Dec 14 2017

Thursday 14th December 2017

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We went into Deal again. It’s not far and they have some really nice shops there not the usual chains. On the way home we went into one of the farm shops to buy a sack of potatoes. I find these so much cheaper than buying small bags from the supermarkets  and also they are usually locally grown. I was told that they couldn’t get King Edwards as the local farmer was asking £16 a sack and that was without the sellers profit margin! We settled for Marfona at £5.50 a 25kg sack. We bought more celeriac too, love it!

Thought for the Day – “Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more but those giving more.” ~ H Jackson Brown Jr 


Dec 13 2017

Wednesday 13th December 2017

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We were out fairly early with Ellie as we intended going into Deal a little later. We both went to Deal, more Christmas shopping but neither of us are any good at shopping at the moment and so ended up in the Sir Norman Wisdom drinking never ending coffee! Mal did say he had been into a jeweller who had a notice on their counter asking if you were born before 1957! If so they gave you 10% discount. There are some benefits being old.
Suffice to say not one of my better days, probably the wrapping presents and writing Christmas cards that did it. 
Thought for the Day – “Life will test you but remember this, when you walk up a mountain your legs get stronger.”

Dec 12 2017

Tuesday 12th December 2017

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We took Ellie out, it was cold but the sun was already up and very bright.

So, we are supposedly buying a house and we took a trip to Dover to see our solicitor. He wanted to see passports etc and the advance of his fees. We went to the office, did all that and then had a quick look around the town. I’ve never been very impressed with Dover so after a bit of shopping in Morrisons we headed for De Bradlei Wharf. There were road works and they had closed the road to the entrance so we had to travel all round the dual carriageway a second time. By now the ferry queue was horrendous, we were stuck in it (delays for the ferries because of the bad weather). We gave up and came home!

We boxed up the Christmas presents for the twins and I also added two framed photos, one for each of them with a photo of them with their dad. I take so many photos I am probably the only person who has so many of the three of them together. 

Thought for the Day – “Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Health is the new wealth. Kindness is the new cool.”

Dec 11 2017

Monday 11th December 2017

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We seem to be the lucky part of the country, many have quite deep snow. We just have strong winds and rain which was enough as my back tyre was flat. Mal pumped it up but it was obvious there was a problem which meant I couldn’t drive to Wingham, and so I couldn’t go into work. As the tyre was completely flat, we knew we had to get it sorted straight away. We took it to the garage that Rhys uses for his taxis as it is one that can be trusted.  We headed that way and the next village along, a tree had fallen and completely blocked the road. It really wasn’t our day. We stopped frequently to make sure there was still some air in the tyre. We arrived at the garage (Lou having phoned ahead). They were so busy. He said because of the bad weather they had double the amount of customers but he looked at it straight away. There really are benefits to Rhys having a specific garage to use for his taxis. It was the wall of the tyre, which meant a new tyre. So we waited while they sent for a new one. We then went to Rhys’s for a tea.

I managed to parcel up a couple of Christmas presents ready to post the following day. 

We put in an offer for the house we viewed in Sandwich. Quite honestly we didn’t think we had a chance of getting it as Sandwich is a very popular place and quite a few people had seen it and others waiting to view and some coming back for a second viewing. It wasn’t accepted and so we upped our offer and it seems we were in the most favourable position for the owner to go ahead with us. We are not getting too excited yet, all sorts of things could happen and in the great scheme of things and in light of recent events, it isn’t the major drama it used to be. If it is meant to be then it will happen. We have more than enough going on without stressing about buying a house but we have had our fill of landlords deciding to sell their houses when we are nicely settled! 

We have lost our coffee percolator pot. We don’t know where it has gone! Mal did suggest that Rhys may have hidden it as a joke yesterday but no he hasn’t. We are both quite distracted and forget a lot but can’t think what we have done with it!

Thought for the Day – “Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed.” ~ Linda Wooten

Dec 10 2017

Sunday 10th December 2017

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Just as the forecast said, we looked out of our side door and there was snow. It’s the first time Ellie has ever had the experience of snow. She didn’t like huge snowflakes falling down on her but when she got used to it, out on her walk, she decided it was lovely to roll in! 

Lou, Rhys, Ollie, Oscar and Josie came round for dinner. They said they didn’t want a roast as it’s too near Christmas so I did my famous mexican tuna casserole followed by Banoffee pie (yes I made one!) and cheesecake.

It was cold outside but with the log burner going it was so hot and so we turned the central heating off, The log burner throws so much heat out even into the other rooms. In fact after they had gone it was so hot, we both fell asleep in the chairs!


Thought for the Day – “Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear.”

Dec 09 2017

Saturday 9th December 2017

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More shopping! I really don’t enjoy it this time of year so I went early. We are having Rhys and co round tomorrow so I had to go to get the fresh things.

We watched a very good nail biting Hammers game in the afternoon. Well done to David Moyes! (Hammers 1 Chelsea 0) That was followed by an excellent Spurs game. 

Again. something else we booked months ago, the panto which we go to every year with Lou, Ollie, Oscar and Josie. The Wizard of Oz this year, the same production company who really are so funny. We had seats three rows from the front which meant we got soaked when their water pistols came out. The kids absolutely loved it and it really was good fun, all the “oh no you haven’t” and “it’s behind you” etc etc  The Theatre Royal is such a lovely old cosy theatre, so you really feel part of the show. I took sweets for the kids, Grandad ate too many!

They had a charity collection at the end of the panto and all the money was going to Demelza…yeah!
Thought for the Day – “Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life but it surely will add life to your years.”

Dec 08 2017

Friday 8th December 2017

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A nice bright morning although cold and Ellie loved the wind in her ears. This is the view from our front door now all the leaves have fallen.

After our very cold walk we went to get more wood at the skip hire place, Mal chopped it up while I cleaned the car out!

We actually managed to get all the Christmas decorations out. We were going to buy a real tree but somehow our enthusiasm waned and I put up the small artificial one we had last year. 

Every year, just before Christmas Chas and Dave come “Dahn to Margit”. We book the tickets as soon as they are released which means we always manage to get the table right in the middle in front of the stage. Again neither of us felt in a party mood and Mal even suggested we didn’t go. The fact Chas has just recovered from cancer and we have heard this will be their last Margit visit as they are reducing their appearances next year, we felt we must make the effort. It also meant a couple of hours of ‘forgetting’. For the first time they had a support band with them who came on first.

I have to say they were as good and as entertaining as ever and sang all the old favourites, including of course the very noisy “Dahn to Margit” as the entire audience joins in. Well actually everyone joins in all their numbers! 

Again this year Vic Reeves was in the audience in fact sitting at the table next to us. He is a really nice fella and has no objections to people taking photos of him.

I think we did Torin proud and had a bit of a knees up.

Thought for the Day – If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” ~Roald Dahl

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