Saturday 30th June 2018

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We were planning a BBQ the following day and so when I was shopping the previous day I phoned Mal to check if he had enough charcoal. Yes of course he had! Yes, you guessed it, this morning he discovers no he doesn’t! We had to go round to Sandwich butchers to buy a meat BBQ pack, so he said we could buy some charcoal at the Co op.  We collected the meat, went to the Co op and they had sold out. I wasn’t too happy! Anyway, we said we would drive into Deal and have a coffee or two at “Spoons“. You can have unlimited coffee for £1.25! We sat outside in their garden and then I popped round to a couple of the charity shops. I managed to get 2x Brainbox games for the kids for £5, 2 really lovely pictures for £2 each and a brand new Hotter handbag for £7!! I then went back to Spoons to collect Mal before I bought anything else!

They definitely have the right idea in their garden to protect customers dinners from the sea gulls.  They have covered the outside with netting.

Just at the end of our road there is a sea gull nest on one of the house rooves. The babies, which are huge, are on the roof and I think the mum is protecting them or trying to get food and dive bombs us every time we go past! They really are scary.

We watched the football in the evening.

The north Cypriot government are making promises to help Homebuyers in a property nightmare. Call me cynical but I have heard  similar stories since 2004! Having said that, it is time they made attempts to stop the scams going on.

Thought for the Day – “Every experience no matter how bad it seems holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it.” ~ Buddha

Friday 29th June 2018

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I went shopping mainly to get more wood paint for the raised beds in the garden as Mal ran out yesterday.  There are more to do.

I found two old £10 notes. I always kept them in with my driving license from when I used to fly back from Cyprus on my own, just in case I had no UK money with me. Oh dear, the new ones have taken over. So, I went into Nationwide,so handy having our bank in Sandwich. I spoke to the counter assistant and she said that was fine, they still accept them and they could be deposited into my account. That was a relief!

Mal spent the afternoon at the allotment and brought home more strawberries, beetroot, radishes and spinach. I love it with organic home produce.

Thought for the Day – “You’ll know the people that feed your soul……because you’ll feel good after spending time with them.”  ~ Denise Linn

Thursday 28th June 2018

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Ollie was still not well. I went over to Lou and Rhys’s to take Oscar and Josie to school. I went back to their house and Rhys was having the cam belt changed on his taxi so I also collected him from the garage. Then Ollie had to go back to the doctors, who just gave him stronger pain killers. So, he now has antibiotics and strong pain killers. No actual solution to the problem though.  I took the dogs for a long walk and let Ellie go in the sea but Roddy wouldn’t go near it.
The garage phoned to say that Rhys’s taxi was ready and so I dropped him off at the garage on the way to collecting Josie and Oscar from school. Rhys and Lou both went off on their school runs.
Lou just arrived home when she had a call from Rhys that his car had broken down and could she go and wait with his taxi while he used their other taxi to continue his passenger’s journey. Meanwhile I stayed with the kids and they had a good time in the pool.

The AA went out and told Rhys the cam belt had gone and ruined the engine!!  Rhys called his garage. This isn’t just any old garage, they deal with most taxi firms in the area!

I stayed with the kids and we watched the England game whilst Lou and Rhys waited for the pick up truck to take his car back to the garage. It was about 9pm by the time they arrived home……..not a good day!  Obviously they kept the garage open until he arrived back with the car.

Rhys really doesn’t need these sort of problems.

Life can be so difficult sometimes.

Thought for the Day – “You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.” ~ Mandy Hale

Wednesday 27th June 2018

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Ellie and I were out early but it wasn’t that warm! Still, better being safe as it’s no good for Ellie in the heat.

Back to square one. I went to have my hair coloured at the same salon where I had it cut last week. One of the senior students did it. (Dan is an NVQ assessor) Because it was a student it took her ages to do foils and then I told her how to finish it and she didn’t. THEN Dan over charged me! I left. I won’t be going back there again. Now I try again to find a decent hairdresser! Where are all the decent ones?

By the time I arrived home Kerry, Mal’s eldest son, who had been there all morning, had to leave, so I only saw him for about 15 minutes.

We watched the football in the evening.

Thought for the Day – “Stress is the demon in our society, stalking the cities and the countryside, striking down young and old and growing in strength daily.” ~ Srikumar Rao

Tuesday 26th June 2018

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Lou and Ollie left the hospital at midnight. They decided he had a UTI and sent them home with antibiotics.

Ellie and I were up at 5.30 and so we went straight out to avoid the heat. A long walk along the river. We see so many birds that time of the morning and they don’t seem at all bothered about being near you.  This morning there was even a young woodpecker. How lucky are we to live in such a lovely place?

The grass in the fields is very high and damp that time of the morning, so Ellie had a good run through it and then a roll to cool herself off.

We went to Chom Choms for our lunch . What better recommendation for a Chinese restaurant than a whole lot of Chinese people eating in there. It’s not only Chinese and they do the best Red Thai curry!

We had to watch the Argentina game in the evening as Mal has them in our family sweepstake.

Thought for the Day – “The sky is the daily bread of the eyes.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday 25th June 2018

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Not good news for Turkey, well, just my opinion, Erdogan is in again. As  a Turkish Cypriot friend mentioned on FB…..”If winning is by fixed votes……..I rest my case.”

A very hot day at Demelza. Jack was on holiday. We sorted out a “games” window.

In the evening we soaked the lawn as it is looking a little parched and of course they are talking about hose pipe bans in the very near future.

We heard from Rhys and Ollie went to the doctors with bad stomach ache, which he seems to get a lot and he sent him to the hospital. As I write this he is waiting for tests.

Ellie does love her cuddly toys.

Thought for the Day – “Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s their time.”

Sunday 24th June 2018

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It will be an interesting day today in Turkey with the elections. Of course I am hoping that Ince has enough support.  Many outside Turkey don’t seem to realise just how many innocents have been sent to prison under Erdoğan.

An excellent England game. I was close, I predicted 5-0 (well, that’s what it was at half time!)

As soon as it finished we were off to Margate for Jem and Dom’s First wedding anniversary party in the garden. That year has gone by very quickly.

Thought for the Day – “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy therefore is education.” ~ Franklin D Roosevelt