Jul 06 2017

Thursday 6th July 2017

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Back to work early this morning. It seems very quiet without Torin! Mal was painting and I was gardening, both of us finding the shady bits as the sun moves round.

I think I forgot to mention the other evening we drove past 6 puppies almost opposite David and Kenny’s house. We believe Sergay’s wife and grandsons had put food and water out for them. On the way home Torin got out the car and said he couldn’t leave them in case they got run over as it was getting dark. I know this happens all the time and I told Torin I can’t have them as we’ll be going back to the UK soon. Anyway, he was prepared to spend the night with them, looking after them!!! Thankfully a lady, Jackie, stopped and said she had noticed them earlier and she would take them as she had a compound in her garden. What a relief that was!

Late morning I had to paint around the window frames as Mal doesn’t like fiddly painting. I don’t mind the painting at all, it’s the balancing on the ladder on gravel I don’t like and it doesn’t help the paint drying on the brush! As Mal said if we still lived here we could do all this in sensible weather!

I also did a bit more in the garden. The cicadas are very lively and noisy this summer. They also seem to throw themselves at you in the garden when you least expect it. I hate them, especially when they hit you!

We were a little bit exhausted by late afternoon and went in for a swim BUT the temperature has dropped a bit.

In the evening we went to Charcos, they cook the best sea bass and they are always huge. As Cristina says, if they are small they dry up. They really are the best sea bass on the island and fresh daily. Mal had the sword fish and said that was equally good. Cristina was suffering with her face and is on antibiotics, poor thing. Celal wondered why we were leaving “early” but we told him we have been working on the house and have more to do, so can’t stay up all night!

You can see by the size of the large fork, how huge the sea bass was and how meaty it was. Our 3 course meal with drinks less than 100tl!! No wonder we love this place so much.

Thought for the Day – “Life is so much brighter when we focus on what truly matters.”

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