July 2008

Friday 18th July
Rosie has appeared to be better since we have been back and then yesterday afternoon it started again. So, out first thing to get another ‘sample’. I am becoming much more expert now and a full jar!!!

I walked her around the village and sure enough, just as I have been told at 6.30 in the morning, the village is all getting water. I even checked a water meter and yes the wheel was going round, the water running into tanks was not a figment of my imagination. Funny that the only meter I could find was on a British owned house.

I reached the end of the village, the last old village house which now has a flourishing vegetable garden and  the gentleman there even said ‘gűn aydin’ to me as he watered his vegetables with his hose.

The inspection pit, which Willy and us paid for the padlock and cover to be fitted has also been unearthed (it had been covered over by the winter rains and mud) so someone has been tampering with it. This was where we were turned off last summer as the Muhtar decided to give the spare key to anyone who wanted it, to turn us off at will.

As I have said before, we bring tankers to top up the swimming pool but to have no mains water for a month is no longer a joke.

I then took Rosie to see Firdez again with her sample and Firdez felt her stomach but said she was so tense, yes she was, she would do anything to get out of there.  I have to ring tomorrow for the result of the sample.

When I got back Willy came over to discuss our NON water situation. Mal and Willy decided the first step was to talk to the Muhtar again. Off they went.

In brief, the Muhtar said  there is no water from the tank we are connected to. When asked why we had been connected to that tank at great cost, he appeared to suggest it had something to do with us not having gone through the correct procedures to get legal water. However, Willy found it difficult to translate what the Muhtar was saying and therefore we can not be sure the exact reason we are not getting water apart from the fact we are foreigners!!! (Stage 1!)

In the afternoon Grandad sat gambling with the boys, it was all our money and not their money!

The boys were swimming again in the early evening and then watched ‘Wall-e’.

I knew Rosie wasn’t right, she seemed rather miserable all day.