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This website describes Maggie, Mal and Nova Scotian Duck Tolling Retriever Rosie’s adventures whilst building a bungalow in north Cyprus. They decided to retire early and to escape the rat race and live the quiet life overlooking the Mediterranean with the Kyrenia mountain range as background.

They buy a plot of land West of Kyrenia in February 2002 and by April 2004 they had moved their furniture into the bungalow. Mal still works part-time in the UK but at every opportunity he returns to their retirement home to be.

Unfortunately things did not proceed as they expect. The land they were originally shown includes two neighbours’ plots; part of their land has a main road on it; they have to dig through a hill to gain access, a water war breaks out and nothing seems to grow in the expensive garden designed by a local landscape architect.

On top of this: lawyers turn out to be nothing but, builders can’t build and estate agents wrongly describe their property. Despite all this they find that the local people make up for all these problems and compared to the UK, north Cyprus is paradise.