Monthly Archive: July 2010

Jul 31 2010

31st July 2010

The weather is getting hotter, 40’s predicted for this week. Poor Pauline, part of the Kulaksiz 5 is having a nightmare at the moment see link. I went shopping in the morning and then another day round the pool with timed swimming races for the boys. Early evening we went to the Roof and met …

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Jul 30 2010

30th July 2010

Rosie and I were up and out at 5.15am, prepared for the boys to be awake early as it was Tariq’s 11th birthday. They were all up at 6.00am and Tariq opened his presents. After all the excitement at home, we drove into Girne. For my 60th birthday, my present from Margaretha was a gift …

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Jul 29 2010

29th July 2010

Mid morning I took my car to have the MOT carried out. Ingrid came with me. We went to the tax office first (which has moved). It is now next to the Kaymlakan in Girne. We paid 100tl and were given the receipt. We then went to the Police station, Ingrid spoke Turkish to them …

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Jul 28 2010

28th July 2010

In the morning I took my car to have its emmissions test. Two minutes and done, now all ready for the MOT. The cost 25tl. The boys were in the pool most of the day. At last Extend have restored our service back to 1mb. It seems a little publicity in North Cyprus Free Press …

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Jul 27 2010

27th July 2010

The water man arrived in the morning and the boys loved the cold water going into the pool. He pointed out a decapitated snake on our gravel near the drive. Lena has a legendary cat called Bubbles, legendary because she kills snakes. The two previous mornings she was in our garden when Rosie and I …

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Jul 26 2010

26th July 2010

The boys stayed at home while I took my car to be serviced to Ziggy (down by the Merit).  Ingrid picked me up when I dropped the car off and we went for an ice cream at Mardo’s….yummy! Ziggy always does a good job and did all the usual service things and kept all the …

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Jul 25 2010

25th July 2010

We were up early and took the boys to Mavi Kosk. They loved the excitement of the army checking our passports etc as we entered the military ground.  They also liked the stories about the old owner of the house, Pavlides, being in the Mafia and going down into the bunker to see the guns.

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