had a chameleon in her grape vine but when she went to show me it, we couldn�t see it!

Thursday 22nd June
I drove up to the auctions to collect my money for items I left, I thought but when I arrived Amanda said she hadn�t put them in.  I trust her judgement when to put them in, so left them for the next one.

It was very humid (68%) so not a lot achieved again today, however in the evening I did manage to Hammerite the gate. Rosie came in later and had Hammerite on her face, so I then had to scrub that off her and barricade the gate so she couldn�t get near it again.

This is the time you really need a swimming pool and I make the most of it.

Friday 23rd June
Another humid day but I did manage to do a bit of gardening.  Peter called up in the morning.

Swimming in the afternoon.

Saturday 24th June
We have had no water now for four days! The garden is looking decidedly thirsty, so I am continuing using all the waste water, even emptying the contents of the bath out!

The lira hit the magical 3! I went shopping and noticed that prices have started to go up.

Sunday 25th June
Humid again (73% today). Five days without water!

Gwen and Peter came round in the morning and Gwen brought me some lovely dried flowers.

After they left I checked the tanks and the swimming pool tank was low, and so I siphoned water out of one of the spare tanks.

I watched the England match early evening. I think the word for the first half was �embarrassing�.  Luckily Beckham can still �bend it� and managed to get us one goal and through to the quarter finals. I was seriously thinking my St Georges flag was going to have to come down! It remains in place at least until Saturday.

Monday 26th June

Up early, Rosie and I had our walk and then I cleaned the pool. Still no water. Our pipe runs past where the builders are so as often happens they may have cut the pipe! I will have to check but as I walked through the village I haven�t heard any water for the last few days so they may just be rationing.

In the afternoon Willy and Lena had a tanker of water delivered. Bad news! This means the pipe hasn�t been cut (as Willy always checks) and we are on rationing. We have more water storage than them but if we don�t have some soon�.

Tuesday 27th June

It was too hot and humid to do too much but I did make two new beds for Rosie, in reserve in case she chews any more up, not that she has lately. I also did a bit more Hammeriting when it cooled of.

I went to bed about 11.30 and at around midnight I heard water!! I jumped out of bed and there I was in my nightie, torch in hand, getting the hose and putting it in the household tank. It was only tricking but WATER!! I stood watching it for a while and then decided this may take all night, so went back to bed.

I watched the football in the evening.

Wednesday 28th June
Great excitement this morning, the household tank was full, so I was out watering the garden at 5.30am! The plants are looking very sad. I also put a load of washing on, took the hose to run, sorry trickle, into the spare tank and the water stopped! Ah well, at least I won�t have to get a tanker yet.

Rosie spotting lizards while I water!

It is quite worrying that water is being rationed this early in the year.

Rosie and I went down to Gwen�s in the afternoon. I think Rosie and Gwen�s cats were all too hot to bother with each other. Boris just came and laid the other side of the terrace in the shade.

Gwen�s swallows have been flying from the nest but return again.

I have spent quite a lot of time sitting on the terrace watching kestrels, they must have a nest somewhere in front of the Russian house and it is fascinating watching mum and dad teaching the little ones to hunt.

A very strange day�.no football!

I spoke to Lou and Rhys in the evening and Lou had been for a scan today.  Great news our fifth grandson will arrive on 13th November and all is well with the scan.

Thursday 29th June
I couldn�t believe it; we had water again in the night which has almost filled the spare tank, so now I have two spare tanks of water. For those who don�t live here in the TRNC, be grateful you turn the tap on and �instant water! Not so here. I was getting a little peeved with bailing out the bath water every day, even though I shall still do it for the garden.

Rosie and I went to the beach. A different beach today for a change but there was a lot of rubbish down there. It is such a shame. I concentrated on keeping Rosie swimming for her ball in the sea. She loves it.

We stopped on the way back to get a fresh village loaf for breakfast.

Mustafa�s men are removing the shuttering from the ground floor of the house behind us.

No football again tonight.  I am beginning to get withdrawal symptoms.

Friday 30th June
More water! Only for a while but our tanks are all nearly full. I cleaned the pool but noticed a leak down there, so emailed Peter to ask if he would take a look.  Peter came up very quickly and investigated and it seems sand had got under one of the seals in the filter, so he took it apart, cleaned it and fixed it!! I was very grateful.

In the afternoon I collected Gwen and we went and did the 3 � 5 stint on the KAR beg outside Lemar. There seems to be a lack of volunteers and poor Pat had been there all of the day.

For those who don�t know, this is held once a month. KAR items are sold and also people are able to donate food for the cats and dogs or give a financial donation. It is quite entertaining as people stop and chat to us and of course it is a bit more for the animals at the Rescue Centre.  Any volunteers??

When we had finished, we did a bit of shopping in Lemar but crisis, they had run out of Gold Fassel beer! I think I have mentioned this before but every now and again, products just go missing from the supermarkets. Peter was relying on us for his weekend beer so we called in at Tempo on the way home�none there!

Next stop Behicler and there we were lucky!

I dropped Gwen off and then watched the Germany v Argentina match. Torin text as he was in Austria with his job and told me all the Austrians wanted Germany to lose (strange!) Well, they won on penalties.

Italy is through too.